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The Hashaco Chronicles: New Beginnings Chapter 3

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The Hashaco Chronicles: New Beginnings Chapter 3

Post by DillPickles on Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:02 pm

Click, clack… Click, clack… The throne room echoed with each of the footsteps I take towards my birth father. He looked as though he was doing quite well sitting upon a throne of his later stepfather. Gods I can’t stand that smug look upon his face.

“Unoti, come closer my son.”

“Why should I?”

“You should come closer, because I’ve decided I’m going to make you one of the Hashaco Siblings.”

The Hashaco Siblings… he would really give me the most elite position of the military given, only to the four greatest generals of our clan? Why, what would he gain from this? Gods I always hated not knowing the answer to questions such as this. It doesn’t make sense, who were the other siblings?

As I had thought this Caranthir, Cirdan and Elladan walked in from the war room off to the right of the room, not saying a thing. This can’t be... my own friends? I see now he’s sticking me with them to have them keep an eye on me. He knows full well I want him dead. Not that I really care after all does it really matter? If he wants to do this and it keeps me away from him, then I’ll gladly accept. “If you’re offering me this spot, then I suppose that would make me a general of your army?”

“Yes, however to determine which regiment to assign you, we’ll need to put you through a test alongside your brothers. I assume you already know them, after all you grew up with all three of them. Caranthir, Elladan, Cirdan, Unoti, on this day I dub you four the Hashaco Siblings. A pact of the blood that runs through each of your veins will be shown to the rest of the clan, but first get some rest, for tomorrow you all will show your strengths and weaknesses. You will be put through a trial of tests, each one to show who will lead part of the army and who will lead you four. Good luck, you all will need it.”

With a bow the four of us walked off however before we could reach the door Dracul stood up and bellowed outwards. “Caranthir please show your brother to his room that he’ll be staying in, a dungeon is no place for a prince. “

“Yes sir, right this way brother.”

“Thanks Caranthir. Can you two come with us? I want to speak with all of you.”

With a smile upon his face Elladan spoke, “Of course Unoti after all we’re all brothers here now. Although I’m not looking forwards to cutting my hand upon and putting that blood in the cup; seems rather disgusting to me.”

“Says the man whose room looks like a cyclone hit him.” Cirdan spoke jokingly.

“You’re not one to talk Cirdan, need I tell you about your cleaning habits?”

I sighed, “Will you two knock it off, you’re fighting like a married couple again.”

They both pointed at each other and spoke in unison, “He started.”

“I don’t care who started it I’ll put both of your faces into that wall if you don’t stop.”

Caranthir smiled at that and spoke, “Damn Unoti quite hostile. I didn’t think the time in the dungeon would do that much to you.”

“It’s not the dungeon Caranthir, it’s Dracul. I can’t stand him. I can’t look at his face without getting sick to my stomach.”
Elladan placed his hand upon my shoulder. “Unoti do not let this rage blind you, Dracul is our king. You were almost killed for killing Late King Cathiras already; do you really need a death sentence for killing him?”

“Who said anything about killing him?”

“It’s written all over your face.”

“I’m not going to kill him, that assassination I did would only work once anyway. The guard is too tight to pull that off again. Let’s not forget he had me on the ground within seconds the last time I went to kill him.”

Arriving at my room Caranthir opened the door, a room certainly befitting a prince. An immaculate bed with high quality sheets lay upon it, the very room smelled of fresh cut furniture and the wooden furniture could be seen as brand new. He was simply trying to win my favor to buy me off, and it’s not going to work. I’ve already made up my mind. I’m not going to stand by and let the murder of Alister go unpaid; I will kill Dracul when I’m stronger, for now though I’ll play his little game.

“Thanks brothers, I guess we already finished what I wanted to talk about anyway. So I’m just gonna go get some sleep.”

Cirdan nodded and left dragging Elladan with him. “Have a good night Unoti see you in the morning.”

Being dragged Elladan looked back, “Yeah what he said.”

With that the two left and I shut the door in Caranthir’s face and lay down in my new bed. It was comfortable however I still missed my old home. The home I had with Alister, my real father. However I quickly dozed off to sleep.

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