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Introduction Guide to The Nerdalius!

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Introduction Guide to The Nerdalius!

Post by Weiss Schnee on Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:20 pm

In our effort here at The Nerdalius to provide all our users with a quality forum that is easy to navigate and manage, it has been decided to create a guide to help users that are not used to the format of a forum, or just want to know about what's going on around here. First, let's start with the many sections we have here on The Nerd. It would be best to follow this from the homepage of the forum where all of this are located.

Introduction to the Nerdalius: Before you start using the site, you should familiarize yourself with a few key facts. First of which, are the Rules. Unfortunately, every forum has to have them. We can't let anarchy reign here. As we have a chat box, we have Rules for that as well. Since you're a new user, the first thing you wanna do is post an Introduction so people can get to know you a little bit. Also, if you for any reason are forced to leave us for an extended period of time, feel free to post that there as well. If you have any Questions, comments or ideas about the forum, there's a section for that too. 

If you are every wondering who all our staff are, we have a handy dandy List. It will show you everyone you need to know. If you have been with us for a while and want to help in a more direct manner, we also have Staff Applications. Just know that sometimes there will be no open slots. However, we will appreciate knowing you're willing to help!

Cardgame Central: This is where various card games are hosted and talked about. The card games we offer range from Yu-Gi-Oh, to PokemonMagic The Gathering, and to Cardfight! Vanguard. Tournaments of each of these card games will be hosted in this section and will also be a general discussion board for various strategies and tips for such. This section is run and maintained by our Admin Eric (Unoti).

Game Lobby: The Game Lobby is where video games and their consoles are discussed. We've got every console you can think of in this section. Xbox,Playstation,Nintendo, we've got a little something for everyone. We even have a Computer Gaming and Retro Gaming section! Even better, do you aspire to be a game developer or professional reviewer yourself? We have a User Created and Game Review section as well. This section is run and maintained by our Admin Paul (Agentyamski).

Roleplay Zone: "Sometimes, it doesn't just cut it to play a game. We wish we were part of the game world as one of it's characters." If that is something you think, this is the section for you! As there are many different types of stories, there are many different genres of Roleplay. The genres we offer here are as follows: ActionFantasyRomanceFeralRealisticScience FictionSurvival, and 1 on 1. For those that want to roleplay without a huge storyline going on, there's a Non-Canon section as well. Don't feel shy to let your ideas blossom! This section is run and maintained by our Admin Alex (Jude Mathis).

Literature: We all have at least a little writer in us. If you've always wanted to show off your ideas, but had no real place to do it, go ahead and post it in this section. We accept all different kinds of stories and written material, including, but not limited to: PoetryFan-FictionShort Stories, or even Novels. Each individual section is divided by genre and type. We also have a Blog section if you just wanted to rant or write about your daily life. This section is run and maintained by our Admin Alex (Jude Mathis).

Anime and Manga: This section is for the otaku in us all. If you love anime, or enjoy reading manga...this is the section for you. Hell, if you like both, it's even better! While this section has both Anime Talk and Manga Talk, there is also a section for your own individualized work! If you are an amateur manga artist, or happen to be good with animation, feel free to post your own created work! This section is run and maintained by Admin Alex (Jude Mathis).

Comics, Movies, and TV Shows: Anime isn't for everyone. Sometimes we just enjoy a good movie, or maybe we love comic books. Either way, there's a section for you as well. Talk about ComicsMovies, or Tv with tons of people just like you. Maybe you'll discover new shows and movies you never knew you liked! Also, there is a User Created section here as well! This section is run and maintained by both Eric (Unoti) and Paul (Agentyamski).

Music: Music makes the world go round they say. Nowadays, you can't find a single kid without a headphone in or just something related to music. To be fair, who could blame them? I mean music has so many different genres it would be hard to really list them all. Here at the Nerdalius though, we try to offer the most we can. We have as follows: Pop/Hip-HopBluesCountryRock/MetalEasy-ListeningElectornicaJazzR&B, and even Classical. As we know there's probably many we missed, we have an Other section as well. Are you also an aspiring DJ? Feel free to post Your own work as well! This section is run and maintained by our Admin Eric (Unoti).

Art Zone: This is where artists can showcase their work. There is the normal Showcase, but if you wish to pit your art against our other members, there is the Tournament section as well. Once there are a lot of stuff placed here, we will choose a piece to exhibit as Art of the Week! If you wish to learn tips from experienced users, then the Tutorial section is where to go. This section is run and maintained by our admin Paul (Agentyamski).

Off-Topic: Sometimes, we just feel bored. If you don't really want to post anywhere, or if you wanna just play a random forum game, this is the place for you. The only rules are the ones we have in every forum. Otherwise, go crazy!
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Re: Introduction Guide to The Nerdalius!

Post by DillPickles on Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:19 am

Updated 9/19/2014

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