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Teaser 3 (Special Project)

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Teaser 3 (Special Project)

Post by Decade on Wed Oct 15, 2014 12:05 am

The sounds of howling wind echo through a vast wasteland, as the smell of death and rust fill the air as the ground is littered with the remains of many corpses and broken technology.

The corpses range from that of former humans, each now maggot filled sags of meat, to large autonomous looking machines, each in different variety and builds, but all torn apart and broken beyond repair. The rays of the setting sun seem to stretch on over an endless sea of death and destruction, from what looks to be a battle between man and machine, with neither side having won.

Yet as the sun continues to set, a strange shadow is seen flowing amongst field of death. The shadow stretches from the suns rays, but finally connects to a mysterious hooded figure walking through the field of corpses. The countless piles of bodies and machines are ignored and stepped upon without hesitation or care, as the hooded figure looks around the field of death, as if both curious and in search of something.

Suddenly the figure pauses, as through the rough winds and heat of the setting sun, a sound is heard. Faint, but noticeable, the figure turns its' head to the sound and walks towards it.

The sound begins to pick up as the figure walks closer towards it, with the sound being a consistent pattern of electronic beeping.

After several moments, the figure stops and pauses in front of what looks to be the remains of a massive spider like machine. The figure hears the beep again and tilts its' hood downwards, as the beeping seems to be emitting from underneath the former war machine. Without a moments hesitation the figure kneels down and extends a white covered hand to the bottom of the spider robot.

A second later the entire corpse is hurled through the air and lands several feet away.

The figure doesn't notice though, as instead its' hood turns towards the source of the beeping. What looks to be a strange circular device with a blinking red light is seen laying in the middle of dozens of other corpses both humanoid and machine in nature. Reaching down the white hand of the figure softly grasp the device and holds it up in examination, as the light reflects into the hood to a pair of sapphire blue eyes.

As the figure continues to examine the device, the ground behind it trembles slightly, as a pile of corpses are suddenly lifted into the air slightly before receding back into the ground. Suddenly another pile nearby moves in a similar fashion before returning to its' state of stillness, only for another pile to move, this time closer to the hooded figure.

More piles of corpses begin to move and recede, each one getting closer and closer to the hooded figure's back. As a corpse pile right behind the figure rises, a strange hissing sound is heard from the pile. The figure snaps its' hood around to the noise, but sees nothing as the pile is back to its' state of normality. Staring out into the wasteland for a moment, the figure turns back to the device and pockets it away before turning to leave.

Only for the ground behind it to suddenly erupt in an explosion of corpses, as a spiraling set of razor sharp blades emerge from the ground and collide into the back of the hooded figure, sending it into the ground as a large metallic body follows the figure out of the hole it emerged from before disappearing in the one it took the figure into.

Silence seems to emits through the wasteland, as only the sound blowing wind greets the piles of the dead.

The silence is swiftly broken though as another explosion of corpses and smoke occur, as the creature from before emerges from the ground. The setting sun reveals it to be a large worm-like machine with a spiraling mouth of razor edged teeth,  emerges from the ground screeching and wiggling through the air, as it moves its' head around rapidly in search of something.

As it screeches and searches, a figure is seen floating in the air above it. The sun reveals it to be the hooded figure from before, with the cloak now shredded beyond repair and barley holding. Without a second thought the figure grabs the remains of the cloak and hood and rips it away.

What is revealed underneath is a sight that could be described as both beautiful and dangerous.

The sun reveals a long and slim humanoid male body, covered in a body suit of pure white from toe to neck, with a large pointed collar covering the neck, a set of dark black lines stretching from the shoulders down the ankles, and two strange white rods attached to each hip with red circles on the sides, and a large red "c" upon its' chest. The figures head looks to be a similarly white colored helm that engulfs the entire head save for the eyes, along side a pair of red and and black half spheres on each side like a pair of ears, and a large golden horned crest upon the forehead shaped in a v pattern, with the left piece seemingly broken off.

The white figure seems to almost float in the air, as if being guided by the very winds that flow through the wasteland.

As the wind comes to a stop however, a pair of glowing blue eyes emit from the helm, as the figure plummets down towards the machine below.

The worm tilts its' head up to the noise and roars as it spots the figure, but is unable to reach as the figure collides into the creatures face with a powerful punch that pierces through the metal shell, causing an eruption of shrapnel and oil. The worm screeches in pain and fury as it begins to shake its' body rapidly amongst the field of dead, as the figure holds on tightly and begins to rip apart at the hole it created, grabbing everything it sees and ripping it out in a brutal and terrifying manor.

The worm screeches louder as it slams its' head down towards a large pile of broken machines. The figure notices and digs its' fingers into the worm as they both collide into the pile, creating an explosion of dust and debris.

As the dust clears, the white figure is seen laying on the ground, having seemingly been tossed off the worm's back. It slowly pushes itself up and begins to stand, only for the sound of screeching to be heard to its' left as its' head snaps in that direction to meet a spinning set of razor teeth.

The worm crashes into the figure with all its' might, as its' teeth spin rapidly to grind and devour the creature that had dared to attack it. Yet no blood or body parts are seen from the teeth, as instead a pair of white hands hold onto the sides of the rotating mouth, as the figure pushes back against the large creature, its' muscles bulging and body shaking as it holds back the colossus with all its' might. The mechanized monster screeches at the defiance and lifts its' head once more, lifting the figure with it as it begins to spin and shake its' head rapidly to rid itself of the grip.

The figure refuses to let go however and tightens its' grip, digging its' hands through the sharpened metal before it lifts its' body upwards and slams its' feet into the lower jaw of the worm. Without a second though the legs of the white figure begin pushing backwards with all their strength, as the metal around the worms mouth suddenly begin to bend.

The worm screeches as the bolts and plates upon its' mouth begin to creak and groan as they strain to hold together under the pressure of the white figures grip and legs. The worm thrashes about and slams its' mouth into many more piles of corpses as well as the wasteland ground, hoping to knock the enemy off, but the figure continues to hold tightly as the mouth of the worm breaks and bends at a rapid pace.

Finally a large cracking snap is heard as the entire mouth of the worm flies off, as the metal monster lets out a static cry of pain while the white figure falls through the air rapidly towards the ground.

Only for an explosion of blood to suddenly erupt from its' chest, as a large spiked beam of metal emitting from one of the mountains of corpses is seen impaling the white figure.

The figure's body twitches and bends from the shear impact and shock of the implement, as its' head shakily looks towards the large piece of metal sticking out from its' chest. A groan of pain is heard from the helm as the figure lifts its' left hand towards the spike shakily.

Only for a large tail of metal to crash upon the figure and pile.

The metal worm screeches in fury, its' face looking even uglier than before due to the loss of its' mouth, as it slams its' large tail upon the mountain of corpses where the white figure lay. Each impact shakes the wasteland as the fury of the metal monster can be heard from miles away.

After several moments of destruction, the worm finally stops and looks upon the flattened land it had created. What was one a large pile of death and decay was now flattened and shattered beyond any recognition. And with it there was no sign of the white figure anywhere. Seeing the success the giant machine worm roars out viciously across the sea of dead, as the sun finally sets behind it.

With its' enemy beaten and finished the worm turns its' body from the destruction it caused as it begins to slide away.


"You seek to die?"


From the flattened pile of corpses, a soft rumbling is heard.


"I admit...that 'gift' you bare with you is not one I would wish upon anybody. Not at the price it carries with it."


The rumbling grows as a piece of the rubble begins to move.


"But at the same time, have you ever considered that there could be more you can do with this curse than simply bring about death to others?"


The rubble begins to suddenly shake and crackle rapidly.


"Out there, there are others like you. Others who suffer from some curse in some way shape or form. They live their lives, suffering and burdened for things beyond their control, each trying to find a place for themselves, and a path to be able to call their own. Yet many are unable to do so because of how their worlds seek to beat them down and belittle them for their differences, seeing them as nothing more than freaks or monsters. Like how you are seen here."


A white hand punches through the rubble and grasp onto the ground, the fingers piercing through every metal pieces around like a sharp dagger.


"I can not begin to understand the burdens and pains you have gone through, but I can tell you that you are not alone in it. We all know what it means to be outcast. To be treated like an enemy of the world, and hunted for who we are. We have all fought and struggled through the curses we bear, and through it we have found a place to call our own, just as you once did. But just because we have succeeded does not mean others have."


The hand grips firmly as the rubble moves and the white figures' body begins to pull out from the pile of flattened ground and corpses.


"You wish your curse to be gone, and I understand this. But until you find a way will you continue to wallow here like this? To walk amongst this ruined world as nothing but a living corpse? Will you continue to kill and destroy any who get in your way and threaten the solitude of a false peace you try to keep? Will you seek nothing more than an endless existence of nothingness and an eternity of solitude?"


The metallic worm pauses in its' movement as it feels something approaching from behind. Its' head turns around rapidly to engage whatever dares come towards it.

Only to see a pair of glowing blue eyes.


"Or will you use your curse to fight for a new cause?!"


The worm cries out in pain as its' body collapsed to the ground, as the white figures hands drill into its' face, clawing apart and ripping the metal piece by bloody piece. The worm cries out as it struggles to push itself up, but every time it does the figure unleashes a powerful punch down upon the head, sending it colliding back into the ground brutally. The creatures body flails and struggles to break free of the strength of its' attacker, but the white figure ignores the feeble attempts as its' eyes continue to glow a saphire blue and its' hands continue to grab and rip.

And grab and rip.

And grab and rip!

And Grab and Rip!



Moments later, the sounds of the worms screeches cease completely, as the moonlight reveals the shredded remains of the once metallic behemoth, its' oily blood and carcass now littering the wasteland floor like its' brethren, as the white figure stands amongst the body, its' head held downwards towards the sight it caused.

A sigh escapes from the helm of the white figure, as its' hands reach up to the helm and grasp the sides of the red spheres.


"I can not promise you the happiness you once held for those in your heart, as those bonds are something only you will ever have. But I can promise you that from this point onward, your curse will no longer become a curse of death, or a curse of life. Instead, it will become a shield. A shield to protect those who have suffered as you have. A shield that will give to them a home that they have been denied. A place to never be afraid or rejected. A place where they can be accepted for who they are, and be able to use their gifts to help others like themselves, and those who have been rejected for their past and differences. And that includes you too. For as this place is their home, so too will it be yours. "


A click is heard as the helm suddenly seems to dislodge from the neck of the figure and is pulled off, revealing the handsome face of a young man with large and messy brown hair.


"And I promise you this as well. If during our time together, we find a way to end your curse. If we find a way to end the endless cycle you have been forced to suffer."


The man sapphire eyes blink once at the sight again before turning towards the moon, as its' rays reveal the man to not have a single mark or scratch upon his body.


"Then I will gladly give you the death you deserve....nii-san."

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