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Let it out!! Unleash your Demon!!!

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Let it out!! Unleash your Demon!!!

Post by Decade on Thu May 29, 2014 10:12 pm

We all have a darkness inside us. Something we hide from others and keep secret. A part of us that lies in shadows, waiting, listening, wanting to be let out and revealed. Yet we keep it hidden, and let it lie in silence so that we may live in peace.

But eventually that darkness takes its' own form. Its' own shape.

Its' own name.

And once it reaches that point, it demands to be let out....'s your chance to let it.

On this post, no more hiding. No more secrecy. Here, you have no need to be afraid.

Because here, our demons can be free.

The rules are simple.

Pick a song or music that fits your darkness. Make it fit you. Make it fit what you're becoming. Whether it's misunderstood, evil, cruel, whatever.

Then let go.

Break the chains. Shatter the locks. Transform yourself into the darkness you hide.

And once you do.

Show us your strength! Show us your power!!

Oh....and one more thing.

Your demon won't be the only one. Look at the others. See them, observe them. And see if you can understand them.

Why were these demons formed. What do they stand for. Why do they take the form they do. What do their actions signify. See if you can't try and understand them, and see if others can't try and understand YOUR demon as well.

But no more talk.

Time to break the chains.

Time to unleash the darkness!!





Lighting strikes down as rain pours from the dark and cloudy sky. Streetlights flicker and form the only source of light in the dark streets.

In the large puddles of the streets though, a single figure walks in the rain, as a black cloak covers its' body and head, as its' face is hidden in shadow. Thunder rumbles as the figure stops in step and stands as the rain pours upon it.

Slowly the figure tilts his head upwards, as a flash of lighting reveals a solid black plated mask that covers the whole face, with a pair of dark lenses for eye.

The cloak on the figure moves slightly as a single black gloved hand moves out and raises an empty palm to the air. The air and rain seem to pulse as wind and shadow swirls above the palm into a spiraling orb of darkness. The figures' head turns downwards towards the orb calmly as the orb continues to glows in purple luminescence.

The rapidly spinning darkness, while strange and dangerous looking, oddly enough gives off a sense of warmth and comfort. The purple light shines in the center of the dark, as it pulses slightly as if alive.

The light of which shows a humanoid eye staring through the left lens of the mask....only for black veins to slowly crawl and color the eye into a single dark orb.

A loud and thunderous boom sounds as the figures' hand suddenly crushes the orb and a pulse of darkness erupts shattering all the street light bulbs.

The figure flinches and lunches over, as a dark mist-like stream begins to move out of the figures' body and surround it. The darkness grips the figure tightly and painfully as it struggles against the binds, but yet doesn't make a sound.

As it does, the mist begins to unit itself to the figures body, taking form as a set of black and silver demonic plated armor is grafted onto the chest of the figure. A pair of similarly colored and shaped set of leg guards, toe-bladed boots, gauntlets, and shoulder pads outside of the cloak also begin to form. As this happens the figures fingers twitch and bend in the wrong directions, as they bulge and sharpen as the gloves break apart to reveal a set of black razor claws.

As the transformation occurs, the cloak on the figures back suddenly splits down the middle and moves aside as if alive, as the back of the chest plate rapidly cracks and splits near the shoulder blades. Suddenly the plate armor shatters at the shoulder blades as two streams of darkness pour out like a fountain against the pouring rain.

The streams stop after a certain height however and suddenly twist and spread, as if changing. A large bulge of darkness forms near the end of each stream as five tendrils spread from each bulge and bend. Suddenly the streams condense and harden into a solid shape, as lighting flashes to reveal two very large, very sharp, and very demonic looking hands extending from the figures' back. The "hands" stretch, as suddenly a leather flap forms between each finger and across the "arms", almost like a pair of wings.

The winged hands flap slightly as the figure stands there in silence. Its' body stands completely still and hunched over as the hood on the figure is kept downwards. The clawed hands open and close slowly as the wings fold in calmly. As the thunder rumbles though the head on the figure slowly tilts upwards.

And as the lighting strikes, the mask that was seen on the has a large crack stretching across it.

Forming a razor jagged mouth, with a pair of similarly razored teeth....and into a demonic 'smile'.

Thunder bombs as the mouth moves and the figure lifts its' body up, its' shoulders pulled back and its' armored chest puffed out.

And then lunges forward as it unleashes a very loud and demonic screech, as the lenses glow with a twisted looking purple aura.

The handwings extends in the rain and flap hard towards the ground as the figure shoots into the air rapidly, causing the very ground to crack and shatter below it.

The creature soars into the rain as lighting strikes around from everywhere. It flies higher and higher before spinning in the air and hovering over the large city. Hissing darkly the figure looks upwards towards its' right as a bolt of lighting strikes at it.

Only for the bolt to be caught in its' hand.

The creature growls darkly as the lenses narrow, almost as if made of flesh, as it pulls its' clawed hand in front of it, holding the pure and untamed lighting in it. Its' other hand suddenly grasp it as well, as the creature pulls apart with both arms, causing the lighting to stretch and crack, as its' once white plasma energy turns a sickly black.

The lighting suddenly snaps as two orbs of dark and electric energy are held in each hand of the creature. The creature growls as it looks between the two....

And then turns its' gaze at you.

The eyes narrow on you as the creature growls and hunches over...before snapping its' head out and unleashing a very loud and demonic roar that shakes the sky and earth, as lighting strikes all around.

And then the wings flap hard as the figure shoots at you like a shooting star, its' razor mouth opened wide, and its' lighting fueled claws pulled back, ready to plunge themselves inside your body.

And as you blink out of sheer fear, the creature is suddenly before you, as one of the clawed hands lunges forward towards you, as the fingers are pointed outwards like a blade.

And aimed straight at your heart.

A cry of terror fills the air as lighting and thunder explode into the sky.

......But it isn't you.

You stare in fear, as you realize the black razored claws have stopped just as they touched your chest.

The figures' gaze is also no longer on you, as its' head is tilted towards the ground, towards the city, where the cry of terror was heard. For some reason despite the distance, you hear the cry clearly and see an image in your head.

A woman. Crying and begging for help, as a group of men chase her in an alley in the cold ran. They each laugh and make calls towards her, as their stench fills your nose with vile and cruelty. You can feel their intentions towards the woman, and it only promises a dark and cruel happening.

Suddenly though the image fades as another sound reaches your ears....a growl.

You look up..and see the creatures eyes narrow towards the sounds...and notice that the crack along its' "face" has suddenly closed together, nearly giving back the original mask form it had.

The pressure on your chest suddenly fades, as lighting strikes and nearly blinds you. As you blink though, you realize the creature is no longer before you. You look around rapidly, but there is no sign of it.

It simply faded.

And yet, as you regain your breath to figure out what is happening, you hear another sound.

This time of the men screaming in terror and crying for mercy.

As the sounds of their own bodies being ripped apart fill your ears.

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