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Post by Mystic Kaito on Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:03 pm

Terra Firma:
Name: Kaito Josho
Age: 14
Race: Human
Physical Appearance: Tall And Skinny
Picture Reference:
Occupation/"Class":Secret Assassin, Experienced fighter
Family: His parents are dead and he has only a grandfather to care for him Named Kaiser Josho
Country of Origin: N/A
Country of Residence:N/A
Bio: Kaito was born while his Father was fighting a Dragonborn trying to get a cure for his mother's cancer. By the time He got back with a cure She was dead. Not noticing Kaito He killed himself. Kaito's Grandfather Kaiser Josho Didn't notice him untill The funeral for both of the parents. Kaiser right away noticed he looked like his Father. Ever since the funeral he took care of, and trained Kaito to be a better fighter than his dad when he died. Due to being poor and not having enough time to train Kaito he left him on the streets for 1 year of his life turning 13. He won bets on the streets. Whoever was a better fighter got money. And spectators Gambled who would win as well. Kaito being 13 and very risky made a bet for five-hundred Gold. He won. Being the stubborn opponent he tried to kill Kaito right after. He failed miserably having his arm broken. Right after A rogue challenged him. He lost and he lost his 500 gold he earned. It was the 1st and he believes will be the last time he loses. Because he had to steal other people's valuables and gold. When he Returned After 1 year in the streets Kaiser Josho Didn't train Kaito. Because Kaito found a huge interest in fightng that Kaito trained himself. But Kaiser not knowing each night Kaito would do his job as an assassin.
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