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Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 1)

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Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 1) Empty Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 1)

Post by Decade on Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:25 am

This summary is a description of the events and actions that take place after the Indus City incident within the first Terminal City RP as told through me, TrueHeartKnight, aka Decade. These events are how I continued to write and play the story out when the RP ended, and are my own creation and ideas put on from the rp, as well as from the information and events that played out. I still give credit to those who made this world and their characters, and do not claim any hold on them. This is part 1 of the story, and I will attempt to put up the other parts as soon as possible.


Terminal City - Age of Void. (Part 1)

Set place 1 month after the events in Indus City, the events surrounding Tsukiko have started coming into fruition and begun to affect the whole of Terminal City.

The movements and mystery behind Arcana. Lucina’s insanity and hate towards Tsukiko. The insecure bonds with Stephanie. The assignation attempt from the Assini. And of course, the revival of Nyx through Cara, who was revealed to be a fragment of Nyx that was reborn through the Suraius family genes and blood.

And whose goal was to turn Tsukiko into her own personal guardian and love. Someone she wished to stand by her as she took vengeance on the world and engulfed it in a sea of eternal black. A black knight to a evil queen.

However Nyx let Tsukiko go, because she knew the time wasn't right yet. That Tsukiko would only be hers once he was ready to stand equally beside her. And that while it would be easier to simply do so with her own abilities and strength, that she wanted to continue to watch him and his actions, and witness his growth through her own eyes. And in doing so, would see the world as she does and begin to accept her as the only one he needs. So that when the time was right, she could immediately go to him, and the two could rule in darkness.

It was those words and events that showed Tsukiko the truth of Nyx’s words. Compared to those he had faced against in battle and met in his adventures and events, Tsukiko realized how weak he was, and that if it didn't change more people would lose their lives and suffer because he couldn't do anything. Despite that it was what Nyx wanted, he knew her words held truth, and that not following the path she said would only lead to more pain and tears. With that in mind, the void user begins to make plans and preparations to become stronger, through both his own strength and the assistance of his allies, to stop the events that were on the horizon and to prevent anymore loss.

His first task after returning to the academy, was a personal meeting with Sarah Lancaster, who has recovered from her time in the hospital, and enlisting in her aid to help him unleash his powers. Shocked by his request and seeking to know why, Tsukiko explains everything, and confesses how he was afraid of his powers. But not just because of them hurting people, but because of what they did to him. Every time he used his abilities, something changed inside of him. He felt as if a part of himself became darker, colder, and more dangerous. Everytime he saw his eyes, he felt as if he was looking through a mirror and into a reflection of someone else. Someone who had his face, but was his opposite in every way. It had scared him and so he forcibly regressed his abilities and powers to prevent such feelings, and to ensure nobody would be hurt by that side of him.

However after all the constant fighting and loss of life, especially against the Assini and Nyx, Tsukiko realized he can’t afford to hinder himself any longer, and that he must be able to wield his powers fully if he is to stand a chance against such enemies. While initially unsure and hesitant, Sarah agrees to help train Tsukiko with the aid of Labrys, who becomes the void users personal training partner, as well as bodyguard and teammate (which leads to her living in his dorm albeit a condition of Sarah).

Tsukiko also enlist the aid of those from the A.S.S, specifically in the form of Mizuho and her IS project, a form of battle suit that was still in prototype stages for military purposes. The last time he saw such a weapon used was when Tetsuko sacrificed herself, and while he would never forget that moment, he also knew that had the suit been stronger and more battle ready, that she along with many others might have survived.  Offering to help in both the building and testing of the project, Mizuho happily agrees to aid Tsukiko, as she too has grown saddened by the amount of tragedies that have struck the city as of late. However problems soon arise as Tsukiko discovers that a dangerous bug has been born inside every suite. One that rejects every single male gene and rejects it with life-threatening reactions.

Realizing Lucina must have had a hand in this error, and unable to find a way to remove the bug even with Mizuho and Vanessa’s help, Tsukiko decides to take a new approach, and with the aid of both girls and Labrys, begins working on a secret project between the four of them. A NEW battle suit built from scratch. One that was customized for him, his abilities, his style of combat, and would be the only one of its’ kind to prevent anyone else from using the idea.

However events do not stop, and neither do those lurking. With Nyx having
mysteriously disappeared, and with Lucina still alive and Stephanie by her side having betrayed them, Arcana decides to stop hiding in the shadows and take serious action.

During this time Lyn, having returned to normal, begins to invite Tsukiko on more investigations and cases, from busting down crime waves to simple stake outs and interrogations, all the while with Labrys shadowing them to keep an eye on Tsukiko. During this time she also tells and gives him information on Nyx and the Arcana, which leads to Tsukiko learning more about the mysterious woman who was obsessed with him, such as her abilities of total void control and the incident of her imprisonment and ‘death’. The reports surprise Tsukiko over how much Nyx was viewed as a monster and threat, and make him question what exactly sent Nyx into such a state in the first place.

As for Arcana while he doesn't find much outside what he knows, he does discover that a list had been created secretly by the higher ups of the city of several suspected members of Arcana, some of whom are in the cities very own system and forces, such as Martha from Terminal University. When questioned why SNAKES didn't arrest the suspects, Lyn sadly explains that because of them being so high in terms of political gain and control, it was hard to get solid evidence to arrest them, let alone bring them in if they resisted. Furthermore even if they did get evidence or managed to fight them, the amount of chaos and panic the city would have over such a discovery would lead to trouble.

However the continued investigation to both Nyx and Arcana worries Lyn. Not for herself but for Tsukiko, as he was still a young boy and yet was involving himself in dangerous territory, and if continued could land a death mark on his back, or worse. However after seeing him not willing to back down and his continued determination, Lyn invites Tsukiko to join SNAKES, stating that with him as her official partner, he could officially seek out and fight those who are hurting others, including Arcana, all the while having backup and aid. Tsukiko rejects the offer though, surprising Lyn. He explains that joining would only limit his own freedoms to act, and that if Arcana had such a hold on the cites own forces, him joining would only put himself under their hold. As such it would be easier for him to act and move outside of their gaze, rather than directly in it. Furthermore he didn’t want to put more people at risk because of his actions and own personal enemies, such as Lucina, who he had not seen since returning. Lyn of course protest at his foolish actions and thoughts, stating that acting like some hero would only be setting himself up for death in the future. Tsukiko doesn't waver though, stating he isn't a hero and that he is only doing what he feels he must, even if others disagree with it. He does however state he will be careful and promises Lyn that if he needed help, that he would contact her, as well as offer any aid he could like with the Iris incident, and hopes that they can work together to take down Arcana.

That offer is soon taken when not two days later, Tara is found beaten badly on Lyn’s doorstep and begging for help.

Upon awakening Tara reveals how she and and Mari had gone to find and help Remilia, seeing as she was a target of the Assini as well as someone they wished to help. They had managed to track down a trail of destruction caused by her towards the very same mansion she was home too. However soon upon entering the mansion, Wallachia appeared before the two, demanding to know who they were and what they were doing.

Having been caught and with little options, both females soon found themselves struggling against Remilia’s father and his insane forces and power over blood and body. However things become even worse when suddenly three Assini appear.

The Assini however are revealed to be members of Arcana, one of whom was Death from Indus. However much to the shock of the girls, Death and Apollo suddenly began to help Wallachia in his fight, revealing that Arcana and the man had been in business for a long time and that they had been tasked to ‘kill’ Remilia in order to set her free and bring her back to her father. Outnumbered and badly wounded, Mari held off the two forces allowing Tara to escape with her life, but Tara is injured and blown away, with the others assuming her dead.

However much to her surprise, she finds herself saved by an Assini named Apollo. The man reveals himself to have been the one hired to kill Remilia, which puts Tara on edge. However he states that he is not her enemy, and that he was no longer with the Assini who followed Death, but those who were starting to oppose her. Death had broken their code and honor of the blade, as well as corrupted their once true organization with the foolish words and promises of Arcana. Despite the disbelief, she knew that the Assini were splitting, and so Tara allowed the man to help her as they made their way to inform Lyn of the situation and get aid to rescue both Mari and Remilia.

Realizing the situation and limited time span, Lyn urgently calls Chijinda and Tsukiko and request their aid. The two agree and go, alongside Labrys who had heard everything and sworn to be at Tsukiko’s side as his partner and bodyguard, while Apollo heals and watches over Tara for safety. The four leave and make their way to the mansion, manage to infiltrate the building before being discovered by security forces. Although they overcome the resistance quickly, it brought the attention of the Arcana members and Remilia’s father, who fully reveals himself to also be a member of the Arcana, known as The Emperor.

The four are soon forced into a brawl against the Arcana, with Lyn going after Remilia’s father while Tsukiko takes on Death. During their fight Death begins dominating Tsukiko with her time bubble, as she taunts him about his failure to protect others and how they all end up dying because of him. She mocks how he let Iris live, Tetsuko die, and how Remilia and his friends here would be the next to suffer. She even reveals about Flandre and Alice’s capture, and how much pleasure it would be to hear their begging as she tortured him and the others before their eyes. However Tsukiko doesn't waver or hesitate despite the words, as he openly acknowledges his weaknesses and naivety that he had lived by, but that he refuses to be pinned down by by the constant suffering and pain that had been haunting him, and will do whatever it takes to protect everyone, even if it meant becoming a demon.

It is in this moment Tsukiko reveals his growth, as he unleashes two new additions to his arsenal. The first is a newly created and modified wrist blade, designed and created by Vanessa. Alongside a much stronger and longer blade, the new weapon could also unleash a series of extendable chain whip blades and hooks, allowing for extended whip strikes and reach, as well as the grabbing of both enemies and objects, and even allowing swift ariel movements and lifting.

The second symbol of growth however comes in the form of Reverse Holes, the first true evolution to Tsukiko’s own Black Holes which expel large bursts of swirling black energy out from its’ opening, impacting anything in range with sheer force and power rather than drawing objects towards it. To make it worse on Death, the holes were connected, as anything that was absorbed within a regular Black Hole could be shot out at high speeds from a Reverse Hole if done within 5 seconds of the suction.

These two symbols of growth allowed Tsukiko to gain an edge upon Death and began to overwhelm her and her time bubble, which was unable to stop Tsukiko’s vortex’s. Unable to come up with a way to counter this new threat, the battle is soon lost to Death when Tsukiko manages to land a devastating blow upon her with his Reverse Holes, throwing her through the mansion walls and out into the courtyard. Barley able to get to her feet, Death quickly retreats both at the danger of the change in situation, and much to her shock, in fear of the boy with “those terrifying black eyes”.

Lyn meanwhile deals with Remilia’s father, who mocks her for her actions and overwhelms her with his abilities. Lyn refuses to back down though despite the damage and pain, determined to not let another person fall under her watch like her family did back in Indus, questioning at how this man could call himself a father for what he did to his children. Wallachia surprisingly comments on how the term “family” is such a fragile thing, and that to him family was nothing more than a means to an end. That it was “legacy” and “eternity” that was the most valuable aspect to living, as it embedded ones self for all time and eternity, as an immortal symbol that would never be forgotten. Remilia and Flandre were merely tools to him, to be able to achieve his goal of immortality through the experiments and manipulation of their meta gene, and through Alice’s ability of mass manipulation and creation. He had even used the experiments to enhance his own powers and abilities, allowing him to achieve a way to keep his body from further aging, and even extend his life, as well as enhance his blood abilities and powers to such a degree that his whole body can become blood at will. Lyn calls him a monster and he laughs, stating that he was simply entering the first step to perfection, and that soon he would find a way to become a true “immortal”. A way to be able to achieve true perfection and eternity, and with it, his name would be engraved for all time as the one who brought for the end of death itself. (ironic since he was working with the Arcana called death).

Lyn calls Wallachia insane, and curses over how he could dare treat his family in such a manner. Her own family history was one she struggled with, but she would never see them be put through any such suffering or pain because of some insane ideal or purpose. She would never turn those she loved into mere tools or experiments, and would never treat them like they weren’t even human.

She is joined soon by Tsukiko Labrys and Chijinda, with the three standing by Lyn’s statements, and agreeing that no matter what happened tonight, that Wallachia Scarlett was to be taken down that night.

Accepting their challenge, Wallachia attacks the four with his insane blood powers and strength. Unleashing waves of massive blood creations, attacks, and even complete body transformation of blood, Wallachia begins to overwhelm the four with his abilites despite their combined efforts. He even manages to control the bodies of Lyn, Tsukiko, and Chijinda, turning them on Labrys, who is immune due to her mechanical structure. Labrys managed to cut the connection and free the trio before they could be killed, but was greatly injured by Wallachia almost immediately after. The fight continues to go on throughout the mansion, shattering the once proud establishment into a broken fragment of itself, as Remilia’s father continues to get back up again and again from every blow like a madman.

Then just as Lyn is about to be killed, To Kei suddenly appears before the group, and with him Tori, Carmine, Basil, and a mysterious man.

At first Wallachia simply laughs, welcoming the newcomers to his “mansion” and mocking them over how they have invited themselves to witness his “ascension” as a legend. However that joy is soon shattered when suddenly Mari arrives as well, fully healed and smirking. She reveals how she had purposefully allowed herself to be taken and captured, in order to find the location of Remilia, and had instead found Alice and Flandre, and had kindly decided to take them to a nearby hospital.

Realizing that two of his “legacies” had been freed and escaped his grasp Wallachia's calm yet crazed nature finally snaps as he lashes out at everyone in pure rage, swearing to kill them and make them suffer for daring to destroy his “perfection”. The group of 9 fight together against Wallachia, with each one landing a devastating blow against the former man. As Wallachia screams out at them, his body breaks apart and transforms into a giant abomination of blood, showing just what his experiments and twisted mind had transformed him truly into. Disgusted and deciding to end this nightmare, Tsukiko and Mari open a large Black Hole together, as To Kei and the mysterious man freeze Wallachia in a Time Sphere, allowing Lyn to be the one to land the final blow upon the monster, sending his frozen self to be devoured in the endless vortexes, as his screams fill the air for the last time.

After the battle Tsukiko Lyn and Chijinda are all put in the hospital, while Labrys is returned to her mother’s lab, all of whom for healing. To Kei tells how Alice and Flandre have been taken to a safe location, and are being treated for damages Wallachia caused to them. While it could take months, even years to fully recover, he ensures that the two will eventually heal from it. When questioned by Tsukiko over Remilia, Mari states that she was already moved by the time Mari could move. Tori however ensures that they will find her, and that this event only proved more than ever how Arcana needed to be stopped.

As they recover and rest though, the Arcana are called to a meeting from The Fool to discuss current events. With the loss of two of their members, alongside Wallachia, they realize that events have not turned as expected, and that with their numbers dwindling more than they had expected, that a more drastic step may need to be taken. Death surprisingly tries to warn them of the cause and tells them about Tsukiko, the boy that both Nyx and Lucina had been obsessed with. She and the others discuss how he had been appearing in their events more often than usual, and how his interference and abilities were making him dangerous, but The Fool quickly puts down the idea of a couple of girl’s boy toy being a threat to them, with Martha agreeing whole heartedly and stating that he is of no concern. While the others members agree, Joker suddenly silences them with the statement that "no threat is minor", and tells Death and Martha to keep an eye on the boy, and should he prove to be a greater problem to deal with him. Martha begrudgingly agrees, and Death accepts fully, while silently promising herself to kill Tsukiko personally and make him pay for what he did to her. Back to the topic, The Joker states how they need to move onto the next stage of their plan, and that to do so they need to remove the one annoying fragment that refused to be plucked.

Meanwhile in the Society building, Lucina watches over a healing chamber housing Remilia, as she whispers about how it would soon be time to end this nightmare.

And all the while this happens, Nyx happily watches a sleeping Tsukiko through his Hospital Room, a loving smile on her face as she whispers his name.

(End Part 1)
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