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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical

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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical

Post by Decade on Thu Dec 25, 2014 4:13 am

Snow is beautiful.

It was pure, innocent, and had a sense of majesty to it. It brought with it beauty to any land and brightened all wonders around it with a sense of mystique and awe.

And it was this same majesty that was now descending upon a small church like structure that was decorated with all sorts of lights and colors. And standing in front of the church doors, as a figure. A beautiful woman with golden hair and sapphire eyes wearing a white robe of a nun.

As the cold air hit her cheeks a gentle smile graced the woman's face as she looked upon the white flakes falling. It reminded her so much of-

"Ah! It's snowing!!"

The woman turned to the voice to see a young girl of the age of ten standing behind her. The girl had pink spiky hair and golden eyes as she looked at the snow in awe and amazement. She wore a white jacket and a tiny red scarf on her person, along with a cute white flat cap on her head.

Chuckling slightly the woman nodded, "Indeed it is. It looks like it'll be a white Christmas this year as well."

"YATTA!! I can't wait!" the girl cheered as she raised her arms excited as the woman laughed more. They both paused though as the church bell rang above their heads drawing their attention. As if meant purposefully, the ringing caused the girls' face to light up in rememberance, "Oh right! Ana-nee it's time to start decorating!!"

Ana smiled and nodded, "Right. Lead the way Eva-chan."

Eva grinned and grabbed the nuns hands as both went inside the church. Inside the entire place was filled with noise as children of all ages looked out the windows at the snow in excitement and awe. Along with them were other sisters like Ana, each dressed in similar robes as they watched the children happily.

"LINE UP!" Eva suddenly yelled as the children's eyes turned to her. In moments all the children removed themselves from the windows and stood in a straight line as Eva grinned happily and crossed her arms, "Now listen good chumps! You hear that bell? It means it's time to get busy! I want no slackers and two-hundred percent work! It's the holidays after all and it's our job to make it amazing for everybody! So let's make this the best looking church in the whole universe! WHO'S WITH ME!?"

All the children, and even some of the nuns, cheered in agreement as Ana smiled and clapped her hands, "Let's get started then! Everybody, do your best!"


Moments later the children and nuns were seen all around the church, putting up decorations and lights for the holiday spirit. As they continued to decorate, the bells continued to ring as Ana smiled as her voice began to fill the air.

Ana: "Caroling, caroling, now we go.
Christmas bells are ringing."

Ana picked through a box and grabbed a series of green reefs.

Ana: "Caroling, caroling through the snow
Christmas bells are ringing."

Ana smiled and stood up as she hung the reefs along the walls, her voice echoing and her body swaying beautifully as she did.

Ana: "Joyous voices, sweet and clear.
Sing the sound of heart to cheer.
Ding dong, ding dong.
Christmas bells are ringing!"

As if on cue the children and nuns also began to sing alongside the beautiful woman.

Everyone: "Caroling, caroling through the town."

Ana: "Christmas bells are ringing."

Everyone: "Caroling, caroling up and down."

Ana: "Oh, Christmas bells are ringing."

The children smiled as they placed oranements and pictures along the church.

Children: "Mark ye well the song we sing.
Gladsome tidings now we bring."

Ana kneeled beside a pair of twins and hugged both as she joined.

Ana and twins: "Ding dong, ding dong.
Christmas bells are ringing!"

The twins smiled happily as Eva zoomed by with a bunch of other children as they carried a tree towards the center of the church.

Children: "Caroling, Caroling, now we go!"

They arrived to the center as Ana places down a stand and the children place the tree in it with help from the nuns.

Children: "Caroling, Caroling, through the snow!"

Eva cheers happily as she drops a box full of hanging ornaments in front of everyone as they each grab a piece and begin decorating the tree.

Everyone: "Joyous voices, sweet and clear.
Sing the sound of heart to cheer.
Ding dong, ding dong."

The tree slowly began to change from a normal tree into a beautiful glowing piece of majesty.

Everyone: "Ding dong, ding dong!"

Ana smiled as the tree slowly became fully decorated, as she reached into the box and pulled out a beautiful white angel ornament.

Ana: "Oh, caroling, caroling through the town.
Christmas bells are ringing."

Eva ran up beside her and smiled as Ana handed her the ornament.

Ana and Eva: "Caroling, caroling up and down.
Christmas bells are ringing."

Ana lifted Eva up as she raised her to the top of the tree.

Ana and Eva: "Mark ye well the song that we sing.
Gladsome tidings now we bring."

Eva placed the angel on top as everyone smiled.

Everyone: "Ding dong, ding dong!
Christmas bells are ringing!"

Ana put Eva down as the two smiled at each other.

Ana and Eva: "Ding dong, ding dong!
Christmas bells are ringing!"

Everyone gathered around the tree and sang.

Everyone: "Ding dong, ding dong!!"

Then Ana turned her gaze towards the window behind her and towards the white snow fall. An image fell in place at the window of a similarly colored boy as she closed her eyes and held her hands to her chest.

Ana: "Hope you're still out there singing."

She then turned back to everyone as they all smiled and sang.

Everyone: "Caroling, caroling!
Merrily, merrily!"

Their voices continued to echo through the church and outside into the cold air...and as if guided, the wind picked up the air that carried the voices and flew across the ocean.

And in the direction of Terminal City.
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