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Apoqliphort Killer: Qliphort Boss Monster

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Apoqliphort Killer: Qliphort Boss Monster

Post by DillPickles on Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:46 pm


Name: Apoqliphort Killer
Level: 10
Attribute: Earth
Type: Machine/Effect
Attack: 3000
Defense: 2600
Effect: Cannot be Special Summoned.
Requires 3 "Qliphort" Tributes to Normal Summon/Set.
This Normal Summoned/Set monster is unaffected by Spell/Trap effects and activated effects of monsters whose original Levels and Ranks are lower than this card's Level.
Special Summoned monsters lose 500 ATK and DEF.
Once per turn: You can make your opponent send 1 monster from their hand or side of the field to the Graveyard (for no effect).


Basically what this card is about it's the boss monster of the new Qliphort archtype that has come out in the OCG and it's nuts. It's very easy to pull out since all the Qliphort monsters are all Pendulum monsters and as such you can swarm the field very easily and very quickly. So the three monster summoning cost isn't an issue at all. But here's the kicker you can't even Solemn Warning this monster. It's summon is uneffected by all these meaning you have to destroy it after it's summoned on the field. Not only that but once it is summoned and while on the field Special Summoned monsters lose 500  ATK and DEF. Also because of it's effect it can deplete your hand for no effect. Meaning cards like Archfiend Heiress, the Fabled, the Shaddolls, or any other archtype/card that gets effects from cards being sent from your hand to the grave by a card effect don't get their effects because it's for no effect. This card is absolutely nuts to come across and the only real way to take it down is using traps after it's summon has been completely or cards like Dark Hole and even if you do that you still have to worry about them Pendulum Summoning and finishing you off or even OTKing you. This card is absolutely insane and it's effect needs to be nerfed somewhere. This card is just too good.


  • Decreases the attack of all special summoned monsters.
  • It's summon can't be effected
  • Slims down your opponents hand for no cost
  • It can't be effected by monsters with a lower level/rank
  • It's got great attack and defense.
  • Can be searched out by Qliphort Tool.


  • Decreases the attack of monsters on it's own side of the field.
  • Can't be special summoned has to be normal summoned.
  • Takes three Qliphort monsters to Tribute Summon it.
  • After it's summon it has no real protection.

Overall this card is pretty much a game winner just like cards like Judgment Dragon. Only it's for the hand instead of the field. Which can become a problem. But when it can sit there and beat you down after majority of the Qliphorts have exhausted a good majority of your resources making sure you don't get OTKed this card is just the cherry topper to the deck nothing more. The deck can run without it but who would want to when it's usefulness out weighs it's flaws. Only because it takes 3 monsters to tribute summon it and because it has no built in protection other than protecting its summon I'm gonna have to give this card a score of 9/10. This card deserves to be feared and was completely under hyped.

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