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From the Dark Into the Light (WIP Open)

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From the Dark Into the Light (WIP Open) Empty From the Dark Into the Light (WIP Open)

Post by AkaiJose on Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:52 pm

From the Dark Into the Light (WIP Open) Final_10

No one remembers how exactly the Nightbeings nearly exterminated the human race. It was said that they bided their time, rallying together to completely take over. They came from the dark and into the light, fleeing from their diseased, dying world of Eytrion. Some humans, the healthy or younger ones, were taken as slaves to serve under these beings. They took over the cities and lived this way for a while, oblivious to the fact that the disease that had infected their world previously had been carried into this one.

This disease, Efa, was a manifestation of darkness itself. It attached itself to a host just before the Nightbeings fled and began its infection. It either took over hosts and changed them into Shadowbeings or took on a form of its own and terrorized the towns and cities of the Nightbeings. This infection could not be combated with ordinary medicine or with simple fighting strategy like with the humans. No, Efa was in fact impervious to any sort of method used by the Nightbeings. Frustrated, they purged their cities of the Shadowbeings, throwing them out and walling off their cities, creating a magical bubble that blocked everything out. The land outside these cities and towns became a desolate, shadowy wasteland. Trees turned ebony in color, the dirt became cracked and dry, and waters became murky. Yet they still needed to trade with other cities in order to provide for themselves. Because of this, they sent out a batch of humans to do the dirty work and deliver their goods. This was hugely unsuccessful as humans merely died with their goods and, again, they became frustrated.

However, there was one human that had come back unscathed from the outside. Though he was very exhausted, he was made to explain his means of survival. And this is how the Nightbeings learned of a very special component of the human being: the Essence. It was a unique power source found in all humans, yet only a few had access to this power and could bend it to their will. With this knowledge, Nightbeings went to researching the Essence and what made it work. They sent out more humans, took babies from their mothers to experiment upon, and much more. Many humans failed, yet the overall research was successful. They were able to integrate technology into the humans with strong Essences and allowed them to unlock it to combat the Efa. They became the e'Light.

Now, humans who are willing to give their children away to the Nightbeings to become e'Light are given special privileges. They are trained until they hit the age of eighteen, where they are then put into divisions to work on different tasks, ranging from delivering goods to killing off a Nightbeing who is rumored to turn into a Shadowbeing. It is rare, however, to find a True e'Light, that is someone who naturally can use their Essence without the need for technology. They are all brought up to devote their lives to helping Nightbeings without another thought. Yet will this remain as is?


Keywords and Definitions
Nightbeings: The creatures of myth (for humans anyway). They come from the realm of Eytrion and are susceptible to the Efa. There is a variety of beings plus new ones, as they intermingle to create new beings. They do have a social hierarchy, listed below.

  • Purebreds: Nightbeings who are completely one race. There is no mixed blood in their families. Prestigious, very wealthy folk who run the cities.
  • Halfings: Nightbeings who are a mix of two races. They are seen as commonfolk and are plenty in number.
  • Mutts: Beings who have multiple races in their blood and cannot trace their roots to one set of Nightbeings. They are the laborers or sometimes gang members.
  • e'Light
  • Nighthumans: A cross between humans and Nightbeings. This is considered taboo, but when this occurs they are supposed to be untouched. They are higher than humans, but treated almost twice as bad.
  • Humans

Shadowbeings: Once infected by the Efa, Nightbeings become these. They become more violent and turn black in color. Their powers grow out of control, making them confused yet very hazardous to citizens. Once spotted, they must be killed immediately.

e'Light: Human beings trained and altered to use Essence as a way to help society. It is a jab on the word "elite" that the Nightbeings use as a way to convey their pretentious social standing. "True" e'Light refers to humans who can naturally use their Essence without needing alterations.

Eytrion: The dying realm that the Nightbeings came from. It was once thriving and beautiful, but has now been turned into a wasteland. Tales speak of how the oceans dried up and were replaced with sludge and forests disintegrating into ash. No human being has seen the land in person.

Fiavrada: A large city where we set our scene. With many facilities for e'Light and labs for experimentation, it is known as the best place to study Essence and has the most amount of e'Light. It's main trade is technology and weapons. There is a variety of social classes and much entertainment for anyone visiting.

Corinas: A vast port town that provides for Fiavrada's human slaves. Families are separated here and some are shipped overseas to places unknown. Many humans have attempted to escape to this port town and tried to become stowaways on many ships, only to be executed for their acts.

Sounby: A smaller town that is more farmland than actual town. This is a provider for food, but needs a lot of human slaves for this work. That is why the healthy humans from Corinas are sent here to work while the children and a few others are sent to Fiavrada.

Efa: A dark, lethal disease that infected and killed off many Nightbeings and destroyed Eytrion. It takes on the form of a dark blob, looking more like sludge than anything else. Once attached to a host, it can do many things. It can kill off the host, completely take over (which can happen after three days of being attached to the host), or gather together in large quantities and create a being (also called Efa). The infection can only be killed by e'Light.

Essence: A component that makes up the human soul. It is a mysterious substance that can be read like an aura and has different colors, depending on the person. It can take on any shape the human wants, but some humans cannot fully control theirs. At eighteen, it is found that humans can control the Essence better than younger humans. (WIP)


No godmodding or being utterly helpless
2 characters MAXIMUM
Post once a week (unless you let me know of certain circumstances) or else your character will be killed off
First come first serve basis, unless I disapprove of your bio
My word is law
Ask me about any races you want to include
Play nice and according to character
Ask questions! I'm still developing and adding stuff so when things need to be clarified, I will elaborate more so everyone who has a similar question can understand! :3
Chocolate for everyone!

Essence: (Color, manifestations {one weapon form, plus an extra form like a protective shield})
Other Abilities:
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From the Dark Into the Light (WIP Open) Empty Re: From the Dark Into the Light (WIP Open)

Post by Jain vi Bookshelvia on Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:51 pm

Hi, I'd like to ask a series of questions and offer a few suggestions:

1) Would you mind reformatting your information to something that is more legible? I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I do have difficulty reading it.

2) Is it possible to adjust your 1 week absent = death? There are dedicated players on this site that have been unavailable due to personal reasons.

3) When explaining the other abilities, what route would you prefer it to be approached by? Science? Magic? Please tell us so we can craft character that are more suited to your liking.

4) Since you're not familiar with us yet (something we hope to change), is it possible to have the starting location be restricted to one central hub? This is to promote character establishment and interactions. Having an isolated character sounds counter-productive.

Thank you for choosing the Nerdalius. We hope you enjoy your time here.
Jain vi Bookshelvia
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