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Pre-October Banlist Discussion

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Pre-October Banlist Discussion Empty Pre-October Banlist Discussion

Post by DillPickles on Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:20 pm

Alright it's coming around that time of another banlist and well here's the question what do you think will be on the list. Personally the latest formats have been really trap heavy and with Shaddolls and Tellarknights taking over but yet being too new to hit in Konami's eyes I have a feeling that they're gonna try to do something to make it not so trap heavy and hit the deck that dominated last format and yet is still sticking around pretty well. Comment below and let me know what you think will be hit.

My Predictions:

I really don't see anything getting banned honestly. With how trap heavy this format is it's not really something that you can really hit by banning cards. However if they do ban something I can see them banning Infernity Launcher if they don't limit Soul Charge.

Dark Magician Of Chaos: This card requires you to tribute and the loop is all but unplayable in todays game. I really don't see why this can't come back.
Artifact Moralltach: I can see this card getting limited more than I can see Sanctum because it's the Artifact that is played in H.A.T decks and it's not really necessary for the Artifact deck engine. Sanctum is more as a card they need to make the engine work. So I can see this getting hit more than I can see Sanctum.
Eclipse Wyvern: This card needs a hit badly. This card plus the rulers have brought Lightsworns from a pretty plain deck to top tier. Yes you can also blame the rulers but the rulers are where they need to be. a limit on this card will shut down the Lightsworn Ruler deck.
Thousand Eyes Restrict: This fusion monster takes 2 specific monsters and a spell to make and even then not even Relinquished is really played anymore. This card at 1 will be just like Goyo. Makes it's comeback into the game with hardly anyone using it. Sure I can see decks using it but I don't see it doing anything to todays meta anytime soon.
Dark Strike Fighter: With the new text that it has been given does this card really need to stay banned? I mean seriously you can only use it's effect once per turn and it's made so even if you have 3 of them on the field it won't do anything. There really is no point in this card being banned anymore.
Soul Charge: This card doesn't need a ban it needs to be limited. Even though it's a get out of jail free card it still has a downside where it's simply a bad card late game. Yes it's a monster reborn that gets multiple monsters. Yes it's downside of no battlephase doesn't really matter and the price for those monsters is 1000 for each. Not bad but if it's at 1 it can't really do much because then you have to think before using it. Will that price be worth it? A limit is all this card needs.
Heavy Storm/Giant Trunade: As I said I feel they might do something to get the going going in a different direction so I can see a slight chance of one of these coming back. Although there is more doubt about them then the chance of it actually happening. It's mostly wishful thinking.
Artifact Sanctum: I can see this card getting hit if Moralltech doesn't.

Coach Soldier Wolfbark: With todays format Wolfbark is just a slower version of Satellarknight Altair having to have him on the field and stay on the field then activate the effect. Wolfbark at 3 would cause a little chaos but bringing him to 2 I really don't see him making an impact.
Gladiator Beast Bestiary: The time of the Glad Beasts is long over. The deck won't be doing anything in today's meta anytime soon. So give the deck back it's main card and let the deck be a bit more playable.
Neo-Spacian Grandmole: Honestly with todays format this guy is a bit slower than what he was when he first made the list. Now you have to summon him out then attack. Honestly what harm can this guy do, when he can take up your normal summon.
Sacred Sword of Seven Stars: With the Rulers where they are and the fact that no one has really used it I think it's safe to assume that this card can come back to the game at 2.

Tragoedia: Honestly this card isn't doing anything at 2 so I can see it coming back to 3.
Summoner Monk: Same reason as Tragoedia.
Magician of Faith: Same reason as Trag and Monk.
Reinforcement Of The Army: As much as I hate to admit this one I can see Konami completely taking off the list to support Satellarknights and with the new Masked Heroes coming out this will give them a bit more support and will get people more hyped for them.

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