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Oracle Manor

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Oracle Manor

Post by powerfulprotector on Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:48 am

Oracle Manor, home to the one and only Kerin Oracle, was not simply a stately home. Within the extravagant grounds and the highly decorated walls, there were wondrous things. All manner of creatures could be found within this manor, unicorns, centaurs, angels, demons, were- creatures, even some vampires. For many looking at the place from the border of Kerin's land, it would seem just like a normal manor.

In truth, Kerin Oracle had gone through her life with no one to help her to understand what she was. Her parents had been killed when she was very young, but now, she was fully grown. Over a thousand years had passed since the day she mastered her abilities and now, she had gathered up those of the supernatural in the same situation she had been in herself. Teaching them control, giving them a place to call home and to meet others like themselves, it made her happy.

Oracle Manor is always willing to take in new guests, students. If you feel yourself in need of support in any way, Kerin Oracle, the nine tailed kitsune of fire, will always be there to help.
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