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Labrys's Curiosity.

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Labrys's Curiosity.

Post by Decade on Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:17 am

She did not comprehend it.

She did not understand her mother's logic or thoughts when it concerned the boy she was assigned to observe.

This was not an issue. She had been assigned many times before to observe someone or something for her parents in the past, whether for research purposes or to determine the level of threat her target posed. But this was neither scenario.

Tsukiko, no surname. Male. Age sixteen. Date of birth, unknown. Meta-human classification, "Unknown". Activation of powers, approximately four years and three months ago.

That was who her target had been for the past few weeks. The boy had caught her mother's attention several months back while she was traveling abroad, and when she returned, she had helped to arrange for the boy to come to the city and become accepted into Terminal University. This also was not an issue, as her mother had helped many others in the past for research or ideal purposes.

Rather, there was no issue when it came to the subject of Tsukiko. In fact all she had been asked to do was keep an eye on him since his arrival, as well as deliver that one letter when he was hospitalized. Any other time she had simply kept her distance and observed as her mother requested.

And yet, that was it. That was all she had been told to do.

Her mother had not requested her do anything else except for simple observations. No details over his activities, no intervening on things he did, nothing. By this time already she would have been assigned new instructions, or simply been told to cease her actions. And yet her mother had done neither when dealing with the boy.

Even her father was curious, which was logical. Her mother had never spent such time and effort with someone else outside of her father and the higher ups of Terminal City. It was expected considering her mother's position and responsibility within the city and Central Tower as head scientist. It meant that her mother had little time for interactions and social calls with those not of importance.

And yet, when it dealt with this boy, her mother seemed to go out of her way to help the boy. She made several private meetings with him, had spoken to him over a phone on several occasions, and had even prepared several measures of assistance for him, which included personally driving him from the Transit Hub.

And according to her data, her mother even took a helicopter across the sea to see the boy who was returning on boat from the test all freshman of the academy were required to take. And that had been just from a simple call the boy had made.

She did not understand. She did not comprehend why her mother was so fascinated with someone who seemed so average.

Based on her observations over the past several weeks, she had come to the conclusion that the boy was a walking contradiction. He clearly lacked in social skills and seemed nervous in large crowds, but seemed to enjoy meeting new people and wishing to spend personal time with them. He seemed to be one to try and avoid conflict and problems, but made it his goal to help those in need despite the possible consequences and dangers it could bring upon him. His intelligence was also odd, as it failed when dealing with book smarts and schoolwork, but seemingly acceled in combat and high risk situations, such as during the trials at the Gala Dress Ball.

That was in fact one of the most astute and knowledgeable observations she had witnessed over the boy. The power he had displayed had not matched anything her records could find, and the way he moved and acted within the point of conflict displayed a strong and determined will to survive that she had only observed in few others. It was impressive, but did not match someone who was supposed to be a mere D-rank freshman.

Was that why her mother was interested in him? Was it his unknown power? Was it his contradicting personality? Was it the skill and leadership he showed in combat?

She did not know. She did not understand.

And that made her feel.....odd.

It was a similar feeling to her 'nervousness' that she had felt about the Ball. She still did not understand every emotion she had been programmed with the E-Chip, but she had made and analyzed several of them already. This one was different however. It did not seem to match any of the ones she had logged already.

The best analysis she could conclude, was that it matched a similar state her mother and father had whenever they had discovered a new problem, or something unexpected that fascinated them.


Yes, it seemed to match what she was feeling. She was.....curious. Curious about the strange silver-haired boy that had caught her mother's attention so much.

She was curious as to how he had such influence on her mother. She was curious as to his strange power. She was curious as to why he acted as he did.

And as Labrys looked down at the computer screen and the images and data pulled up over the silver-haired teen, the most, astonishing? Yes that was the correct phrase. The most astonishing piece of all flowed through her data.


She was curious as to WHY he made her curious.
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