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Just another day

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Just another day Empty Just another day

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Sat Oct 18, 2014 3:52 pm

On the way to the Academy, Shun reflected on what had happened for the past few days since he arrived at Konohana City. He couldn't help but start wondering about the dream he had. He then recalled his first day arriving at the Academy.

He remembered how off he was, it has always happened to him and that annoyed him alot. Afterall he had been to many places and changed schools for a long time and he still feels the same during his first day. He slightly groaned and thought to himself "At least thats over".

As he reached the front gate he felt someone tap his shoulder. "Morning new kid" Shun turned around and finds a brown haired boy wearing the school's uniform, Shun recognized as one of his classmates he calmly nodded and responded "Ohaio.......So whats up?". The boy looked at Shun with a grin, this made Shun feel a bit tense, he then spoke to Shun in a curious manner "Say have you heard?". This made Shun raise an eyebrow "Heard what?". The boy frowned at this "Really?! You didn't know? we're gonna have a new student in our class?". Shun shrugged at that "Oh that...." Shun the shook his head and walked forward "Look i have duties to do for the kendo team so I'll talk you later". With that said Shun enters the building.

After finishing his duties Shun headed straight for his homeroom. On the way he noticed that "she" wasn't around school "Weird....Senpai isn't here today....". He sighed at that and wondered "This is gonna be a boring day...". Shun then reached his homeroom finding his seat that was beside the window he lays down. "Yup just another day". For a moment he started thinking on what had happened on the past few days but what he could never get over was the dream he had on the day he arrived at Konohana. "Why does it feel like it has any meaning? Am i meant to remember that?" Shun felt frustrated at that the one thing he hated was to make a fuss out of nothing but....

"Argh I can't think about that right now"

For a moment he then recalled the words that he heard about the new student coming today to that he smiled "Heh, i wonder what the new one will be like?" this made him feel a bit better about himself knowing that there is someone like him, a new kid. "I wonder if he or she is gonna go through the same thing i did?". With deep breath he then closed his eyes waiting for the class to begin.
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