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The Hashaco Chronicles: New Beginnings Chapter 1

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The Hashaco Chronicles: New Beginnings Chapter 1

Post by DillPickles on Fri Dec 26, 2014 7:53 pm

What does it truly mean to be family? Wish I could tell you that answer. However, sadly I’m still trying to figure that out myself. Allow me to give you a proper introduction. My name is Unoti Hashaco, well Prince Unoti Hashaco, I’m the sole heir to the throne of a clan of Drow warriors and mercenaries known as the Hashaco Clan. Even though I may be a prince, my life is far from perfect and ordinary. I really don’t know where to begin except for the beginning, so that is where I shall begin.

From the time I was born I was blessed and cursed with a unique ability; it was as though everything in this world could bend to my very will. However, I was quickly shunned by my own birth parents, who are now Queen and King of the Hashaco Clan. It wasn’t long after my birth when they brought me into the woods outside of our underground home and left me for dead. I’m not really sure why they did such a thing, but soon enough another member of the clan found me, the one person who I looked up to in the clan, my father figure, Alister Hashaco. He raised me and taught me how to use my power; a power he called energy manipulation. With it, he said so long as I focused I could do anything I pleased to. I wasn’t sure how far I could really go with this, after all, anything I pleased? That’s a stretch to think I could even turn water into molten hot magma.

However, even though my peace with Alister would last for many years under the cruel reign of my late grandfather, Cathiras Hashaco, I had to put a stop to this. I didn’t know he was my grandfather; I had no clue whom my birth family was. No one else in this clan has light blue hair like mine, nor is their skin nearly as pale. The only thing that really made me like the others was my crimson red eyes. How was I to know that I was actually the late prince everyone spoke of? None the less, growing up in this clan it was always kill or be killed, so I did what I felt was right. I did what I was raised to do. I snuck into my grandfather’s throne and waited for him to return. As soon as he had, I plunged a dagger deep into his throat and ended his life. Hearing the commotion a few guards came in, as well as my real father, Dracul Hashaco. I threw my grandfather off the throne and sat upon it.

I was asked to identify myself, and I did. The look that came next from my father was a look of pure anger. However, he asked the guards to lower their weapons and allowed me to go free. I was shocked for I was sure I was a dead man. Yet I took my chance and left home. It wasn’t long after that I would find out I was actually the prince of the clan, and that I had killed my grandfather. Soon I was to be reunited with my three best friends Caranthir, Elladan, and Cirdan. Elladan and Cirdan, both brothers, Elladan only being a few decades older than the rest, yet in a clan of warriors you take what you can get.

“Unoti!” Cirdan jumped at me with a tackling hug and completely caught me off guard.

“Damn it Cirdan get off me!”

“Oh come on dear friend. We haven’t seen you in a while. It’s been decades.”

“He’s right Unoti. This should be a time of cheer. We’re all here together once again. Try not to have a stick up your tight ass. “ Elladan came from the shadows with a large grin upon his face. I was startled to say the least. With his darkness manipulation, he had a knack for coming out of the most unexpected places. That was always his thing. When we were younger he used it quite often to cheat at hide and seek.

“Hmm, well I suppose it should be a time of celebration after all we’re just finding out you’re actually the prince. I guess this means I won’t get the throne after all.” A strong raspy voice came from the other side of me. Of course it was my adoptive brother Caranthir, the brute of us all, and a fighter through and through. Then again he was raised by my birth father, the 1st regiment general of the clan and now soon to be king.

“I don’t want the damn throne though. I want to just have a normal life.”

“Well that’s where it’s heading brother.”

As he said this a group of troops marched forth lead by my father to my home…. What was happening? I had to know. So I ran until I saw something that changed me forever. My father was speaking with Alister, two old friends. However the look on Alister’s face and the troops told me it wasn’t a friendly visit, Alister was placed under arrest.

“Alister Hashaco, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Prince Unoti Hashaco and helping plot the murder on our late king. You are sentenced to death.”

“Dracul I have committed no such crimes you left Unoti for dead. I want to speak with your wife about this!”

“Don’t resist old friend. I don’t want to have to kill you here and now.”

“Dracul you could never best me in a fight. You know full well I’m the reason you’re even king now. You can’t do this.”

With that my father unsheathed his sword with a swift movement and plunged deep into the stomach of the one person who was always there for me. The person who never gave up on me, I couldn’t bear to sit by, the rage boiling in my gut and filling my heart and head with nothing but anger. I charged forwards grabbing a stick from the ground. Without even a moment that stick began to melt over my own body I wasn’t sure what was going on but I didn’t care, I kept on my charge. My hand changing its form, a wooden stake replacing my hand, I wanted Dracul dead. Kill or be killed, that’s what this clan was about, and that’s what I was raised to do.

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