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Post by Decade on Mon May 05, 2014 1:43 am

Hey guys, TrueHeartKnight here, and for my B-Day, I decided to do a twist and do something, for YOU guys.

Okay so you remember a while back I did a post of the ULTIMATE TEAM, which I still plan to continue in new parts. Well it got me wondering, have you ever looked at a move trailer, and wanted to make something out of it? Like, you have an idea for a story, original or crossover, and saw a trailer that would fit the theme perfectly?

Well today's your day!!!

On this post, you are the director of any trailer you want to make for any story you want or are doing!! It can be something canon, or even non canon, or something you'd like to see for the future even!!

Also don't worry about music. Just look up the trailer and you'll have the music you need for the setting.

But words don't give allow me to bless us with an awesome trailer from Amazing Spiderman 2......using Terminal City RP!!!

For the record this is a NON-CANON TRAILER.....though I admit this would be a cool story to try and fit into the rp should we ever reach such a point. Regardless it is not happening NOW and is only an idea I came up with that I thought would be fun and cool.

Also the trailer this is based off of is the final released trailer for Amazing Spiderman 2. Link will be below for anyone interested.

So just relax and don't take too serious unless you think the idea has some merit behind it.



Scene opens up to show the city of Terminal. Suddenly a silver haired figure soars through the air as a metal chain shots from his wrist and latches onto a building side as he swings around it cheering.

"You know what I love about being in this city?"

Images flash of the boy leaping over an explosion of fire, then to Hibiki launching into the air at high speeds, to Cara flicking a knife to her side before vanishing into the shadows, and finally Labrys swinging a large ax down at the screen. The scene then shifts back to the silver-haired figure, now identified as Tsukiko, as he launches up from a swing and smiles.

"Absolutely everything."

Tsukiko grins and flips in his fall as he aims his arm as another metal chain shoots and launches him forward.


The scene opens to a small museum as Tsukiko looks around. Only for a silver-haired man with a goatee and glasses to walk behind him and smiles.

"Mr. Tsukiko."

Tsukiko turns and smiles, "Hamond."


"It's been three years. What are you doing here?" Hamond ask as the two stare at a large pond in the middle of a park.

"I go to school."

"Really? What classes do you study?"

Scene flicks to the 'classes' showing Tsukiko as he leaps into the air and is caught by Hibiki who rides on a large silver board. The black-haired teen then grins and shouts 'Head's up!' as he tosses Tsukiko down as the silver-haired teen flips and shoots a chain from his wrist as he lunges at a teacher while a black vortex forms in front of him.

Scene changes back to the pond as Tsukiko shrugs, "Art?"

Hamond chuckles in disbelief.


Scene changes to Tsukiko flipping onto a roof as he stares at a night sky, before changing to a large computer room as Hamond tosses a small black cube to Tsukiko.

"Tsukiko, you may want to see this," Hamond says as the computer screens show images of Tsukiko, Hibiki, Cara, and the black cat-eyed orb, "The company I work for, Faith of Truth, has been spying on you for the past eight months. Every secret project they've been working on has focused on you alone."

Tsukiko looks up in confusion and concern, "Why?"

"I was hoping you'd tell me."


"Tsukiko talk to us man!" Hibiki shouts as Tsukiko walks out the dorm room as Cara watches concerned.


"I can't afford to let them be hurt." Tsukiko whispers calmly as he sits on a roof, as a figure sits behind him. The figure is a dark-skinned woman with long silky black hair and wearing a simple black lace gown. Strangely her body looks somewhat see through, as if almost phantasmal.

"So you'll run away to protect them?" The figure ask as she turns her head and reveals a pair of golden-slit eyes like a cat.


"It will only lead to more pain." The woman's voice rings out as the scene shows Tsukiko in a dark unknown sewer system. He looks over from an edge showing hundreds of men in strange uniforms and coats, along with endless equipment and computers.

"What is all this?" Tsukiko questions.


"The future." a strange voice says as the scene changes to a large containment unit hissing and unlocking itself.

Scene then shifts to show Terminal City completely cut off from power as a single bright light emits above it.

Then the scene changes to a man in a Jester Mask walking down a metallic hallway with doors on each side, each with a symbol representing a roman number as well as a picture of things such as an earthquake, a twister or fire, a metallic boulder, and several tentacles.

"We have plans for you Abyss. You and the one you protect." a dark voice emits.


Scene changes to a man in what looks to be white knights armor with feathered shoulders, a long cape, and a sword of pure light. The knight stands in the middle of the empty streets of Terminal as he slams his sword into the pavement.

"You wish to defend evil?" a metallic echoing voice speaks.

The scene changes to Tsukiko holding the black orb in his palm as he sits on a rooftop.

"Then prepare to face judgement."

Scene shifts back to the knight as he swings his sword and sends a blade of light out as Tsukiko is blasted off his feet and through a car door and out the other end.


"We have power. We have strength," The Jester masked figure speaks out as several scenes show many different 'knights, each with their own color and sets of armor, as well as equipment, standing in rows as if preparing for war.

"WE, can change, EVERYTHING!!"

The white knight from before is seen as he looks up at the Jester, "Then let the crusade begin."

Scenes flash of Tsukiko, Hibiki, Cara, and the black-haired woman.




Scene shows Tsukiko racing Hibiki through the city, Hibiki on his board and Tsukiko using the chains.

"I made this choice." Tsukiko's voice rings out.

Scene shifts to the back of the white knight as his armor clicks and moves as a large pair of white angelic wings unfold.

"But you don't have to face it alone," Cara voice speaks up as the scene changes to her standing in front of Tsukiko, her hands holding his to her chest as the two look at each other.

Scene shifts to Tsukiko leaping off a building top as he fires another chain and swings forward.


The Abyss Must Fight


Scenes flash from Tsukiko running over broken rubble, to Hibiki unleashing a powerful wave of wind at several knights, then to the White Knight slicing open a large metal wall as it explodes and Tsukiko leaps away as several black holes form around him.


Against Heaven Itself


"You always know how to have fun huh Tsu-chan?" The black-haired woman speaks with a smirk as she leans over Tsukiko's shoulder.

Scene shifts to several knights firing waves of light in the middle of the city causing debris to fly around. The scene focuses as Hibiki hovers at high speeds with Tsukiko and Labrys on his board. The board moves in front of the hurling debris as Labrys and Tsukiko both leap off and turn around quickly.

"I won't stand by and do nothing!"

Labrys and Tsukiko move in perfect sync as Labrys slashes the falling debris to pieces while black portals form around the two as Tsukiko protects the two. One large piece falls from above only for Hibiki to fly in the way and punch forward, as a fist of wind crashes into it and shatters it to pieces.


Scene shows Tsukiko's face as his golden eyes turn pure black with blood red iris's.

"Because I'm the Abyss of Terminal!"


Scenes change back and forth, the first showing a mysterious jet flying towards the school at high speeds.

The second scene shows Hibiki and Tsukiko moving through the air of the city as they chase the White Knight who flies from the duo.

Third scene shows the central tower of Terminal shaking and breaking apart at the top.

Fourth scene shows the White Knight swinging his sword in the air as a blade of light shoots out and explodes a large rooftop, as Tsukiko leaps up from the explosion and fires a chain into the knight's armor as he yanks himself towards the enemy. '

Next scene shows Hibiki leaping upwards and catching a falling Tsukiko and Cara as the trio crash down through a glass ceiling.

Then of the White Knight firing several bolts of white lighting out at the screen.

Then to part of the academy exploding into fire and ash, and of explosions occurring all around the city, and then finally to the Jester, who flies on a pair of demonic devil wings downward at the screen.


Scene shows Tsukiko standing in a moonlight and old building of sorts, as the black-haired woman from before stands beside him as the two smile at each other.

"Having fun?" Tsukiko says.

"Always with you." the woman replies.


Hibiki is seen outside and roars as a massive tornado forms around the building covering all but the moonlight opening at the top.

Tsukiko flips into the air past the broke glass roof as the moon floats behind him, only for a black vortex to appear behind him as he dives into it and it shuts closed.

The portal opens behind the Jester as Tsukiko leaps out and tackles the guy as the two spin around as the Jester struggles to avoid crashing into the large winds.

Tsukiko is smashed to a wooden surface as the Jester draws a blade and lunges forward, only for the hand of the woman to form out of Tsukiko's shoulder and deflect it as her head forms and knocks the jester back.

The Jester floats in the middle of the twister as many black holes form around the walls of the tornado. Tsukiko and the woman each leap into a different portal and reappear out another suddenly as they strike the Jester before in mid-air before disappearing into another portal.

The Jester hovers and spins as he tries to keep up, as the duo fly back and forth between black holes rapidly.

Then the woman appears from one hole and latches onto the Jester's shoulder in a mid leap as she turns and spins him as he's thrown off balance, only for Tsukiko to appear from a hole in front of the jester and throw a powerful right kick into the man's face.




"You definitely need a date." a dark-skinned girl who looks to be ten to eleven years of age says as she stands up from a rooftop and stretches. Strangely enough she looks similar to the dark-skinned black-haired woman seen in the trailer.

"I do not need a date." Tsukiko says as he rolls his eyes.

"Oh look, there's that cutie from class 3-B."

"Don't you d-"

Tsukiko suddenly blinks as several tendrils of shadows hold him on the roof. The girl smiles as her form shifts and becomes Tsukiko!

"SorryTsu-chanyou'llthankmelaterloveya!' The copy speaks rapidly as he/she leaps off the roof.

Tsukiko blinks only for his eye to suddenly twitch as he struggles against the bonds.



Scene shows an army of Knights shooting beams of light across the streets.

Tsukiko moves forward as black holes intercept. Suddenly Kuso and Nicholas leap from behind as Kuso forms a large great-sword as he cuts down one knight while Nicholas dodges an attack and thrust a rapier into the helm of another. As Nicholas moves forward a dagger flies from the shadows into a knight approaching him from behind as Cara appears and dashes between two more as she slices their wrist and necks.

She suddenly tosses one dagger up as Hibiki flies above and catches it and hovers above a war going on between the knights and people of Terminal as he hurls it down into another knights skull and lands on one knight. Kicking himself off the knight flies forward only to be slammed by Labry's ax as she spins and knocks back several knights while Zack's cards fly around him and shoot out several forms of 'magic' at the knights.

One knight leaps into the air only to be cut down by a flying Remilia's claws as she spins to dodge several blast of light before landing on the ground beside Tsukiko and a girl seemingly made of pure diamond, as the trio go back to back in close -quarters combat between them and an endless reign of knights on all sides armed with sword of light and shields.


Coming soon to a theater near you
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