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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 5)

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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 5) Empty Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 5)

Post by Decade on Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:00 am

"Wah! It's so pretty!!"

The excitement and joy of a young child emitted from young Flandre as she looked around giant ballroom filled to the brim with holiday decor. Reefs, lights, snow and Santa colored ornaments and designs, chandeliers in the shape of large snowflakes, and a massive Christmas tree lit up and decorated to absolute perfection in the center of the room.

"I can't believe you managed to make all this Ali!" Flandre said with joy as she looked around.

"I-It's not that great," the young Alice spoke up embarrassed and shy.

"Give credit where credit is do young one," Alice looked up to see Mari walk up beside her, dressed in a beautiful white evening gown that seemed to sparkle with every movement,"Even old Tick-Tock would so proud of you right now. So just accept the praise and enjoy it alright?"

The nickname of her friend brought a slight sadness to the matter manipulator, but after a moment was replaced with a light smile as she nodded to her surrogate mother.

"Ali come on!!" Flandere spoke up as she grasp her friends hand happily, causing Alice to turn beat red, "Let's go explore!"

"W-Wait a second! I-"

Alice didn't get the chance to protest though as her young vampiric friend dragged her away, causing Mari to laugh, "Those two are so cute."

"It's good to see them recovering well."

Mari turned to see Tori walk up, the young magistrate dressed in a dark purple spaghetti strap dress, "Why Miss Tori. Looking lovely this fine evening aren't you?"

"I could say the same," Tori replied back with a smile, "How are you?"

"As well as can be considering I'm raising two pre-teen girls under my wing. You have no idea how stressful such a task can be," Mari dramatically said as she raised a hand to her forehead, "It's such a woe and stressful responsibility to one such as I."

"Yet you wouldn't trade it for anything would you?"

"Nope," Mari replied with a light grin as both women chuckled, "So where is your own party for this evening hmm?"

Tori smiled and directed her gaze to the other side of the ballroom where Chijinda, Tara, Nisa, Layfon and Sharron were talking with other guest. More so Layfon and Sharron as Chijinda, Nisa, and Tara were focused on the snack table, "They are currently acquainting themselves with the locals. I stepped away to get a moment to myself."

"Still so popular even on the holidays."

"As if you know what that means."

"I'm happy to say I do not."

Both women chuckled again as Tori looked around, "Still I have to say, this was truly a great idea. An evening ball to welcome in the new Christmas day is a very enjoyable way to relieve ourselves of this past year huh."

"Give the boy credit for having a good idea. Especially after all the shit we went through," Mari said as she grabbed a glass of whine from a waiter.

Tori looked slightly down and nodded, "It's hard to believe it's been so long hasn't it? I still have days where I can't forget how bad things had nearly gotten. It just feels lik-"

Before Tori could finish she gasped as she was pulled into an neck hold by Mari's free arm as the blond grinned, "Oy this is Christmas Eve. No talking about or remembering that silly old stuff got it? Past is the past, so let it go and just live the current moment! The moment being enjoying this party and celebrating Christmas! What do you say?"

Tori looked at her friend before sighing and smiling, "Right. Let's have some fun."

Mari simply continued to grin, "Good to hear. Now come on," she began pulling Tori away, but not before her eyes took notice of another group not far, "It's not a night if we're the only ones not having fun."


"Where IS he?!" Ariana questioned in annoyance as she looked around, "He was SUPPOSED to meet me here and escort me properly just like he always does."

"Excuse me but who said he'd be escorting YOU?" Vanessa asked with hands on her hips, her Santa outfit replaced by a much more fitting sapphire blue gown.

"Why obviously because it's what he is SUPPOSED to do. He knows full well that when I am to attend a place of elegance and grace that he is to escort and chaperon me throughout the whole event until we leave. And yet he does not even show up after all the trouble I went through to pick out this outfit?" Ariana said as she looked down at her sparkling crimson red dress with flowered silk bottoms and a cute rose above her chest."Honestly, where is that stupid servant of mine?"

"Well maybe he knows you'd just drag him around all night like a trained puppy and decided he didn't want to be hang out with royal ass tonight," Vanessa responded back with a smirk as she crossed her arms.

"Excuse me?" Ariana questioned, her tone turning dangerous.

"Maybe he'd prefer the company who would KNOW how to treat him right."

"EXCUSE ME!? Just what are you saying!?"

"I'm saying he'd prefer the company of a real woman than a bratty princess."

"Hah! As if someone like you would know how a 'real woman' is supposed to act with how you put yourself all over him."

"Least I don't pretend he's a dog and treat him no better than one!"

"Least I don't say he's like a brother one moment and then try to seduce him with my body the next!"

"Well maybe if you did he'd actually take notice!"

"Shameless succubus!"

"Spoiled brat!"

Vanessa and Ariana glared at one another, eyes seemingly sparking.

"They're at it again." Labrys calmly stated as she munched on a Christmas cookie, her reindeer outfit now replaced with a light blue dress as she watched the two from a table with her mother Sarah, Richmond, and Lyn, who sighed at the event before her.

"How did I know this would happen even on a holiday evening?" Lyn questioned, her own chocolate colored gown folded in her seat as she watched the two rivals. She and Ariana had finally found an outfit that the heiress found perfect and the two had quickly gotten dressed and arrived not too long ago. However not more than ten minutes of wandering had passed before they ended up running into Vanessa and Labrys, who had been looking for Tsukiko. Of course the mere mention of the boy's name caused Ariana to instantly go tsun-tsun over the topic, and eventually led to the current fight between the two.

"Haha, doesn't surprise me one little bit," Richmond spoke with a grin, "Vanessa always did take after her mother's side, and let me tell you that woman was damn terrifying and possessive when she wanted to be."

"Explains why your daughter can control you so easily," Sarah teased as she adjusted her glasses. Richmond simply laughed though.

"I won't deny it one bit. Besides it just means that like her mother she won't lose to anyone else when she wants too."

"Well don't expect Ariana to give up so easily either. She's far too stubborn to know what surrender even means," another voice spoke up as the group turned to see Lucina approaching, her outfit consisting of a beautiful black silk dress that exposed her back and showed off her hips, with a matching pair of elbow length gloves. The entire getup also seemed to shine with white sparkles. Richmond let out a whistle of approval as Lyn grinned.

"Hot damn, someone's looking fancy. Trying to impress someone?" Lyn questioned with a smirk as Lucina blushed.

"D-Don't misunderstand. It's only fitting that as leader of the Society I do my best to display myself and that role," Lucina replied back as she crossed her arms.

"Hey, I ain't one to judge," Lyn said with a shrug.

"You look very beautiful Lucina-san." the voice of Labrys spoke up as the young girl smiled gently, causing Lucina's cheeks to heat up once more.

"T-Thank you," Lucina said back before regaining herself, "So what exactly are they arguing over this time?"


Lucina frowned slightly, "Again?"

Lyn nodded, "Even when he's not here he still winds up bringing chaos."

Richmond let out a laugh and grinned, "Just goes to show how much of a man he is if he has girls fighting over him like that! Makes me jealous of the lucky bastard!"

Lyn and Lucina both twitched at his words as Sarah looked at him curiously, "I'm surprised you'd say such a thing considering your own daughter is involved. I would think a father would be more concerned over just who their little girl is attracted too."

"Ah but you see the beauty of it is that I don't have to worry because I KNOW Tsukiko would take good care of her. He's a fine young man who has done a lot for the people in this big city and only wants to bring the best happiness to people. Plus he's a damn good business partner when he puts some effort into it! Such a talent should not escape from our grasp, which is why if he'd just man up and date my dear Vanessa already, I'd give my full blessings!"


"Is that-?"


Richmond suddenly paused in his joy as he felt three deadly murderous intents around him. One of whom was from Ariana, who had stopped mid fight upon hearing the words of her fathers rival. The other two came from the two girls on each side of the man, with each female giving off a look of death. Vanessa however had a dazed look as her face turned beat red.


A snap could be heard as the trio increased their glares on the man who was now cowering. Sarah simply chuckled at the sight as she drank from her wine glass, "It never gets boring in this city."

"Not at all mother" Vanessa replied, a slight smile on her face.

"Speaking of your dear brother though, do you know where he is right now Labrys?" Sarah questioned with a curious gaze, her words carefully hidden from the other girls who were currently reigning hell on Vanessa's father.

"Yes. Currently onii-chan is 3.468 miles from our current location and approaching. However..."

Sarah raises an eyebrow at the tone change, "However?"

Labrys frowned, "My scanners are also sensing something along onii-chans current path. It is emitting temperature readings of minus 40 degrees and lower and also seems to be moving towards the ball."

"What? Minus 40?" Sarah's eyes narrowed at the information as her mind began to consider scenarios and ideas. However before she could voice it the feedback of a mic echoed through the entire ballroom, drawing the attention of everyone to the golden colored stage. Though who was on it made Lyn pale in fear.


Nisa was on the stage.

"Oh god no," Lyn muttered into her hands, her face filled with embarrassment and fear over whatever her friend was about to do.

"Well this is amusing," Lucina commented with a smirk as Ariana nodded, after of course dropping a semi conscious Richmond.

Nisa simply grinned in her bright blue dress, which oddly looked more like a heroes costume than an actual dress, and addressed the audience, "I hope you're all enjoying this lovely Christmas Eve party! Hosted by none other than the dear magistrate of Terminal herself, as well as my good friend Queen Sharron!"

A round of applause was given to both women.

"However!" Nisa continued with one hand in the air, "I think we've had enough of the calm and peaceful atmosphere, and are now ready to kick things up a notch!!"

Lyn, alongside Tara, Sharron, and Layfon all paled in realization.


Lucina snorted as much of the crowd cheered, "How lovely."


Lucina nearly fell over as a pair of voices responded to Nisa, as Mizuho and Plutia appeared beside her, each dressed in their own Christmas themed outfits as they smiled happily.



The trio grinned and hugged each other, "KARAOKE!!!'

"Oh god kill me now," Lucina muttered as she covered her face in embarrassment despite the cheers of the party. Lyn pat her shoulder sympathetically as Ariana laughed. The trio of girls however didn't notice as the music began to kick on with awesome guitar as three began to sway their bodies to the tone.

Nisa: "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening.
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight!"

Nisa, Plutia, and Mizuho: "Walking in a Winter Wonderland!"

The crowd cheered the trio on as they smiled.

Mizuho: "Gone away, is the old year."

Plutia: "In this place, a chance for new cheers!"

Mizuho and Plutia: "Let's all sing a song, as we go along!"

Nisa, Plutia, and Mizuho: "Walking in a Winter Wonderland!"

As the song continued to play Labrys's eyes glowed with green coding light, "Mother, the temperature readings are much closer now."

"How close?" Sarah asked concerned.


At the entrance of the school campus a sheet of solid ice engulfed the walls and grounds of the campus, trailing into a path leading into the school.


Mizuho: "In the parks we can all build a snowman!
And toss the balls of white flakes up and down!"

Plutia: "If someone ask for angels you say 'yes man!'
Cause we only get this chance once year round!"

Nisa: "Later on, we'll feel brighter.
As we warm, by the fire!"

Nisa, Plutia, and Mizuho: "To face unafraid, the plans that we'll make!
Walking in a Winter Wonderland!"


The sounds of music and cheering could be heard from outside the ball, as a figure in a shining white cloak with a hood covering the face stood ontop of one of the nearby buildings, the very rooftop freezing over in complete ice as it looked over the buildings.


"We need to get everyone out of here immediately," Sarah said as she made to stand. However to her surprise Labrys grasped her wrist stopping her, causing the scientist to look at her daughter surprised, "Labrys?"

Mizuho: "In the parks we can all build a snowman!
And toss the balls of white flakes up and down!"

Plutia: "If someone ask for angels you say 'yes man!'
Cause we only get this chance once year round!"

The song then began to slow down as Plutia and Mizuho stepped back, allowing Nisa to take center stage as she held the mic up gently.


Nisa: "So for this night, let's all feel brighter."

The figure lifted a pale white palm from underneath the cloak as ice began to spin around rapidly towards the palm. Forming a large sphere of sharpened and deadly ice above its' head as a gust of snow and ice swirled around viciously on the rooftop.

Nisa: "And stay warm, by the fire."


"Labrys what are you-"

"It's alright."

Sarah blinked surprised at the response, only to realize her daughter was smiling.

"Onii-chan is here."


The figure made to move only for the ice and wind to suddenly be pulled back behind the figure, as the ice sphere was ripped from the figure's grip and into a large black vortex that had appeared on the rooftop.


Nisa grinned as the music kicked up again and the other two joined beside her.

Nisa, Plutia, and Mizuho: "To face unafraid, the plans that we'll make!
Walking in a Winter Wonderland!"

The audience cheered loudly at the trio as they danced and sang happily.

Nisa, Plutia, and Mizuho: "To face unafraid, the plans that we'll make!"


The cloaked figure watched as the black portal devoured the ice sphere before fading away.

Nisa, Plutia, and Mizuho: "Walking in a Winter Wonderland!"

To reveal a silver haired male with golden glowing eye standing on the other side of the rooftop.

Nisa, Plutia, and Mizuho: "Walking in a Winter Wonderland!"


Nisa: "Walking!! In a Winter Wonderland!!!"

The song finally finished as the audience cheered loudly for the trio of girls happily.

Unaware of the two figures not far away staring each other down.
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