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Reveal 1: Project Noir

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Reveal 1: Project Noir

Post by Decade on Mon Oct 20, 2014 1:37 pm

"My burdens will become your hope."

"Let the endless liberation begin."


The sounds of a soft breeze could be heard as red sakura petals flew through the air. The endless forest of crimson colored trees swayed between the large ridged mountain sides peacefully under the afternoon sun. It was a calming and peaceful atmosphere, with a complete and tranquil essence to it.


That tranquility was shattered in an instant.

The loud shouting could be traced to an orange haired teen in a black t-shirt and dark gray pants, his slit-shaped crimson eyes twitching in annoyance as he looks down the hill he stands upon.

"When is the damn train supposed to get here!? We've been waiting a fucking hour already and I'm really getting annoyed now!"

The boy glares down at the hill with such a stern face he doesn't notice as a small rock sails through the air and smacks him on the back of the head hard. The boy yelps in response as he tumbles forward lightly, nearly falling down the hillside. Panicking the boy waves his arms and body rapidly to regain balance.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Keep it down you stupid cat."

The boy regains his balance and falls on his ass as he snaps his head around to glare at the speaker. The sight is not one anybody would expect to see, as sitting in one of the branches of the tree is a strange figure wearing a midnight colored body suit with a similarly colored cape. The figures arms are covered in silver metallic gauntlets, as well as a matching colored belt. The oddest thing is the figures head, which is covered by a black full-faced mask, with a white upper skull in place of where the face should be, and reflective lenses in each eye. And above all else, a crimson colored 'x' could be seen on the mask, chest, gauntlets, and belt of the figure.

Such a sight would normally instill fear and worry into any normal being.

Instead the orange haired teen simply glared angrily as he stood and pointed at the skull-faced figure, "Teme! Don't call me stupid! And what the fuck was that for!? I could have fallen down the fucking cliff!"

"It would have been a sight to enjoy that's for sure," the skull face replied humorously, "And would have definitely made things much more enjoyable around here."

"Asshole! Say one more thing and I'll beat your ass so hard it'll send you to that broken moon in the sky!"

"I told you keep it down. Or do you want to attract the local wildlife to our location?"

"Oh I'd bet you'd love that, seeing as you look just like one of them huh skull face?"

"And yet I feel your personality is more in line with them. Seeing as you both love nothing more than to blow up on whatever annoys you. Right kitty?"


Before the orange haired boy could assassinate the black wearing figure, he was grabbed from the back of his shirt collar and held in place.

"Knock it off both of you," a new voice spoke out from behind the orange haired boy, as both turned to see a handsome man with spiky brunette hair calmly holding the angry teen by his shirt. The man wears what appears to be a long black trench coat with dark blue pants and shirt. The man openes his eyes to reveal a matching set of colored eyes as he glares at the duo before him, "We have a mission remember? Last thing we need is for you two to start blowing things up before we even get started. I don't think I need to remind you what happened last time you did that, right Kyo?"

The orange haired teen now identified as Kyo turns red in the face before gritting his teeth and looking away in annoyance, "Whatever. Wasn't even my fault to begin with."

The brunette simply sighs and shakes his head as he turns to his left, "Hey squirt, see anything?"

Across from the man is another male, this one a young boy looking to be in his mid to early teens with short black hair. The boy wears a dark silver body suit with metal plates around the chest, knees, shoulders, and wrist of his body. The boy's sapphire eyes seem focused on a strange floating gem shard in his palm, as it radiates with different changing colors.

"No signs of abnormal life or energy within the area. We should be fine to move out once the target arrives," the boy says calmly as he keeps his gaze on the gem.

"And how soon until the target arrives exactly?" Kyo ask slightly annoyed.

Suddenly a loud whistling noise pierces through the air as a trail of smoke can be seen moving through the mountains.

"That answer your question?" the skull face ask as he leaps down from the tree.

Kyo growls but ignores him and moves towards the other two. As the four stand next to each other, the whistling grows louder, as a large black cargo train is suddenly seen moving through the mountains and towards the path below the hill they stand upon.

"Let's go" the brunette says calmly.

In an instant the four suddenly leap from the hill.

Kyo grins as his legs catch the side of the large cliff before suddenly pushing forward, as the teen begins running down the path with increasing speed. The black cloaked figure seems to float in the air briefly before suddenly flickering away, only to reappear on the cliff side before vanishing again back into the air, each time descending downwards. The black haired boy seems to also glide down the hill like Kyo, only his feet seem to be ejecting small burst of blue flames, while his hands are held to the sides of the hill, with long metal blades extending from each wrist and digging into the ground for balance. And as for the brunette male, he seems to be falling in mid air at the same speed as the others, but with his body completely still and hands in pocket, as his face keeps a completely calm expression as the wind blows against it.

The four trail down the mountain as the train suddenly approaches below them. As if on cue Kyo the boy and the masked figure each leap from the hill and towards the moving machine. Each one lands upon the surface with a large thump, as the boy digs his blades into the roof to keep himself in place, while the skull face pulls out a red metal cross from his belt and does similar. Kyo grunts and falls back from the impact but flips upright and holds himself in place on all fours.

As the three regain their balance and stand, the brown-eyed male from before calmly lands before them, almost as if he was guided there by some unseen force. Seeing the others have managed to land safely, he turns to the boy.

"Okay Shin. Lead the way."


From inside one of the train cars, the sound of thumping could be heard. A moment later the roof door of the car is lifted open as the four males land inside. Inside is what appear to be countless boxes and crates of all size and shapes, each marked with a white snowflake symbol.

"What is all this crap?" Kyo questions as he looks around, "We enter some kind of Christmas store or something?"

"It might as well be Christmas for me," the skull figure replies as he holds his left gauntlet up and taps upon it with his right hand, as a holographic screen of light shows up with several layers of data and coding, "The stuff in here is a goldmine if I've ever seen one. The ultimate payday with the right buyer, and the ultimate weapon in the right hands. Man if we weren't on a time crunch right now I'd love nothing more than to get my hands dirty with this stuff.

"Yeah well maybe next time X," the brunette says with a slight smile before turning to Kyo and the boy, "Kyo, keep look out. Shin, where is it?"

Shin's eyes narrow as he pulls out the glowing shard from before, as its' lights seem to glisten and flow around the room. As the boy holds the shard out, the lights suddenly seem to focus on a single spot.

"There," Shin speaks as he and the other two follow the light, leaving Kyo to look around.

The trio approach a series of smaller crates, as the light from the shard pulses and glows brighter as it focuses on a single one within the pile. The boy grabs the shard and places it away as the other two remove the other crates blocking the path. They grab the object below, revealing it to be a tiny black box with a strange computer lock and mechanism attached to it.

"Can you break it X?" the question is directed to the masked male, as he simply laughs and takes the box into his hands.

"You have to ask? Just give me a minute."

As the trio focus on the black box, Kyo continues to look around for anything interesting. However all he finds are more and more crates with the same snowflake symbol on each one. This causes the teen to huff in annoyance.

"Ultimate weapon huh? What's so scary about a damn snowflake?" the orange-haired boy ask as he kicks one of the crates and turns to walk off.

Only to pause as the sound of moving metal catches his attention, causing him to look upwards.

"Clever assholes, they really rigged this thing well," X says calmly as he continues to tap at the holograms on his arm.

"Are you going to be alright?" Shin ask concerned. However he is met with a chuckle as the holograms suddenly light up green and a click is heard from the box.

"Kid, it's fifty years too early for you to ask me things like that," the hacker replies as the hologram fades and he looks at the box on the ground. Slowly he reaches for the sides as he prepares to open it while the other two watch nervously.


A loud crash is suddenly heard as the trio snap their heads towards Kyo, who leaps onto one of the crates to dodge a large metallic arm as it crashes into the ground where he stood.

The arm pulls back to reveal it as a large double barreled gun, and is connected to a large mechanical red and black mech. The mech seems to stand at twenty feet in height and walks on four large spider like legs attached to a large metal torso with two double barreled gun arms, as well as a pair of massively similar guns attached to each shoulder.

"Kyo-nii!" Shin shouts out in shock as he watches the machine chase the orange haired male.

"That stupid cat!" The skull faced male shouts in annoyance as he releases the box and rushes towards the giant machine.

The machine swings another arm at Kyo as the teen leaps back and dodges out of the way of a white blast of energy from the cannons on the arm. As the machine continues to shoot at the retreating boy, its' sensors pick up movement to the left as it turns to locate the motion, only for a crimson colored cross to slam into its' head and explode.

As the machine tries to regain its' balance from the explosion, X leaps above and lands upon its' head. Flicking his wrist out a pair of red cross shaped swords form in each hand as he begins hacking away at the head of the metal giant. The machine ignores this however and leaps upwards towards the ceiling to crush the rider. The masked warrior notices this and quickly leaps off the machine as it crashes into the ceiling. However as X falls he suddenly vanishes in mid air, only to reappear in front of the machine with his palms facing its' chest, as a burst of red energy explodes from them and impacts with the chest plate of the walking weapon and send it downwards.

The machine lands on all fours and shakes off the attack as it looks upwards towards the new threat, only for an red eyed face to land upon its' arm.

"Hey asshole, remember me?" Kyo says with a smirk. The machine doesn't respond but swings its' arm at the boy only for him to leap over and grab onto one of the shoulder cannons, flipping upright and landing on top of it. As he does he reaches behind his back and suddenly pulls out a set of black spiked gauntlets upon each arm, with a series of four long obsidian blades running across them. Kyo flicks the gauntlets upon each arm as the blades fold outwards and turn into a series of large metal claws.

Kyo quickly begins to deliver several slashes down onto the cannon, as the claws begin to slice into the metal platting the machine has. The machine feels the impact and spins its' body rapidly to shake off the carry on. Kyo falls off in surprise but quickly flips in the air and land on his feet, only for a large shadow to loom over him as the machine raises one of its' legs and slams downwards towards the boy. The boy curses and jumps to the side as the leg slams down in the spot he stood. Without sparing a second thought Kyo rushes forward and slices at the under joints of the leg with his claws, as the plates are sliced clean open and the leg tumbles on itself.

Kyo grins to himself only to be smacked aside by the machines cannon arm, sending the orange haired teen to the ground on his back. Gritting his teeth he pushes himself up only to notice the cannon arm pointed right at him and glowing brightly.

Only for a red shuriken to smash into the arm and explode, knocking it and the machine back a bit, as the skull faced fighter flickers in front of his teammate.

"Don't lose focus you dumb cat." X states as he pulls out several more red shurikens.

"Shut up ya skull bastard!" Kyo replies annoyed as he gets to his feet and extends the claws once more.

The machine shifts its' attention back to the duo as waves of white energy fire from the arm cannons. The two quickly leap to the sides and dash towards the mech as X unleashes a series of shurikens, as they light with electric arcs and slam into the chest of the machine causing a circuit of lighting to pulse and freeze the machine in place. Kyo takes this chance as he moves underneath the machine and slashes at the under joints of the remaining legs, cleaving each one in half with a single strike. The legs shake and begin to collapse as Kyo jumps out from beneath the now frozen weapon as it collapse to the ground.

"We get it?" Kyo ask as he stares at the machine, seeing it unmoving.

Only for the torso to turn towards the duo, as the arms and shoulder cannons suddenly begin to shift and connect together into a single large gun.

"You know, you really should stop asking stupid questions." X states as he and his partner prepare to run as the gun glows and pulsates.

Only for an invisible force to suddenly cleave right through the canon, causing it to fall in half and explode upon itself as Kyo and X cover their faces from the blast. As the explosion clears and the dust settles, what remains of what was once the powerful looking machine are nothing more than pieces of scrap metal and a large shell of the former torso. Despite this sight though Kyo growls and turns around as he points towards his brunette teammate.

"What the fuck Kazuma!? That was my fight dammit! I could have handled it!" Kyo shouts as Kazuma stares at him calmly.

"You were taking too long. Not my fault you're too slow to take care of a simple training bot," Kazuma says with a cocky smirk as Kyo shouts more profanity. Ignoring it though his expression returns to a serious one, "Besides with all the commotion you guys were making someone is bound to notice our presence on this train. Let's just get the package and leave while we can."

Kazuma turns and walks back to Shin as Kyo grits his teeth in anger and annoyance. As he does X calmly walks by him, "Don't worry kitty, you'll get your chance next time."

"Fucking die!!!"

Kazuma ignores the two and turns to Shin, who is holding the box in his hands, "How's the package?"

"It's safe nii-san. No damage caused from the explosions or shock waves," Shin replies with a slight smile.

Kazuma nods and turns to the other two, "You heard him. Let's get out of here before something else happens."

"Like what?" Kyo ask sarcastically.

As if on cue, the sounds of a door sliding open could be heard, as the four boys turn to see the car door wide open, as two figures stand there.

One is a man in a long black trench coat with red designs on it, as well as similarly styled pants and shirt. In his hands is what looks to be a long dark red katana sheath with a black sword handle sticking out from it, with each one slightly seemingly have a gun handle upon them. The man's face had a white mask that covered his eyes. The mask had with four slits for sight, and red markings similar to that of the coat. The strangest thing about the man though was the spiky red hair, and the black curved horns sticking out from it.

The other figure, was a beautiful female figure. Black low-heeled boots and stockings decorated her legs, as the black seems to fade to purple as they near her shoes, with a white flower symbol on the outside of her stockings. A black buttoned vest with coattails covers the girl's chest, alongside a white, sleeveless undershirt that exposes part of her midriff with small white shorts seemingly underneath it, and a black sword handle and sheath seemingly attached to her back. A detached scarf-like collar could be seen around her neck, and her arms seem to be wrapped in a series of black ribbons, with a black detached sleeve and a silver band on her left arm. Finally the girl's face was that of a young teenage girl with long wavy ebony hair and piercing golden eyes with light purple shadowing, with a cute black bow adorning the girls head.

The two figures stare at the car in surprise, confusion, shock, and concern as they see the damage done to the area, as well as the mysterious four individuals, as they themselves stare back.

Silence permeates between the two groups as they analyze and stare at each other, waiting for a single movement to be made.

"You just had to ask, didn't you ya dumb cat?" X states with annoyance as the red x on his gauntlet extends into a large x-shaped blade.

Kyo however doesn't notice, and instead suddenly points at the girl.



End Part 1.

Project Noir has begun.

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