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Terminal Rebirth: A Message to Piper.

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Terminal Rebirth: A Message to Piper. Empty Terminal Rebirth: A Message to Piper.

Post by Decade on Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:25 pm

(This topic is subject to change based on events in the Terminal:Rebirth rp storyline. Enjoy)

Encrypted message.

Location: Indus City.

Destination: Terminal City.

Code: AP29X-1



...Y selected.

Message Accepted.

Opening message.

Hey Boss it's me. Ya know, the contact you have in Indus? Hope you haven't forgotten about me. Seeing as how you were just in the city recently I would hope not.

In any event since you're probably back in Terminal by now I figured I'd send ya the info I got on the recent selections from Indus University for the tournament coming up. Seeing how you were in the city you might have found out yourself but I'm guessing you came for something else and were occupied so I took care of it for ya.

The info is encoded as usual but it's a basic rundown like you predicted (big surprise). May is in the tournament, which is no surprise seeing how she's the daughter of  Lute, alongside dear sweet diamond hard princess Ariana de la Gallian (oh joy...). Yeah, both those heavy hitters are in the tourney so it's gonna be fun. There are also several other well known and high class students and names (yay). Most have stayed relatively the same with a few minor upgrades in skill and powers but a select few are worth noting, May in particular. That girl has definitely grown over the past few months so definitely want to keep an eye on her. Also their groups are being divided up into the teams as we speak but nothing is solid yet so I can't exactly tell who will be with whom as of yet, but when I do I'll try to deliver it, though knowing you you'll find out before I do.

Other than that there isn't much else that's changed. There is some activity occurring within the royal families over here but seeing as how you were in the city recently you probably figured that already, if you were directly involved somehow. Outside of that I don't think the-

Actually wait. There is ONE thing I wish to comment about. It has to actually do with one of the tournament selections. Yes yes I know it's all down below and everything and you prefer to not have time wasted with commentary but I NEED to bring this up considering the amount of SHIT I had to go through just to get this fucking information. And before you roll your eyes at me for exaggerating, let me tell you that this wasn't your average everyday info gathering. Heck no. Why you ask? What could be so important?

How about because Lute is hiding possibly one of the biggest secrets in Indus City from the rest of the world for nearly two years and NOBODY HAS HEARD OF IT!?

I'm dead serious boss. I even double checked with past info I've shown you and cross referenced it with stuff you already know or have. There was no match at all. This thing has been hidden from us, heck from everybody outside Indus for nearly two whole fucking years. It ain't some random rumor or hoax being pulled around on lower class citizens and even upper class to make fun of the Vorra's. This is some serious level shit Lute has been playing with.

And it all revolves around a single student from Indus University.

A student who has been living with Lute and May in their home for nearly TWO WHOLE YEARS.


Sorry ranted again. Expect that a lot more in my breakdown of the guy for you. After the amount of shit I went through just to get this I deserve to rant! Anyways I put this kids bio as the first in the list cause I figured you'd be curious to know what the hell Lute has been hiding so damn well that not even we could discover it till now.

I'm sure you're gonna have a blast with it.

Message End.



Code confirmed.

Eye Scan?

.....Eye Scan confirmed.

Finger Scan?

.....Finger Scan confirmed.



Password confirmed.

Opening Files.

File One.

Classification: S-Rank data.

Open file:?


Y selected.

Opening File 1.


Noir (Real name? No last name?)

Facial Shot: No current image available.

Gender: Male.

Age: Estimated 18 - 19.

Birth Date: Unknown (Prepare to see this word a lot.)

Place of Origin: Unknown

Background: Unknown

Metahuman: Maybe? (You'll understand when you read more).

Current Residence: Vorra Manor (Lives with fucking Lute and May and we never noticed? The fuck did that happen?!)

School: Indus University. 2nd year.

Rank: Unknown.

Title: Unknown (Something about a knight though. These people read too many fairy tales)

Weapon: Unknown. (Never saw anything myself so can't put a firm lock on it. What I have heard rumor wise though is that the guy uses a wide variety of weapons and tools. These go anywhere from bombs to blades to guns etc etc. Ya get the idea but I haven't seen the guy use anything and frankly I don't know why someone would be so heavily packed if they're a meta human, though the next two pieces may answer that.)

Armor/Gadgets: Unknown (So yeah weird thing on this. Rumor has it the city has been in production with Lute involving a new prototype armor that was designed BY the kid. Yes, BY the KID. I personally don't see it being possible but couldn't tell ya otherwise since I can't get a single piece of info on it though. Heard it may show up in the tournament though so keep an eye out).

Power: Unknown (I gave up on this one. Yes. I GAVE UP! Want to know why!? Cause these people are fucking insane is why! Too many damn rumors and variables to confirm! Every time I think I've pinned down what he can do I hear something else be said about him from the school students! Sure I mean there's the possibility of the guy being an R-Type and what not, but that doesn't explain the vast variety of rumors and abilities I've heard come out of the students mouths! These kids are either deluded as shit or on some crack because NOBODY can have that much power or ability! One recurring phrase though I heard was something about black holes. Maybe it's connected to all the rumors but frankly, this kid is either a very good liar or something else because even I would have trouble believing he's a meta after hearing this. It'll probably be easier for you to just keep an eye on him yourself when he arrives.)


Lute and May Vorra: Has been living in their home for nearly two whole years and not one person outside Indus had known? I don't know how they did that but however they did it they did it fucking well. No idea what goes on inside. Based on interactions with the two it seems May is classmates with the kid and seems really friendly with the guy to the point they're basically attached at the hip. They're very close and she's very protective over him, which is surprising seeing how it's May. Heck rumors floating about the two are dating, which would be even MORE surprising if true. And then of course it gets weirder when I see him interact with Lute and the woman treats him with such motherly intent that it scares me. Though not nearly as scary as when SHE'S protective of him. God I don't want to see that again. Exact nature of his relationship to the mother and daughter is unknown, but if he's been living with them for almost two years then it's definitely something big.

Jillian Sykes: Scientist/Doctor of Indus and close friend to Lute, though you know this already. Seems to frequently visit the home of the Vorra's and normally wouldn't be suspicious if not for fact that 80% of these visits revolve around the kid. Never able to get info on what goes on though but for someone like her to make frequent check ups on the kid definitely means she's not only his personal doctor, but that there might be something going on with the guy health wise.

Nisa: Supposed "Heroine of Justice. Ugh. She was the one I managed to actually get most of my info from since she's very.....sociable, especially when bribed with treats. However when my cover got blown she hunted me down relentlessly and viciously. Still does to this day. She definitely has a close bond to the kid and frequently visits him at the manor and school, even on the streets at random. Also based on her hunting of me, she's EXTREMELY protective of him and downright terrifying when mad. Don't be surprised if somehow she ends up traveling around the fucking world and ends up in Terminal just to say hi and protect him.

Lyn Alseif: I'm not joking. Trust me, shocked me just as much as it probably is you. No idea what the exact relationship is and frankly, too scared to find out. You know just how damn terrifying Lyn can be when you intrude on her privacy so like HELL I'm gonna do so. What I do know is the kid is rather.....sociable with her. And I mean to the point of openly visiting her at work and even taking her out to eat at that place she likes. The Grey Goose I think it's called.  How anyone does that with Lyn like a NORMAL person without any motive behind it is beyond even me, and I dare not find out more less I want to end up 30 feet under thank you.

Ariana De La Gallian: I SWEAR I COULDN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! I mean seriously, Lyn is shocking enough but Ariana? Freaking diamond princess ARIANA!? WHY!? HOW!? I AGGG-
(Message cut off.....
Message returned)
Right so. Ariana. You recall how her dear daddy sent her to Indus after her tussle back home? Well apparently while there she met the kid and through what I hear was a very entertaining and enjoyable ass whopping, in which the dear princess was on the receiving end of and LOST, the two have become....friends? Acquaintances? I personally couldn't tell ya given Ariana's personality and stuff. I do know that she has basically declared him her personal "knight", much to the distaste of the Vorra's mind you, and that the guy is as sociable with her as he is with Lyn. Hell the guy has been seen openly reprimanding her or smacking her head when she does her princess thing, which to my utter shock, actually WORKS and keeps the princess in check. Yes, she LISTENS to the guy. And while I do give credit to the guy for having the balls to do such a thing to a royal family member, I have to question said sanity of someone who would do such a thing to a ROYAL FAMILY MEMBER!?

Overall Assessment:


Every time I look for something on him I can't find jack. And it's not because my skills are inferior to you oh great master of information gathering, but because Lute has taken a massive overprotective stance on the kid. And I mean overprotective. She's made sure to keep any information, any hint or notice of the kid under complete lockdown and away from public eyes and from breaching the boarders of Indus. The school itself is just as protective and denies any sort of notion he exist to outsiders like me, which let me tell you was kind of a shock. I've never seen the lady put such influence and action over such a thing, and it's because of said actions that I wasn't even sure if this kid was real or not or just a coverup to something bigger.

Heck when I found that he goes to the same school as May and Ariana I tried to get in and see what I could dig up. But the second I let my guard down for even half a second I was in fucking trouble. Many of the students are as defensive and tight lipped on the guy as they are people like May or Ariana, giving him the same amount of respect and treatment as them even from the sounds of it. But even then I got almost nothing. Couldn't even get the chance to see the kid in action and was found out by Lute and May within mere moments of asking. Let me tell ya it wasn't fun getting out of that mess, especially since my face was seen. YES I KNOW!! RULE NUMBER 3!!. And NO I didn't dare risk approaching or breaking into the damn manor of Lute's. Even YOU know how suicidal that would be.

In the end while I did confirm the existence of the kid I only managed to find a small number of things, and only barely scraps at that because frankly it's like there is nothing on the guy.

And I mean NOTHING.

Nada. Zip. Zero. No comprehende.

The guy is a ghost. A shadow. A fucking void.

There was no notice of him anywhere in Indus two years ago, and when I searched for anything on him from before that I couldn't FIND A DAMN THING. And it doesn't help that anything that could be informative on him is being guarded by Lute like a dragon's treasure. He's too damn protected and respected by the Vorra's, the school, and a lot of people in the city like Nisa, Ariana, and possibly even Lyn. Whoever he is, this "Noir" is not your average player and definitely someone worth keeping an eye on, but carefully so.

With all that said I did confirm though that he's gonna be in the tournament this year, rumored as actually one of the top class selections, so hopefully you'll be able to find out something more on him when he arrives. But seeing how the response I got was, you might want to be careful as I get the feeling Lute and Indus won't take kind to anyone trying to mess with this kid.

You've been warned boss.


File End.

Opening File 2.

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