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Faceless Sins: Chatper two

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Faceless Sins: Chatper two

Post by powerfulprotector on Fri Sep 12, 2014 10:28 am

There were more?! Last time there had only been one! But neither Jess nor Andrew found themselves asking questions. Walking through the desolate streets in silence, Jess had paused to look at the cemetery. "Jess, you can go in there when the sun comes up, for now we need to move." Chris spoke gently. Nodding Jess began to walk again, Andrew taking her hand. Both males knew why she wanted to go in there, but it wasn't safe at all.

The female swallowed the lump in her throat as she looked up at the all too familiar mansion. She had hoped never to come back here again, but she couldn't just stay away at a time like this. Following Chris inside, the couple looked around at many terrified and bewildered faces. "How long had this been going on?" Jess spoke the question that they had both been thinking. Chris turned to face them again with a sombre expression. "For about a week now." He replied making Jess' mind reel. "Yes, since mom died Jess. Maybe she wasn't as crazy as we thought." He spoke confirming her dreading thoughts. Placing a hand on her head, she sank into one of the chairs. "They're the faceless ones. I always thought it was code for people without names..." Jess spoke before she muttered to herself and most in the room strained to try and hear her with no success.

A cold silence fell as Jess went into a state of deep thought, but was soon shredded. "It's your fault! If you hadn't have left us all. If you had of taken your mother's place in that warding spell!" Shrieked the accusing voice of the town's councillor, their uncle. His aggressive stance soon changed to defensive as Jess' head slowly moved up, a fire of anger in her usually icy-blue eyes. "You blame me again and I'll throw you out of MY house." She spoke in a fiercely calm and menacing tone to her voice. Chris moved in front of the suddenly scary seeming female, facing the councillor. "Anyone else puts the blame on my sister and they have me to deal with. None of us believed that warding spell was real until our mother passed away." He spoke with authority in his voice.

His green eyes searched the faces watching him. "I know ok? We're all afraid, but fighting amongst ourselves will solve nothing. We need to work together if we are going to survive long enough to send these things back to hell where they belong." He continued his lecture. They all knew he was right. Standing up, Jess vanished upstairs. Finding her old room, she sighed as she glanced around it, nothing had been changed. Slumping onto her bed, she held her head in her hands, burning tears beginning to stream down her pale cheeks. With a heavy sigh, Andrew followed his girlfriend up the stairs after a minute or two. Knocking on the door, he entered the room anyway. "Jess?" He spoke quietly before sitting on the bed next to her. Pulling her into his arms, he stroked her hair comfortingly. He knew she was filled with grief and now guilt.

"He was right. I should never have left." She sobbed into his chest, gripping his grey t-shirt in one hand. A soft sigh left the male's lips as annoyance washed over him. "This isn't your fault Jess. Don't let old Councillor Jackson get to you. He was just looking for someone to blame." He whispered softly in response. After a few more minutes, Chris had gone to check on them, against his better judgement, but was surprised. They hadn't jumped into bed. "Everything ok in here?" He casually questioned, seeing the remainders of tears in his sister's eyes and on Andrew's shirt. Nodding a little, Jess took in a deep breath as she looked at him. "Just venting in none violent ways. Y'know, the way you taught me." She spoke before forcing a smile onto her features. The slightly older male had to admit that he was glad she still did that. When she was a child it was another story.

Given the near inhuman strength, agility and speed, it had been something they needed to get out of her. The last thing they wanted was for Jess to end up killing someone. Of course it often made Chris wonder who her father was, or rather what he was. His own father had died five years before Jess was conceived. Their mother referred to Jess as her miracle child, although Jess often jested about being Satan's daughter. "Well, I'll leave you to vent. I should be downstairs." Chris spoke as he pulled himself out his thoughts. Heading back down the stairs, he looked around with a frown. "Tommy! Where's your sister?" He called down as he continued his descent. The young boy pointed to the front door which was now open. Cursing under his breath, the male picked up his golf club and vanished into the dark world outside, closing the door behind himself.

Hearing the door slam shut, both Jess and Andrew stood up in perfect sync. Something was wrong, Jess could feel it. Going to her wardrobe, the female took out all of the shoes from the bottom. "Jess... Now really isn't the time to be looking for a pair of shoes." He chuckled nervously, had she lost her mind? Just then, he heard the clicking sounds of guns being loaded, she'd pulled up the wood from the bottom of the wardrobe, revealing a rather large stash of fire-arms. Andrew knew she had guns, but really, that was a lot of guns. "Mother always said I’d need to stock up on these. Guess she saw this coming. "Jess spoke before handing Andrew a fully loaded shotgun. “I trust you remember how to use it?" She mused gently, watching him nod slightly as he inspected the gun. "Like riding a bike, right?" He answered before heading out of the room.

"Where's Chris?!" The female called down to the people below as her and Andrew made their way down the stairs.
"He went out to find Victoria, she went outside." One of the men answered. Andrew was suddenly looking at the female that he had fallen in love with three years ago. There was a strong and fearless look to her as she cocked her shotgun. "Don't open this door unless either one of us is knocking on it. Understood?" She ordered everyone who nodded. "Let’s go Andrew. I am not letting my brother become a faceless." With those words, the couple left the safety of the house.

Meanwhile, in the darkness of the streets, Chris was searching for the young girl whom had recklessly ran out of the mansion. “Victoria. Come on this is no time for hide and seek." Chris spoke, trying not to attract the attention of the faceless. He stopped in his tracks as he saw Victoria in one of the streets. She was picking up a teddy bear. "Seriously Victoria? You put yourself in danger for a stuffed toy?" The adult male sighed as he reached the young girl. The blonde haired girl looked up at him with innocent eyes, hugging the stuffed toy tightly. "Alright, ok. Can we go now please?" Chris spoke in a defeated tone. Tommy, Victoria and their older sister were his cousins, he couldn't let anything happen to them. Nodding, Victoria took her cousin's hand.

They both froze as the horrific sound of multiple faceless surged through the otherwise silent street. Readying his golf club, Chris took in a deep breath. Before the faceless had a chance to get close enough, gun shots ripped through the blood curdling wails. Watching in disbelief as the last creature fell to the ground without its head, he looked at his sister. “Am I glad you turned up?" Spoke the bewildered male. Glancing behind Jess as Andrew emerged, he frowned slightly.
"We're gonna have to continue up this street and back track, they're on our tail right now." Andrew spoke strategically, Chris was impressed.

Lifting Victoria onto his shoulders, the older male began to head up the street again with Jess and Andrew closely following. He couldn't believe the sudden change in Jess, but then again, Jess had been like this before the first faceless had crept through the walls of the warding spell. It was as though she was an entirely different person when faced with evil. Her stance, her entire body language was different and it was a little unsettling. To know that he didn't know his own sister as well as he thought, it terrified him. It made him want to know who her father was even more than usual.
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