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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 3)

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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 3) Empty Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 3)

Post by Decade on Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:24 am

"What about this?"

"Too simple."

"Okay this one then?"

"Too cheep."

"Ohhh, how a-"


Lyn sighed as she looked over to Ariana beside her, "You know when you asked me to go last minute shopping I thought I'd have more fun than this."

Ariana huffed and crossed her arms, "Well excuse me if none of these so called 'shopping stores' have efficient quality services and products. It makes me wonder how you can stand the way you're dressed."

"What's wrong with the way I dress?" Lyn questioned with a raised brow as Ariana pointed to her.

"What's right should be the question. It's the middle of winter and freezing and yet you still wear the same old uniform you always wear."



Lyn simply shrugged, "I'm a summer kinda girl. Besides, the cold doesn't really phase me much..which is odd seeing as I come from Indus but, hey, go figure. Besides, S.N.A.K.E.S. is never off the clock. Better to let people be aware of who I am then have someone try something funny."

Ariana simply sighed and shook her head, "Good grief it's a wonder how my servant deals with such people."

"Are you STILL calling him that?" Lyn questioned, "You know you're the only one still denying it right? At this rate you're gonna lose out to all those other girls."

"Excuse me?"

"Oh you know. Just addressing the negatives of being a tsundere and not being true to yourself."

"I AM NOT A-" Ariana paused as she quickly took note of everybody focusing their attention to her voice. Turning red in embarrassment she quickly collected herself and cleared her throat, "I am NOT a Tsundere."

Lyn simply smirked, "Keep telling yourself that darling. That'll keep Tsukiko in your little hands and away from those other girls, yup."

This caused Ariana to frown, "Hmph. As if anyone could pose a challenge to take my servant away. Name one person who-"

"Vanessa. Labrys, in her own strange naive way," Lyn began counting down with her fingers, "Lucina might be on the list also but she's tough to figure out. Though I know you're safe from Mizuho-chan, and probably Mari-san since she doesn't seem the type. Lancaster is the oddball though because she's like a mother figure, which makes her more terrifying. And then of course there's the big girl herself, what with her connection to our void wielding friend being the biggest roadblock of all."

With each name spoken Ariana's frown deepened as she glared, "Well what of you then hmm?"

Lyn turned to her surprised, "What about me?"

"Yes. I didn't hear YOUR name spoken. Do you not include yourself in this little event because you truly see him as just a friend? Or could the one truly hiding you?" Ariana questioned, suspicion and jealousy in her voice.

Lyn blinked for a moment her face slightly red in surprise and at the thought. But then much to the heiress's surprise the police member laughed loudly and hugged her sides. This simply caused Ariana to stare surprised at the reaction before growling, "What is so funny?!"

Gathering herself with a smile Lyn addressed the princess, "Haha, sorry. It's with Tsukiko? Hah, sorry but that ain't ever gonna happen in this lifetime."

"Oh? And why is that? Think you're something special compared to us?" Ariana questioned. Much to her surprise Lyn's face turned downwards with a sad smile.

"Actually, its' because he's too special for me," Lyn softly said as Ariana's eyes widened surprised.

"What do you mean?"

Lyn smiled and looked up to the sky.

Lyn: "Country poses, a lack of notice.
Dressed in rough and torn edged wear.
At the time I couldn't see it, but he was special."

"An understatement but go on."

Lyn ignores and walks along the streets as Ariana follows.

Lyn: "Treasured laughing, always helping.
Meeting smile after smile.
And the way the sun shines off of his hair."

"His hair?"

Lyn: "Silver hair, that silver hair.
It's so unique in this city.
A heart of gold, a gentle soul.
A kind of peace you can't find."

Lyn smiles and looks out at the nearby park.

Lyn: "It's what makes him so far away."

This surprised Ariana, "Far away?"

"Yeah. It's exactly as it sounds," Lyn shrugged as she leaned on rail and watched children play in the park, "When I first met him I just saw somebody to work with to stop Arcana from destroying the city. But before you knew it he wormed his way into my heart and we formed this strong kinship amongst us. We became close friends and fighting partners, and it was his presence that helped me go and confront my old problems in Indus. Frankly he's done so much more for me than I can ever repay him for. I imagine its' the same for you."

Ariana's mind goes through the memories of her and Tsukiko as she watches a pair of children in the park argue. The nostalgia of the constant bickering and attitude he always gave her made her heart feel light, "I...suppose I do."

"It's precisely that reason it would never work out between us."

Ariana's eyes soften upon realization, "Because he's too.."

"Special." Lyn smiles and pushes herself up.

Lyn: "A silent white knight, full of bright light.
That brings peace where he goes.
Wondering where he can go to and call home."

Ariana frowned at the thought of him not having a home.

Lyn: "He's in no rush, not like our bunch.
Who all want to be his.
But we don't notice just bright he truly is."

Ariana was surprised by the words but continued to listen as she and Lyn eventually found themselves on one of the bridge walkways that overlooked several city blocks.

Lyn: "Silver hair, that silver hair.
It's so unique in this city.
A heart of gold, a gentle soul.
A kind of peace you can't find."

Lyn looks over the bustling streets and people as Ariana's brow narrow in thought, "So you're feel he's too much for you?"

"No. It's that I could never be enough for him," Lyn replies back with a shrug and smile, "But I don't mind. Our friendship is something that won't break, and as a partner he's one of a kind. I'm happy with how we are and will support him just as he has done me. And if being in any form of relationship would cause that to sink, I wouldn't risk it for the world."

A calm silence filled the two as they looked over the streets and people.

"Well I won't give up."

Lyn looks up to Ariana, who has a determined look.

"You may feel like you're not enough to him, but you couldn't be more wrong. You're strong, brave, a bit unorthodox and insane, but your just as good a person as he is. And that's precisely WHY I won't give him up," Ariana stated firmly as her stance and face showed absolute determination and truth, "You're too kind like he is, and it would make things awkward and weird between you two. That isn't what he needs. He needs someone who won't hold his hand and baby him, but will help him grow. That will teach him how to become stronger through the hardships he will endure and face. Someone who can take all the insanity and stupidity that comes his way and accept it as part of him. Someone who can look at his face and see more than just what shows others, but the truths he hides inside, and be there to lend a voice and ear to him when he needs it. Someone who can keep up with his naivety and bad luck and keep him disciplined under any circumstance."

"Someone like you?"

"Someone like m-HEY!"

Lyn simply laughed and grinned at the heiress, "Well, I can certainly say you have your hands full. You aren't the only one fighting for his attention, and trust me when I say it won't be a pretty battle."

Ariana huffed and crossed her arms with a smirk, "Of course it won't. Battles never are. But I am a Gallian. A member of the royal family bloodline and heiress to the Gallian legacy. I will not lose my servant to anyone."

"Still calling him a servant," Lyn rolled her eyes but smiled, "Still, I wish you the best of luck. You'll need it, especially for tonight."

"Of course. Tonight will be the ultimate test after all. And I will have to be sure I look my absolute best when I stand over the others in victory!"

"For his silver hair?"

"Why indeed!"

A smile graced both girls as they looked over the city and sang in unison.

Lyn and Ariana: "His silver hair, that silver hair.
Let it never cease to be amazing."

Ariana: "For on this night."

Lyn: "You will fight!"

Lyn and Aariana: "For the one who needs help most of all!"

Both girls laughed happily after the last line, knowing full well it was true for the boy. After recovering themselves Lyn dusted herself off and did a mock bow.

"Well then, we better continue shopping to find your 'victory dress' wouldn't you say?"

"By all means, lead the way."

The two girls smiled and began to leave the bridge.

"And Lyn."

The S.N.A.K.E.S. officer turned to Ariana curiously.

"If you ever change your mind, know that I wouldn't mind your presence, but that I still won't lose to you."

Lyn blinked surprised at the heiress's words. But then she grinned and nodded.

"Hai, 'Oujou-sama'."
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