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High Society Affiliation Request

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High Society Affiliation Request Empty High Society Affiliation Request

Post by DJ Sammy on Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:27 pm

Name of Site: (High Society Gaming)
URL of Site: (

Site Description: Our site is hosted by Invision Power Boards ( ) the Premium Forum Hosting Service. We are a newly opened gaming community created by Staff Members from a former IPB Forum that closed down due to Ownership change and we began anew. We had 798 members of which 412 were active. Our former site is but after Nov 21, 2015 that link shall Redirect to HS Gaming. After the closing everyone migrated to other places. We are now just opening and making ourselves known. Our Current Owner was the Second in Command for the site for many years Nerdalius would be a great addition to our partners since we are a gaming forum but would like to see many Roleplay events happen as well. Depending on our demand for certain things, we will fix our forum sections to our Affiliates/Users liking. The forum has 6 Skins to choose from, and in each skin there are 3 backgrounds to choose from, giving the user the ability to customize the whole forum and their profiles to their liking. Profile songs work with or Direct upload (user's choice). We also have IP.Chat which can hold 20 users online at the same time and IP.Blog which is an entire blogging site where people can post blogs, strories and even Roleplays. In in Technical aspects apart from profile customizations we have also our own VIP Donation Rewards program, in which users can access more private sections and the site counts with all the main Google Services such as Analytics, Adsense and Adwords. We are in a high need for a Moderator to mod over the GFX section and to help the site create a logo as none of our 6 skins still have a logo.

Site Age: (1 Month)

Active Member Count: (30 Members Total / 18 log in almost every day)

Rank In Site: (Site Developer/Public Relations and SEO Management)

Affiliation Banner: Not available yet. Will be given to affiliates once they are completed.

Thanks in Advance.

-Laura Samantha
Skype: DJLauraSamantha

DJ Sammy
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