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RWBY: Path of the Decade (Chapter 1)

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RWBY: Path of the Decade (Chapter 1)

Post by Decade on Thu Nov 06, 2014 2:07 pm

Ruby Rose was having a beautiful dream.

A dream about a field of endless freshly baked and deliciously warm chocolate chip cookies, while the sky was filled with cookie dough clouds that rained down sweet double chocolate layered white vanilla cookies. A dream where she was gracefully frolicking through said field and rain of cookies, a huge smile etched into her face as she grabbed and devoured every single delicious bakery treat in sight.

A dream where she was completely free from the rest of the world.

A dream where she could eat to her hearts content and never worry about getting obese and ridiculed.

A dream-


-that was promptly shattered by a loud bullhorn.


Ruby screamed as she shot up from her sheets at the loud and unexpected noise, only for the sudden movement to tilt her suspended death basket she called a bed and make the young girl fall to her side and off the bed.

The result being her landing face first on a hard wooden floor.

"Ohhh," the young teen muttered painfully as her mind slowly tried to comprehend what had happened, "What in the world?"

"Well, it's about time you woke up."

Shaking off the sudden impact the young black-haired girl lifted the sleeping mask off her face as her silver colored eyes looked towards the direction of the voice. The sight before her was that of a beautiful teenage girl in a snow-colored dress and jacket, with similarly matching colored hair that was tied an off-center ponytail and held by a small snowflake shaped tiara.

She was also holding an air horn in her left hand.

"Weiss?" Ruby questioned as she looked upon her teammate and partner in confusion, "What's going on?"

Weiss's icy blue eyes promptly rolled, "You sleeping in is what's going on. Get off the ground already and get dressed you dunce. We're going to be late."

"L-Late?" Ruby asked as she stood up, her head still processing from the sudden fall and the unexpected wake up call.

Weiss sighed, "Don't you remember? We're supposed to be heading out to the city today for Blake. She and your sister are already downstairs waiting on YOU to get up, get dressed, and get to the airships before they head out."

"The city?" Ruby blinked for a moment, only for her face to suddenly shift with realization and panic, "I FORGOT!!"

"Of course you did."

In a flash of red rose petals Ruby suddenly disappeared from her spot on the ground as suddenly one of the clothing cabinet doors opened while the bathroom door slammed shut. Weiss merely shook her head at the actions of her team leader.

"Honestly, that girl is such a nuisance to work with."

She had long since become used to her leader's antics and personality, so it wasn't as if she had expected less. But at times it was still frustrating to deal with her childish personality and beliefs. Luckily for the young girl, she had the best teammate ever to keep her in check and help her stay focused.

Like making sure the other two females of the team had gotten to quietly leave the room without disturbing their leader so that Weiss could 'personally' see to her awakening with the air horn in hand.

Just as Ruby had done so on their first day of classes with the whistle to Weiss's ears.

"Weiss, where are the towels!?"

Weiss simply rolled her eyes and walked to the bathroom door, all the while trying to keep the smirk off her face.

Vengeance sure was sweet.


"So, where should we head to first? Any ideas?" the voice of Yang Xiao Long, Ruby's older sister asked as she walked down the city streets with her team.

After Ruby had finally finished getting herself ready, the group of four females had finally left Beacon and arrived in the city of Vale. While some of the city streets were packed at the moment, both due to the preparations for the Vytal Festival coming up as well as the new transfer students heading to Beacon, the city was quiet for the most part and was a perfect day to just hang out and have fun.

Though the question currently being debated was where exactly the four friends should head too first.

Ruby was the first to respond, "Oh oh I know! We should totally head to that new sweets shop on fourty-second! Bet you they've got lots of tasty treats for the festival."

"Absolutely not!" Weiss spoke out sternly as she glared at young scythe-wielder, "I refuse to go through another sugar induced incident like the month before."

"It was just one science lab," Ruby muttered.

"It was awesome is what it was," Yang said with a smile, "Who knew you could make dust turn that color. Right crater-face?"


Ignoring the two siblings Weiss crossed her arms in thought, "Regardless, wherever we go today, we should be sure it's a place of decent status and enjoyment. And someplace where we WON'T somehow get dragged into another situation like last time."

"You mean like the one you helped cause last time?" Yang stated.

"Excuse me?" Weiss spat out rather annoyed.

"I'm just saying." the blonde replied back.

"Okay okay, let's all just settle down!" Ruby spoke up as she rushed between the two, arms stretched out to keep them at a distance. Turning her head up from the two she turned towards the last member of the group, "What about you Blake? Anyplace you want to go in particular?"

A pair of amber colored eyes looked up from the ground at the sudden words, "Huh? What?"

"Everything alright?" Yang asked as she and the others looked over to the resident beauty.

"Yeah. Sorry, just distracted is all. It's nothing," Blake said calmly, though her body and expression seemed to state otherwise.

That brought a slight frown to Ruby's own face. It had been a little over a week since the incident at the docks and the reveal of her teammate's status both as a faunus; and one with adorable cat ears at that, and as a former member of the terrorist organization known as The White Fang. While the rift between the team members, especially Weiss and Blake, had been mostly mended back together, there was still a sense of tension and concern emitting from the raven haired novelist.

She seemed more distracted than usual and was caught more in her thoughts rather than what was going on. The rest of team RWBY had agreed that she probably still felt bad over the fight that had occurred between them, as well as the White Fang's involvement with Roman Torchwick, but was trying to hide her thoughts so her friends didn't worry.

Weiss of course wouldn't accept such an action, especially after the promise they made to each other, and so the team had come up with a plan to brighten up their quietest member. A entire day out in the city in order to forget about the incident fully and bond once more as a sisterhood, as well as do whatever Blake wanted. They were going to make sure she had the best day ever, even if it meant just spending the entire day just reading in a library and getting snacks from a nearby coffee shop.

Just so long as it snapped their friend out of whatever funk she was currently in.

Shaking off the frown Ruby beamed brightly as she shrugged her shoulders, "It's alright. We don't have to go to someplace specific. We can just walk around a bit and see where we'll end up."

"You mean like we are right now?" Yang voiced in with a smirk, causing her sister to slap her on the shoulder.

"Well I for one think we should at least hear whatever contributions Blake can offer for the day," Weiss said as she looked over to her color contrasted counterpart.

Ruby blinked, "Contra-what now?"

"It means ideas."


"Guys, it's fine really," Blake suddenly spoke up, "You don't have to-"

She was promptly interrupted by Weiss as the heiress held a hand out before her, "No. This is supposed to be the day we can all just relax and enjoy ourselves without worrying about any sort of conflicts or past issues. That means that everyone, especially you, has a say in what goes on today. So don't think you can just stand in the background and do your 'thing' while the rest of us have fun. You are going to give your opinion, we are going to hear it, and we will decide what to do, TOGETHER, as a team."

"Yeah!" the sisters cheered in response, much to Weiss's annoyance.

Blake stared at the trio for a moment before sighing in defeat, "I guess...we can try checking out this bookstore I keep hearing about. Tukson's Book Trade I think it was called."

Weiss nodded, "Now that sounds like a reasonable suggestion."

Ruby smiled excitedly as she looked up in thought, "Oh I wonder if they have any of the books I used to read when I was younger? That would be so awesome!"

Yang merely shrugged but smiled, "Sure, why not? It's not like I had any better ideas. Least not ones befitting ice queen over there."


Yang simply continued, "So we're in agreement then?"

Ruby looked to see Weiss and Blake both nod, albeit the later rather hesitant, and let off a big grin. She then moved in front of the trio and turned to face them as she pointed skywards, "Alright then! Let Team RWBY's mission to have the most exciting and fun day ever to forget all tensions and problems BEGIN!!"

"Yeah!!" Yang shouted in agreement.

"What she said." Weiss said.

Blake merely shook her head and sighed, but at the same time she couldn't keep the sides of her mouth from curling slightly. It was times like these that she was glad to have such friends beside her.

"So ummm..." Ruby rubbed the back of her head and smiled sheepishly, "Where is this bookshop again?"


From not too far away, a lonely figure stood beneath a hanged banner in the middle of the streets.

"Vytal Festival huh?"

The figure lifted up its' arms to reveal a pink box with two black circled lenses extended from the front.





Chapter 1

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