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my Yugioh fanfic character sheet

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my Yugioh fanfic character sheet

Post by Dullahan on Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:42 pm

Main Characters

Yuusuke Gima

Age: 18

Gender: male

Occupation: Duelist, leader (or as he puts it, "micro-manager") of the Hunters

Appearance: Wears long sleeved white and blue striped shirt; red scarf; blue skinny jeans, legs tucked into white high-top sneakers; eye-brow length blue hair swept to his left eye, back head hair curls outward the same direction as his sideburns; blue eyes and eyebrows; whenever he duels he wears black-rimmed reading glasses.

Personality: At his exterior he is calm, yet very cold and cynical. He has vast knowledge of most archetypes in the game, which he uses to his advantage, whether dueling or managing his team; however, this knowledge only implies to archetypes- once he duels against a themed or non-archetype deck his plays become noticeably sloppier, as he struggles to figure out his opponent's direction. He prefers the term "micro-manager" over "leader", simply because he believes the later requires some sort of emotional attachment. He often tends to keep to himself, preferring not to talk outside his position.

However at his interior, he has a plethora of anger issues directed to his parents, mostly his father, for treating him more as a "dueling weapon" than their "son". He doesn't like people touching his scarf or duel disk, at all. Whenever his plans fail, or there's an unexpected development, he starts losing his cool, and starts baring his teeth. To put it simply in his own words, "I don't get mad; I get hellishly livid."

Description: A young duelist from Neo-Domino City, he was recruited with others by a major card-producing company to retrieve the three Legendary Planet cards that have been heisted. At first he uses a modified Fury from the Deep Structure deck, and then switches to use a Gishki deck. His duel disk is a pink children-sized standard duel disk.

Hotaru Akayama

Age: 16

Gender: male

Occupation: Duelist, Turbo Duelist, member of the Hunters

Appearance: His red and orange highlighted hair is messy and unkempt, mimicking the wildness of flames. He has ruby red eyes and thick red eyebrows, with a yellow criminal mark under his left eye. His normal clothing consists of a black tee; thick black wristbands on his right wrist; torn blue jeans; and well-worn black skate shoes. He wears a standard turbo suit for his turbo duels, mainly colored black, with red outlining.

Personality: Determined, arrogant, and proud, Hotaru has a passion for proving himself the strongest of any duelist. Daily he fights Yuusuke over his leadership role. He rarely thinks things through. His dueling style cares more about quick, explosive plays over slower, more strategic ones. Because of spending most of his life in the Detention Center, he comes off as more aggressive and territorial to the rest of his teammates.

He feels more alive when turbo dueling, as the fast-paced danger of the sport promotes more of his quick, reckless dueling.

Despite being recruited to the company under a parole agreement, he has trouble adjusting to life outside the Detention Center, which he admits some of his anger issues and aggression come from.

Description: An aspiring Turbo Duelist from Satellite, Hotaru was recruited with others by a major card-producing company to retrieve the three Legendary Planet cards that have been heisted. At first he uses a modified Blaze of Destruction Structure Deck, then switches to a Flamvell deck. His duel disk is a standard red duel disk.

Billy Cho

Age: 18

Gender: male

Occupation: Duelist, member of the Hunters

Appearance: Green choppy bangs and back head hair, long side burns; has emerald green eyes and eyebrows; pointy chin; slim like a twig, yet tall like a tree; wears black long-sleeved shirt under a green, sleeveless, denim jacket; blueish grey stonewashed jeans; brown hiker boots

Personality: Though a pacifist, he isn't afraid being a little violent should it be absolutely necessary for the situation. He is very friendly and polite, and always puts others above himself, while wearing a smile on his face. He acknowledges and respects his opponents, as he knows they, too, try their hardest, regardless if they're evil or not.

At times he's at odds with Yuusuke over how he "leads" the Hunters, though he doesn't wish to take that role; he is docile enough to take orders, yet he isn't without a voice. Though he cares more about his teammates than Yuusuke, who only really cares about getting the job done, Billy doesn't wish to be the leader, simply because he can't take the stress.

Description: A duelist from Satellite, like Hotaru, he managed to avoid the dog-eat-dog lifestyle of the city, the reason why he's one of the only few residents without a criminal mark. He was recruited with others by a major card-producing company to retrieve the three Legendary Planet cards that have been heisted. At first he uses a modified Lord of the Storm Structure Deck, and then switches to using a Mist Valley deck. After realizing he's trailing behind the rest of his team in strength, he switches to Dragunity.

Azza Desai

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance: brown skin; brown eyes, with a yellow criminal mark under her right eye; long black hair reaching her mid back, tied into a tight bun; D-cup breasts; wears a light pink tank top; short denim shorts; black thigh-high stockings; white shoes

Personality: A very jumpy and squirrelly girl, she gets very excited over almost every little thing. This leads her to be very gullible and inattentive. She is the most energetic and sociable of the Hunters. She treats everything like a game, acting cutesy to her opponents, even to their annoyance.

However, she's smarter than she leads on to be. Sometimes she'll try to sensually distract her opponents by propping her breasts or shifting her hips during the duel. She ironically likes to play very defensively, using spells and traps to keep her opponents from destroying her monsters.

Description: A homeless Indian girl from Satellite, she was recruited with others by a major card-producing company to retrieve the three Legendary Planet cards that have been heisted. At first she uses an Invincible Fortress Structure Deck, and then switches to a Naturia deck. She uses a standard bronzeish brown duel disk.

Hoshi Kurokawa

Age: 17

Gender: female

Appearance: Long white hair, reaching the back of her knees; her bangs are bobbed; a large ahoge (cowlick) protrudes from the center of her skull, circling around her head like a tilted halo. Her wide eyes are yellow, and hardly show any emotion; thin white eyebrows; A-cup breasts; petite body structure; She wears a black Lolita maid uniform, with a large white bow tied around her waist; striped black and white thigh high stalkings; black buckle shoes.

Personality: she is very apathetic; all her life she couldn't comprehend emotions, and saw it as "a feral instinct". She is very book-smart, however she is also very naive; she often gets fooled by her lack of judgment, doing something she believes is right even when her actions are anything but. A good observer, she likes to watch other duelists from a distance to learn their playstyles, though she also likes to criticize the player about it once she duels them; she usually doesn't mean it in ill-faith, though that's how most perceive it.

Description: A duelist from Neo-Domino City, she she was recruited with others by a major card-producing company to retrieve the three Legendary Planet cards that have been heisted. At first she uses a Surge of Radiance Structure Deck, and then switches to a Fabled deck. She uses a standard yellow duel disk.

Daisuke Akamine

Age: 26

Gender: male

Occuptaion: Duelist, CEO of Akamine House of Cards

Appearance: Dark medium length purple wavy hair, swept to the left; violet eyes;Wears a white button up shirt, sleeves rolled up, tucked into black pants; wears a red tie; black shoes

Personality: Usually calm and level-headed, he has been more than just distraught recently, with his company so effortlessly heisted. He's known by his employees to be loud and a bit of a prick at times, but who can blame him? Sometimes the stress of managing a major company can get to him, putting a mental strain on him, or even make him sick.

However, he does at times show compassion for his employees: he gave both Hotaru and Azza a living quarters together, and his only request was for them "not to make him regret the decision." He has a fascination for bugs, and will often stop to watch a random house spider crawl around his desk, or even help it get back outside.

Description: A CEO of a major card-producing company, he recruited five duelists to hunt down the three Legendary Planet cards that were heisted from his company. His childhood love of bug hunting inspired him to create the Steelswarms, an archetype unique only to him, which he faithfully uses.
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