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Terminal Rebirth: Noir

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Terminal Rebirth: Noir Empty Terminal Rebirth: Noir

Post by Decade on Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:03 am

(This information is gathered from all the events that occurred in Terminal: Age of Void. It is still currently in construction and is subject to change. Note much of this information can be spoilers for events in Terminal:Rebirth. As such while the GM is allowed to look and read through it to his pleasure, it is of fair warning to you to read at your own risk of being spoiled for future events and plans made by me. If you do read however I would not mind hearing your opinions privately, so if you wish to share contact me in a PM on Skype. As I said, read at your own risk.)

Name: "Noir"
Real Name:

Real Name: Tsukiko Lancaster

Age: 19

Appearance: Spiky silver hair, thin black highlights, Golden eyes with slit pupils, Slightly above average body frame, Pale skin


Sarah Lancaster (Adoptive Mother)

Labrys Lancaster (Step-Sister)

Anastasia (Adoptive Mother)

Evangeline (Adoptive Sister)

Fae (Daughter?)

Flandere (Blood Bound/Sister?)

Naomi/Nyx/Tsukiyomi (Girlfriend?/Soulmate?/Fiance?)

Affiliation: Terminal City, Terminal University
Age of Void Affiliation:
SNAKES, Assini, Noir Knights
Rebirth Affiliation:
Indus City, Indus University

Backstory: (Still in progress)

Found as a newborn baby and left on the steps of "Seria's Orphanage for the Lost" Tsukiko was taken in by the kind group of nuns who owned the orphanage and given his name for his silver hair. Growing up in the orphanage the boy became well known and loved by the sisters and orphans, and dubbed him "Onii-chan", due to his caring nature and strong leadership over the children. During his time there he saved the life of young Evangeline, who he took into the orphanage and whom became his unofficial "sister". He was also extremely close to Sister Anastasia, the woman who found and raised him more than any sister and was a mother figure to Tsukiko.

At the age of 12 though a group of Yakuza thugs tried to force the Orphanage into giving up money for "protection services" or else they would kill the children. Unable to witness his family be hurt Tsukiko stood up to the Yakuza and was beat down by them for it. However when one of the orphan girls was threatened Tsukiko jumped into the path of a bullet that was meant for the child. Instead of dying however he awoke to his powers of Void, the origin of all meta genes and source of growth for the human race. However this was not known or celebrated as the boy soon discovered his power was out of control and was a danger to anybody near him, and so he left the orphanage to discover what happened and find a way to control his new found curse.

Four years passed in which Tsukiko traveled the world and met amazing sights and people, such as Richmond, an expert weapons dealer and maker, and Araiana De la Gallian, heir to the Gallian family whom Tsukiko ended up becoming the servant too for nearly two years. And while having gained great control over his abilities, Tsukiko still could not find the answers to what he could do or how to stop it. However that changed on the day he saved the life of Sarah Lancaster, Chief Scientist of Terminal City. Having been looking for the mysterious meta-human called "Abyss" the woman told Tsukiko of Terminal City and the university, and offered Tsukiko a place there so that he could find the answers he was seeking.

Upon arriving Tsukiko soon found himself brought into a world beyond his imagining, alongside meeting people who would become important to him and his life. These included Cara Suraius, a young girl with cat ears who became Tsukiko's closest friend in the Academy. Mari, a mysterious woman who seemed to know the dark secrets of the city. To Kei, a time controlling warrior and protector of the city. And Remilia Scarlett, a young vampiric woman on a quest to save her sister.

However not everything was peaceful, as Tsukiko soon found himself dragged into a conflict between the mysterious group known as Arcana, and the dark history of a woman named Nyx. An unknown and powerful shadow that not only followed around Cara and haunted her, but seemed to have a very strong interest in Tsukiko himself. Not only that but he also found himself under the watch of Martha Lovegood, dean to the school and member of Arcana, assisting in the search for Remilia's lost sister Flandere, and being blackmailed by Lucina Longfellow, leader of the Advanced Science Society and a woman who seemed to hate Tsukiko with every fiber of her being. All while trying to protect Cara from the shadow of Nyx. These conflicts seemed to pile upon one another and the young Void wielder soon found himself overwhelmed and unsure and conflicted over what to do or how involved he should be.

That changed though upon the meeting of a single individual.

Tetsuko Hanamura.

Originally a member of the Advanced Science Society and loyal to Lucina, the young girl kidnapped Cara under Lucina's orders to release Nyx from her sealed state and back into the world. Tetsuko did this not for Lucina herself, but because of Lucina's words that Nyx would fulfill Tetsuko's own wish when she was freed. Tsukiko managed to defeat Tetsuko and save Cara, however Nyx was successfully reborn.

Despite this though she did not fulfill Tetsuko's wish much to her shock, and instead spoke to Tsukiko over how she would be back to claim her knight before disappearing herself. This
shocked and confused Tetsuko, but it was soon made clearer when she learned that Lucina cared nothing for her nor the promises made to her, and used the young girl's desires to aid her own goals.This left Tetsuko broken, betrayed, and unsure of what she was to do.

To her surprise however Tsukiko came to help her. Despite what had happened Tsukiko found himself drawn to the dual-colored eyed female and wanted to understand more about her and why she did what she did. Despite her cold attitude the boy continued to visit and help her whenever he could, ignoring her cold gaze and uncaring tone and finding himself wanting to protect the young woman and bring her happiness without understanding why himself.

Tetsuko herself wasn't sure what to think. She had hurt Tsukiko and his friends yet continued to try and help and talk to her as if she was one of them. Yet the more she pushed him away the more he pushed back, and she found herself unable to fight back. Not just against his actions, but her own feelings, which led to her opening up to him and telling her story.

And much to her shock, he struck down her own words about her cursed eyes by reflecting his own to her and calling hers beautiful. A word she had never heard anybody say about her before. It was this action that had finally broken through to Tetsuko's cold and self hating nature, as she had found someone that saw and accepted her for who she was and not her appearance. It had brought to her a connection and warmth to the boy she had never known, along with something else she had long since given up on.


And it was that hope that took her life when she sacrificed herself to save Tsukiko from Iris, another member of the Society that had kidnapped and tortured the young boy. Not wanting to lose the person who had helped her Tetsuko sacrificed herself to protect the Void user, and spent her last moments in his arms with a smile on her face, her final words being how she wished they could have become friends.

The sight of the young girl he wanted to protect die in his arms haunted Tsukiko, and made him realize how weak and naive he had been about everything. But it also made him realize how serious things were, and what needed to be done to prevent anymore deaths of those he cared for. It was that moment that Tsukiko decided to fight against Lucina, the group known as Arcana, and the mystery known as Nyx.

He wasn't alone though, and found aid through those who would stand by him as close friends. These included a young android created by Sarah named Labrys Lancaster. A member of SNAKES named Lyn Alseif. Vanessa Lake, another member of the Society who wanted to make things right. Mizuho Higarashi, weapons head and director of the Society. Plutia, a young girl with a strange ability to predict the future. Tara, a mysterious woman with a strong tie to the Assini organization. Chijinda Furrow,  a man who wanted to defeat the Society for corrupting his sister. And Stephanie Furrow, the very sister of Chijinda and best friend to Lucina.

The last of whom fell in love with Tsukiko and was torn between helping or betraying her best friend.

As Tsukiko continued to fight and oppose Lucina and her plans, he began to learn more about her and her reasons behind everything, along with the reason she hated him so much. He learned how her hatred of men had stemmed from not only the cruel actions done to her family by them, but because of Tsukiko's own actions years ago towards her older sister.

Elizabeth Longfellow. A woman who had saved Tsukiko's life years ago and whom he had fallen in love. However an incident caused him to run out of her life for fear of hurting her. Realizing that he was partly to blame for Lucina's actions and hatred, and hearing the care and concern many of the Society members had for their leader and friend, Tsukiko decided that he would try to somehow make amends and find a way to help the anger filled woman.

A task that proved to be far more difficult than it already sounded. Shrunken to the size of a bug, swapped bodies with Stephanie, and fighting against an entire army of amnesic Society members alongside several Queens of the Society. These were just the tip of the fight against Lucina's plans. Despite this Tsukiko kept defying her every bit of the way while trying to break through to her.

It was made more difficult though when Cara suddenly disappeared to Indus City without a word. Along with Lyn and Vanessa, Tsukiko traveled to the grand city of Royals to find his friend and discover why she had left. While there he met Nisa, friend to Lyn and self proclaimed "Heroine of Justice", and ended up in the middle of a royal conflict involving Lyn's own family, and Tara's connection to Rykowski family and the Assini, who's organization was being split in half by Arcana member Death.

Despite resolving these issues the end of his time at Indus met in tragedy when Cara was kidnapped and absorbed by Nyx, who revealed to Tsukiko that Cara had been nothing more than a fragment of her. A shadow that had been created to one day bring back Nyx and reunite with her so they could become whole again. Not only that, but Nyx had also fallen in love with Tsukiko much to his shock, and was determined to make him her "knight" so that he could stand by her side when she took vengeance on the world for what they did to her.

(Still In Progress)

Powers and Abilities: (Still In Progress)
Powers and Abilities:

Void: Noir can manipulate the dark origins of all meta genes called Void, and able to shape, bend, and manipulate it to his will. Awakened at a young age and discovered years later, Noir grew up using the Void with surprising growth despite his confusion. After the events of Terminal City and the final battle with Arcana, Noir has become a master of controlling the dark energy of all life and existence thanks to both the constant evolution of Void, and the training under and fusion with Naomi.

As a wielder of Void Noir is immune to any and all direct Void based powers and abilities, as well as has a higher resistance against standard meta human powers. He also has the ability to sense other beings of Void, whether they be Void users or born of Void itself such as Shadow Stalkers. Noir can shape the origins of the meta gene to any shape, form, and density he wishes.

This allows him to create various forms of powers, abilities, and constructs from the dark energy. The strength of Void is also tied to Noirs' state of mind and his emotions, allowing for the power to gain strength based on his emotional state. However as such Noir must be sure to keep his emotions under control else the power of Void go wild and he be taken over by his "Demon".

Void Hole: Noir's default and favorite power of Void, this power tears open a powerful vortex of dark energy. This power is constantly compared to "black holes" that drag any and everything in its' path towards the vortex through a powerful suction effect created by Void. This vortex is capable of devouring anything, even objects much larger objects then the portal itself and even large waves or forces of power.The vortexes can range in any size Noir wishes and are able to have their strength and speed increased by the amount of power put into them, even to the point of devouring an entire building complex in just a few seconds. Due to Noir's mastery of Void he can form these vortexes around any point on or around his body instantaneously, as well upon any surface he comes in contact with or space before him, allowing for a complete control over the field of combat.

The vortexes have also evolved into several variants forms such as the "Reversed" Hole. Instead of devouring anything in its' path this hole fires off a wave of Void energy from its' opening, pushing back and destroying anything in its' path. Like the original form the force and size of the wave can be manipulated by Noir. This projection of power can also be applied to more applicable feats, such as propelling objects at high speed or even into the air. This can also be applied to his own body to allow for instantaneous movement and burst of speed and power. Noir can also set "Springtrap" Holes upon anything he touches. Leaving a trace of Void as a beacon, this power remains dormant and undetected until Noir triggers, causing it to erupt into a sudden and powerful Void or "Reversed" hole, allowing for easy ambushes and distractions.

The Void Holes are Noir's strongest and most used ability, and have become completely mastered to the point that he feels no exhaustion from constant use even hours on end.

Void Wall: A variation of the Void Hole, the power of Void has formed an automated defense around Noir's entire body that will intercept any threats towards him through an instantaneous Void Hole. The Void Hole formed shapes itself to match the level of threat towards Noir, even to the point of creating several Void Holes at once to act as a barrier. Despite this the wall cannot intercept or stop other powers or beings of Void, as the power of Void cannot harm its' wielders.

Originally uncontrollable Noir is now able to fully shut down or activate this defense at will, allowing avoidance of anyone getting caught in the crossfire of the power. However as Void is a living entity and lives through Noir, it can forcibly activate this defense should it feel threatened.

Void Chain: Formed from Void, Noir is capable of manipulating and creating series of chains from his body that can be manipulated and controlled at will. While chain-like in appearance they act more like tendrils and are able to move at high levels of speed and flexibility, and can range in various sizes and lengths. The chains can also emerge from any Void Holes that are formed, and like the Void Wall can automatically deflect or strike any threat without Noir having to control it, though only if a chain has already been formed. Noir is also capable of combining several chains together to form much larger and dangerous shapes a clawed hand or a spiked drill, and can fire off segments of the chains like projectiles. Naomi can also control and create these chains around Noir if needed.

Flight: Using several "Reversed" Void Holes around his body Noir is capable of flight by using the force of thrust to propel his body through the air. By adding more force through individual holes he can move at high levels of speed in a matter of seconds, as well as use the power of Void Holes to intercept and remove wind resistance around his body. Noir's current maximum speed has been clocked in at 6,958 mph (near Mach 10). It is believed Noir can even surpass this speed given time.

Teleportation: Using Void Holes to serve as a gateway to the dimensional space of Void, Noir can move between the dimensions at will. This grants Noir two forms of teleportation. For combat Noir can teleport himself and anyone or anything touching him to the dimension of Void, and from there can reappear anywhere he wishes. The second form of teleportation involves Noir opening a rip in time-space with his Void Holes, creating a gateway between two distinct points anywhere he wants. This portal remains open for as long as Noir or Naomi hold it open.

This ability can also be combined with his other Void Hole abilities, allowing him to absorb and redirect attacks back towards his opponents through each gate.

Void Wings/Claws: A giant hand resembling that of a Shadow Stalker's, this construct of Void energy forms from Noir's shoulder blades and acts as an extension of his body as a fully functional giant hand with razor claws. The hand itself can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes, as well as able to extend itself and grab onto other objects or surfaces. Noir can form only two of these hands at a time, one from each shoulder blade, and while in flight he can use them as a set of "wings" to allow easier control and manipulation of his flight. Naomi can also control these claws if need be.

Void Enhancement: By manipulating and channeling the power of Void, Noir can temporarily enhance and strengthen his own body. This applies things such as his strength, speed, endurance, reflex, and even thinking process. This enhancement can also be channeled through other people, whether they be meta-human or not, and increase their own abilities and meta powers, giving far greater control, understanding, and strength over their skills.

Void Wave: A pulsing wave of Void energy that burst from Noir's body in a 360 degree motion. The force of the wave is equal to the amount of power he puts into it and will knock back anything within its' field.

Void Creation: Noir is able to use the energy of Void to create various objects and constructs at will. These can range from a variety of weapons, to a full body armor, to everyday tools or objects. The more complex the creation the more power, concentration, and understanding of the object is required. The constructs can be destroyed with enough force or if Noir's concentration is broken.

Legion: When Naomi was still an enemy of the world she was able to absorb not only individuals into the Void and herself, but any powers they had as well, turning her into one of the most dangerous beings in existence. This was as powerful as it was dangerous however as for every individual she absorbed her power of Void fractured her mind into creating a personality based on that person. While she herself remained dominant and self aware the voices of anger, hate, and sorrow continued to drive her further into insanity and hate.When she was reborn in Cara Naomi regained her full mind but lost all the powers she had absorbed, and before being fused to Noir she absorbed only two individuals. Cara herself, and former Society member Iris.

After being fused with her Noir was granted the same ability as Naomi, alongside the abilities of the trio. However like Naomi the Void energy inside him fractured his mind and created personalities based on Cara and Iris, who acted and spoke to Noir alongside Naomi. This caused many problems as he struggled to keep his sanity and control as the two personalities clashed and fought for dominance and support. After the fight with The Moon Noir finally accepted the two personalities as part of himself, causing them to unite with him fully and give back his full mind, though their personalities and actions still show through him.

Noir has only used the Legion ability once, and after doing do immediately destroyed the personality formed and power that was taken, swearing to never use such power again.

Mental Defense: Due to the incident with the fractured personalities of Cara and Iris, Noir's mind has become much stronger and more capable of fending off mental attacks or powers. With Naomi fused to him this defense is amplified by the two minds, as they work together as one in any situation. Not only does this improve their skills by having two individuals fighting at once, but also prevents any strong mental powers from being used against them by switching control of the main body and mind in an instant, allowing them to cut off any connection being made. This renders powers like mind control ineffective, and can even break mental illusions. To help further aid this defense both Void users have created a series of psychic mental barriers created from the Void to prevent anybody from entering their minds to begin with.

Soul Connection: Created from the power of Void after bonding to Labrys and having his heart implanted with a fragment of own core, Noir and Naomi can sense the strong emotions and feelings of those around them. This can range from innocent feelings of love or happiness, to more twisted thoughts such as anger or blood lust, which can help them detect their enemies in battle. When the emotions are really strong it can also allow the two to "see" the exact thoughts or memories causing that person's feelings.    

Time Breaker: Void users powers grant them a natural immunity to any form of time manipulation, as Void itself has existed since time eternal and is unbound by time. However after fusing with Naomi, Noir is now completely immune to any time powers used upon him or changes in the time stream, as well as able to still move even when time is frozen. This does not mean however he can keep up with those who use time on themselves to speed themselves up.

Rebirth: When Noir returned Naomi's feelings their bond and trust for one another became unbreakable, and in turn gave Naomi the ability to create a body for herself using the power of Void. While still connected to Noir this body can interact with the outside world as if real and can be shaped to Naomi's will in appearance and size just like her old powers, allowing her to take any form she wishes. This can range from a shadow-like ghost, her original body image, or even that of a young child. While usually manifesting from Noir's back, Naomi can use her powers to emerge from any point on Noir's body, even partially, allowing her to physically fight with Noir and catch opponents by surprise.

However Naomi can not stay out of Noir's body forever, as her body continuously drains upon Noir's own Void powers. The more complex and active her body is, the more it drains, and if kept out for too long the result could severely weaken both of them and cause their deaths. Also while her body is made of Void it is not invincible, and enough damage can eventually break the stability and control she has and forcibly return her to Noir. However due to constant practice and use Naomi can now control her body's stability much easier and can now last for several hours each day without hurting Noir.

While outside Naomi is almost always seen in Noir's company.

Blood Manipulation: Obtained through the powers of Iris and Naomi, Noir can wield his own blood as a powerful weapon and tool against others, even if his blood is not connected to his body. Able to shape, manipulate, and harden his blood to his will, he can form weapons, tendrils, hardened shells, and even small constructs out of his blood for combat or other functions.

He is also capable of using the blood as a projectile weapon if need be. However due to the dangers of losing too much blood from this ability Noir uses this power sparingly.

Blood Control: A variant of the Blood Manipulation, Noir can manipulate the blood of his enemies in a similar fashion to his own blood. However unlike Iris who had perfect control and mastery over this technique, Noir is limited not only by the amount of skill and control required, but by his own memories of the technique used on him and his friends.  Because of these factors Noir cannot bring himself to control a person fully, and instead focuses on only manipulating the blood that has left their bodies, usually through cuts or wounds.

Naomi however can control this power with the same level skill and power as Iris did, allowing her to use this technique to defend Noir if needed. Also by forcibly injecting Noir's own blood into the opponents, Naomi can spread it through their body and gain much easier control over their actions. However control over a person can be overcome through factors such as through their strength, powers, or will, making harder to use on stronger enemies.

Blood Absorption: After being bonded to Flandere, Noir also gained the ability to absorb other people's blood in a similar way to her family's heritage, allowing him to weaken enemies while also providing more blood for himself.

Blood Healing: A technique developed by enhancing his own blood with Void, Noir can seal any external or internal wounds by sealing them up with hardened blood and using Void to accelerate the healing process. He can also use this power to forcibly eject any harmful toxins or foreign substances from his bloodstream, as well as manipulate his blood to move and reset broken bones or ligaments into place. Naomi is the one who usually does the healing process for Noir as she has better control and understanding of the blood, as well as allows Noir to focus on the situations at the time. This healing can also be used upon other people by injecting them with his blood, which can also be used to restore any blood loss they have. When this occurs Naomi uses Void to transmutate Noir's blood to match the victims.

Shadow Walker:
Obtained through the powers of Cara and Naomi, Noir can transform into a large shadow that can merge and sink into other shadows or darkened areas. While originally thought to be a self camouflaged technique of Cara's, the power was restored to its' true form upon reuniting with Naomi. While in this form Noir's body becomes ghost like in nature, becoming intangible and near invisible to anyone else, and near undetectable when merged with any form of dark area or shadows. While merged he enters a dimensional rift similar to the Void that he calls "The Abyss". In this world Noir can travel and look through any shadow or darkness anywhere in the world.

The darker and larger the shadow, the easier and faster it becomes for Noir to move in and out of the dimension, making it much harder to use in very bright areas. When used outside of merging with a shadow Noir's body become mist like in nature and becomes unable to be harmed by most attacks or threats. However the process by which his entire body is transformed in this state is very straining and dangerous, and if kept for too long without entering a shadow can quickly drain Noir. This form is also extremely vulnerable to light based powers.

Noir's Bond: Created from a union between his, Naomi's, and Flandere's powers, Noir can form "bonds" with people using his blood and power of Void. By using his powers to create a specialized form of Veil and then transferring it into another person, usually through their blood, the fragment unites to the selected person and creates a connection to Noir and to the Void, linking them all together. Through this those who are "Bonded" are capable of sensing those with the power of Void, as well anyone else in the "Bond", including their state of being, thoughts, feelings and emotions in a similar manner to how Noir and Naomi can. Also due to the fragments each "Bonded" gains the ability to produce their own Void energy and powers, such as a standard sensory ability, a slight resistance to time manipulation, as well as gain an enhanced growth to their bodies and any abilities they have. They are also capable of telepathically communicating with others who share in the "Bond", creating an entire network of minds that can share and discuss information over long distances. At the moment it is unknown how far the range of sensory and communications can reach.

       Current Bonded: Naomi, Labrys, Sarah, Lucina, Vanessa, Lyn, Ariana, Mizuho, Plutia, Anastasia, Evangeline, Nisa, Richmond, Chijinda, Tara, Tori, Flandre

Shadow Demon: When Stephanie's life was taken before Noir's eyes his anger and guilt took over and caused the Void inside him to go wild. Evolving to match his rage and anger the dark energy consumed Noir's mind and body, transforming him into a savage and brutal state that others could only describe as "a demon". In this state Noir loses all sense of logic and reason and acts more like a wild beast, attacking and lashing out at the source of his rage, as well as anything that gets in his way.

When entering this "Demon" state the power of Void floods Noir's body like a rampaging storm, and is body begins to transform as a result of the power. His eyes become pure black and hollow looking as his silver hair begins to lengthen and grow black strands from the center. His body becomes more pale and crouched over in a bestial nature, with extended fangs and sharpened black nails nails. This transformation also occurs to the Veil material on him, as his armor and clothes becomes more slim and twisted in nature, while boots and gloves sharpen to resemble claws. His masks' transformation involves the eye lenses being able to grow and move like real eyes, while a horizontal crack forms along the center of the mask to the far edges, splitting the mask with a large jagged toothed grin and letting the mask function like an actual face. The wristblades turn pure black and forming more hooked edges when in whip form, while the length of the blades and whip gain the ability to grow endlessly. His coat gains more sharpened and torn edges, and the Void Wings form from his shoulder blades and remain out for as long as he's in this state. These transformations will continue to grow the longer he remains in this state, turning more twisted and demonic looking the longer he remains in it.

In this state Noir's Void power grows wild and savage, striking everything around him without mercy and causing anything they touch to begin disintegrating like a powerful acid, making it difficult to approach or attack him. The Void will also shape to various forms such as claws and tendrils for Noir to use, reacting completely to his instinct and movements. This state also enhances his speed, strength, and endurance beyond his limits, allowing him to move at near instantaneous speeds and cut through titanium with little resistance. His powers are also amplified tremendously and are become more savage in nature, destroying everything in their path without care for damage or control. Despite this though Noir's powers are used more instinctively as he uses them to ambush and corner his prey while at the same time outmaneuvering their actions, acting in a manner similar to an animal hunting and killing. However Noir seems to care little for bodily damage while in this state, and will let himself be seriously injured to strike at his target. This is dangerous as he does not take into consideration his body's condition, and even if broken down will use the power of Void to force himself to keep moving and fighting.

While in this transformation Noir's mindset is focused towards the cause of his "awakening", as in the case of Stephanie's death it was caused by Hermit. Noir will then seek to fully destroy the target of his rage no matter the circumstance and will not rest until he has done so. If the target disappears or is not around he will begin to track and hunt it down relentlessly. During this state Noir no longer cares for things such as collateral damage or innocent standbys, nor does he recognize friend from foe. He will also not hesitate to attack anything or anyone who tries to attack him or interfere with his goal, as shown when he struck Vanessa into the side of one of the Academies building for getting in his path to stop him. Even when his target is destroyed Noir continues to remain in this state and will begin attacking everything around him in a blood-rage, causing his powers to go completely out of control.

He has only been brought out of this state by Naomi and Labrys, who even while transformed, he listened to and would not harm. Their words and calming nature were able to remove the rage inside Noir and return him to normal, though he is left unconscious for an extended period afterwards. Naomi has compared his "Demon" side to the same feelings and state she was in when she went to war with the world, knowing that the dark energy of Void had been affected by their anger and had evolved them into that state to match their emotions and power. Since then Noir has transformed a total of three times, and has taken to learning to control his emotions and anger for fear of losing control again. Despite this though whenever Noir's darker emotions begin to rise his appearance and powers will begin to transform in response.

The way he moves, acts, and looks has also been constantly compared to that of a Shadow Stalkers.

Weapons/Armor: (Still In Progress)
Weapons and Armor:

La bête du Gévaudan/Gevaudan: A full body black armor suit created by Labrys, Mizuho, Sarah, Lucina, and Noir, this suit was the designed to be the ultimate weapon in the fight against Arcana. Named after the legendary beast told to Noir by Ariana, Gevaudan was crafted using experimental blueprint's of the Eternal Sanctuary battle suits along with several pounds of Veil, a metallic material crafted from the solid fragments of Void. It was designed to be the ultimate weapon to fight Arcana and protect Noir and his allies. Over the long campaign against the organization it has gone through many changes and upgrades.

Designed to be linked to Noir's blood and meta-gene the armor is incapable of being wielded by anyone else. Composed of titanium alloy and Veil the suit is not only incredibly resilient, capable of withstanding and dispersing larges amounts of damage across its' surface, but also grants immense strength to Noir, allowing him to lift and carry several tons of weight without strain. This also makes the armor impervious to most firearms, able to withstand various degrees of temperature and pressure, resist powerful acidic contents, conduct electrical surges, and despite its' weight is quite flexible and easy to move in.

The core of the armor is specially designed to connect to Noir's own "Core" and Void powers, allowing him to channel it through the suit to enhances the suits fighting capabilities and defenses. This allows the Veil material to also be manipulated, allowing Noir to partially shift the armors physical form for offensive or defensive purposes. Also due to Veil's connection to Void Noir can seal the armor away in the dimension of Void until needed, and can automatically equip the armor on his body when doing so.

The suit has constantly been modified and upgraded, and has been implanted with several major functions and systems. These include a Shrinking System that can alter Noir's size from normal to that of an ants, a pressure seal for underwater travel, a micro energy field emitter that disperses impact damage, several different integrated weapons, extendable suit flaps, an internal electrical network, and an anti-meta-human field generator with a diameter of 20 yards. Each leg is also equipped with a set of thrusters that can propel Noir into the air for flight, allowing for over Mach 8 speed.

The most important feature of the armor however is the Ragnarok system, created off the same Origin system as Labrys. This system is linked directly to Noir's "Core", and when activated, synchronizes with the suit's core and unlocks all restraints on the Veil material to release the Void power sealed in them. When this occurs the Void energy flows throughout Noir's entire body and suit, breaking the limits on their strength, speed, endurance, and ability. The suit's Veil material can also be manipulated more easily while the systems are boosted by 300% efficiency. Finally Noir's powers are all amplified ten fold, and can be used much faster and in more united forms to unleash powerful attacks on enemies. This mode does not last long however due to the constant stream of Void energy overloading the systems, and will shut down after two minutes of use while rendering major systems and functions inaccessible for eight minutes.

Over time the armor has been recreated in various forms for each member of the Noir Knights, and after the defeat of Arcana the suit designs have been rebuilt and repurposed for true public safety and military applications, though the Knights still keep theirs.

Mask: Noir wears a custom made mask styled in the same fashion as the mask worn by Tetsuko, complete with two individually colored eye lenses, blue for right and red for left, to resemble her own. The mask is made of Veil and titanium alloy, making it incredibly resilient and carry many of the same defenses as Gevaudan due to its' build. The mask also has an environmental filtration system and re-breather, allowing for underwater breathing and removal of toxins in the air.

A specialized system based on the Yggdrasil program is also integrated into the mask, giving not only an on-board computer system but several state of the art programs. These include video and audio recording, several different scanners and sensors, communications, radio and frequency, noise filter, and a hacking program. This also allows for AI programs such as Labrys and Fae to enter the system through the connection of Noir's "Core", allowing them to control and analyze system programs and suit functions to assist him.

Like the armor the mask can be kept in the dimension of Void and summoned at will.

Wristblade/Chainsword: Noir's original starting weapon in Terminal, the wristblade has become one of his trademark tools in combat and has been upgraded through the years into a lethal and dangerous weapon. Concealed in a pair of gauntlets constantly worn by Noir the blades have a standard length of 7 inches with an extended segment for a full 14 inches.

The blades can be extended and retracted from his wrist at a moments notice and are made of Veil, allowing them to pierce and cut through almost any surface while being extremely resistant to damage. The blades have been further modified into segmented parts and internally fitted with a thick Veil woven wire that when activated, widens the blade and transforms it into a sharpened sword whip capable of reaching 20 feet in length. Noir can also detach the wristblades from his gauntlets and wield them as short swords, which include their whip transformation.

After years of training and tutelage, Noir has become very efficient with this weapon to the point of mastery.

Death's Dagger: Given as a form of "thanks" to Noir for his and Tara's assistance in defeating Death, this dagger which belonged to the former Arcana is a symbol of any Assini assassin and a very dangerous weapon. Very lightweight and a perfectly balanced blade allow the weapon of Death to be wielded with little trouble and cut through the strongest metals, even Veil. The dagger handle also houses a liquid dispenser that can instantly coat the blade in several dangerous liquid chemicals such as poisons, acids, and anti-meta-human chemicals.  

The dagger is also not just for combat purposes, but for protection. The possession of the dagger of Death signifies Noir's connection to the Assini, ensuring that neither he nor those he wishes are to be targeted by any Assini so long as they do not interfere with the Assini's own missions. This also grants him minor contacts among the Assini, as well as contract them for a hit should he ever choose too. As of yet he has not used this hit request.

During the war with Arcana the dagger was slightly reinforced with Veil, making the blade not only sharper than before, but allowing Noir to seal and summon it from the dimension of Void at will.

Bombs: Taught by Richmond during his travels Noir can create and use a variety of different bombs from regular explosives, flash, smoke, gases, EMP, and anti-meta-human gas. The bombs are light weight and easily concealable, as well as range in various explosive sizes. Noir's armor is equipped with a launcher upon each gauntlet to allow for quick firing of whatever bombs he wishes. He also carries several bombs on hand in case of emergency.

Missiles: Gevaudans gauntlets launchers can also fire off missiles in addition to bombs. The missiles range from explosive, concussion, and EMP in variety. Using the targeting system of the suit the rockets can be locked onto specific targets for accuracy.

Flamethrower: On top each gauntlet of Gevaudan is a wrist mounted flamethrower capable of unleashing a stream of deadly fire. The fuel for the flames is a mix of gasoline and tar which not only makes the flames heavier and have further reach, but stick to whatever surface they touch for continuous burn.

Hook Wires: A series of long extendable wires with a hooked blade at the ends, these wires can fire off from the back or sides of Gevaudan's waist and impale into any surface before rapidly pulling Noir to the attached target. This allows for quick movements or acceleration, whether on the ground or in the air, and can be used in place of the thrusters on Gevauadn's legs for stealth or in case of damage. Each wire length has a maximum reach of 90 feet.

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