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Teaser 2 (Special Project)

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Teaser 2 (Special Project)

Post by Decade on Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:43 pm

Darkness fills a large empty chamber or room, as a glimmer of light reflects off a series of fog emitting in the darkness. From the light a single figure is seen curled up on the ground.

The screen closes in to show the figure to be a human female sitting upon the ground, her bare legs curled against her chest and her arms dangled out on the knees as her head is kept down and hidden between them. Long messy pink hair flows down her back and across the pale white and torn dress she is wearing.

"You're not a human! You gotta live with the animals alright?!"

A hissing sound is suddenly heard as shadows begin to move through the fog.

"You know oxen sleep outside right? So who let you in here?"

From the shadows, several large figures begin to circle the girl, their bodies crocked and thin and long, their hands twisted and lengthen like claws.

"There are no horned humans in this world! Horns are for oxen!!"

The creatures begin to close around the girl, as the light their hairless heads, eyeless faces, and very wide and demented looking grins with razor teeth.

"Freak! Animal! Get out of here and go live in a cave already!!"

The creatures hiss and growl as they calmly approach the girl, as she remains in place.





The girl's head twitches slightly, as one of the creatures suddenly screeches and leaps above towards the girl, it's teeth and claws armed for killing.

The girl simply remains in place, but as if time itself was slowing down, a piece of her hair falls to the side of her head.


"Those horns of yours...."


Blood splatters the ground beside the girl, as the body of the creature collapses beside her, its' head completely missing and blood pouring out from the neck.

The other creatures hiss and growl as the crouch defensively, as the girl is now standing upright from her position, arms at her side, hair cascading down her back, her white shirt now stained in blood from the creature.

And a pair of white horns protruding from the side of her head.


"Are beautiful."


A pair of pink eyes snaps open beneath the similarly colored hair as the creatures lunge forward from all sides at the girl.

The girl spins on her heel to her left as she dodges a slash from one of the creatures, then steps back several steps as she tilts her body away from several more clawed strikes of another. Back-flipping away from a sudden downward strike, the girl lands on all fours before pushing herself off the ground and above the lunge of another creature as it sails below her. As she falls back towards the ground the girl catches herself upon her palms and spins her body in the air, kicking her feet out as she does and into the face of another monster, sending it crashing into the ground.

Landing on her feet the girl swiftly tilts her body away from several strikes of two more creatures, with all three moving at incredible speeds and reflexes, yet no strikes being landed. The girl suddenly lunges forward as the pair of claws slash inches above her head, as she unleashes a series of heavy punches and strikes upon the creatures own faces, causing them to step back with each powerful blow. Before they even have a chance to recover the girl spins on her left foot and spin kicks them both across the face, sending them spiraling briefly in the air before collapsing to the ground.

Hearing more growls and shrikes, the girls' head snaps around as she spots many more creatures charging at her. The girl back flips away from the first ones lunging strike, before leaping away as another comes from the side, only to tilt her body backwards as one slashes directly in front of her. Quickly recoiling up the girls fist collides with the creatures facing knocking it back, only for her to bring both hands up to catch another clawed arm as it stops just above her head. Pulling backwards the girl flips the creature over her shoulder and flying into another charging pair, only to suddenly feel a heavy weight slam into her side as one of the creatures tackles her to the ground.

The creature roars viciously at the girls' face, its' teeth inches from her skin, only for the girl to kick both feet underneath the beast and hurl it backwards with a powerful double kick as she rolls herself upright and glares at the creature. The beast cries out as it also straightens itself up, then roars at the girl again, as its' fellow brethren gather behind it and begin to circle the girl once more, as if trying to trap her in place.

The girls' eyes flicker to each and every creature rapidly, her body tense and tightened for movement, waiting and itching for the first sign of attack.

As she spins around however, a black thread flows from around her neck and out of her shirt, as a small attached object flips out and lands outside her bloodied shirt, hanging before her. Her eyes quickly dart towards the object, only for them to widen in surprise.

The girls' body suddenly relaxes as her right hand moves from its' clenched position and gently grasp the item on her necklace, revealing a small but strange looking crystal shard, barley the size of the girls' thumb. However the girls crystal glows with a soothing pink light, as several other ever changing colors circle around it within the gem.

The girl gently holds the gem in her palm as her eyes look upon it, their gaze filled with familiarity and memory.


"You are beautiful little one. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Never let them decide who you are or how you are judged by appearance alone. Because that is not what is important. The actions you partake in, the decisions you make, the heart you carry, that is what is important. And before me I see someone beautiful. Someone who will not judge others by their appearance, but by their actions and heart. So do the same for yourself, and become the icon others look towards and see, so that they never feel the solitude and pain you have."


The girl calmly closes her palm upon the crystal as her eyes shut peacefully, as the shadows of the creatures cover her from above in a vicious attack.


"And no matter what happens in your future, always remember..."


The sound of blood splattering and flesh being torn echoes through the darkness.

After a moment though, nothing but silence remains.

As the blood, bodies, and stench of death fill the air, as the girl stands over the dozens of former bodies of creatures around her, as her shirt and skin are covered in their blood. Yet she remains unphased and unnoticing, as her eyes remain shut and her hand continues to hold the crystal necklace gently.

Slowly her eyes open up as she holds the neckalace to her heart, and looks off towards her left, her eyes filled with determination, strength, and seriousness, as blood moves around her in the air and hovers beside her moving like a pair of fingers, as if laying upon an invisible claw.


That you are not alone imouto....not anymore.

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