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Ten reasons why.

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Ten reasons why.

Post by Misha on Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:56 pm

10 swords fighting in in front of her jade eyes. 10 lovely swords fighting to the end. No sound to her ears. No one spoke as they tore their souls from their bodies. She screams no words coming out. Blood runs thicker than water, doesn't it?
9 flutes play at their rest. 9 play with the sound of the ghost music. To let the souls pass to the other side peacefully. As her blood drips from her blade. Dripping red from her pain and suffering. Don't cry once I'm gone they say. Is this really what she wanted?
8 candles light up the forbidden room. Forever you will be cursed with your misdeeds. Forbidden room with secrets. Smoke fills the room with sweet scents. Lights showing the faces who by her hand to bare their blood on.  No voices. No more. Was that the words she wrote?
7 nightmares. It ate at her until she was nothing but a shell. Awaken to a fright. To see the blood still on her clean hands. Within herself. Within her soul. She can not get the marks off her mind of the deed she has done. Am I still dreaming in this nightmare?
6 clocks ticking. Time is something you can't run. Her hair grows over her back. Not enough time. Chains in her throat connecting to her brain. Still frame pictures of happier times. Moving back time is impossible. But is that too much to look towards the future, my Doll?
5 promises. To the blue sky above. To the dark clouds in our minds. Promises clear away the darkness. As a girl keeps her promise to her friend. For the first time in a long time. The jade eye girl smiles. Clearing away the blood from her palms of ghost past. Can a murderer really find happiness from her sins?
4 gifts. Shower with smiles and hearts of golden. The girl feels open within a new family. Loving hugs so warm to melt a cold winter in her heart. The coldness leaves her body. With a stream of tears from her jade eyes. 4 gifts with love kind as the morning light. Will this be enough?
3 glowing wishes. They shine above filling the night sky with wonder. Star blinding. She looks up at the bright stars. Nothing can take this moment away from her. Being here with them. No sound. Slow movement. Is this the end?
2 seconds remain. 2. Well I guess this will be the final part. Crawling up her arm like a spider. Heart beats through her ears. As she takes her sword in her hand tightly. The stars light fades to make the night time darker. The girl went back in time. Reliving her mistake. 1.. Will this suffering ever end?
1 person stands before her. A friend stands stopping the blade from striking. No more voices. No more sound. Slow movement. Is this the end? For you? Doll?  It can't be. I've only just begun. After all, this is a dream. The world around her falls. She wakes up.
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