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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 2)

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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 2) Empty Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 2)

Post by Decade on Thu Dec 25, 2014 5:59 am

The cold wind flew across miles of ocean and land, and it it seemed as if only a few seconds had passed as it flew into the bustling city of Terminal, as holiday decorations and events were seen all around the city, the cold air greeting the people as they prepared and made way for Christmas which was the next day.

Everyone seemed to be excited and ready.


"DAMN IT!!!"

Except for one young girl named Mizuho at the Society center in Terminal University, as yet another experiment blew up in her lab's face.

"The formula didn't work again! Darn you, work for me!!" Mizuho shouted as she shook the computer before her rapidly, as a pair of antler ears shook upon her head.

"Hey hey take it easy on the poor thing. It's had to deal with a lot this year." The voice of Vanessa spoke up as she watched with a chuckle.

Mizuho pouted but reluctantly let go as she sat down, "It's doing this on purpose I know it! I had the formula ready this time and it decides to crash!? It's a conspiracy I say!"

"By who?"

"By winter!!"

"According to my data banks winter is not an actual being of existence or life. Merely a yearly change in the seasons as temperatures begin to drop rapidly and a series of collectively well known and enjoyable holidays are celebrated."

Vanessa chuckled as she looked at Labrys, who was sitting down in the corner, "I don't think that's what she meant Labrys-chan."

"Oh. I see."

Mizuho smiled as she patted Labrys's head, "Don't worry Labrys-chan! I won't be beaten by something like a yearly seasonal change. You can never kick down a good scientist and mechanic!"

"You also can't change the weather to make it snow," Vanessa commented offhandedly.

"I WILL DO IT!!!" Mizuho shouted as she pointed upwards, a gleam in her eyes, "I will not stand another Christmas year without snow in this city! It's unfathomable! Winter without snow is like hot dogs without the bun! Oreos without the cream! Abbot without Costello! Teslas without the coils!"

Vanessa sweatdropped, "I think you got lost halfway through there."

Mizuho simply ignored and continued, "That is why I will make sure my snow machine works by Christmas morning! I will finally give this city the true winter and holiday spirit it deserves! Or I swear I will give up my position here and live a life of a hermit to discover the true meaning of snow making!"

"You can't do that either," Labrys commented calmly.

Shaking out of her moment Mizuho turned to the blue haired girl curiously, "Oh by the way I forgot to ask. What's with the outfit?"

Labrys looked down at her decor, which for some reason consisted of a full body reindeer suit, complete with movable fluffy tail and a pair of antlers on her head, "I was told this suit would help me get into the 'holiday spirit' and help me connect to it better. Also I was told it would apply 'extra cuteness factor' to those who saw me and would make Onii-chan happy."

Labrys didn't even flinch as Vanessa hugged the expressionless girl cheerfully and rubbed her cheek to hers, "That's right! You look so cute in that outfit Labrys-chan! Just wait till Tsuki-kun sees you! He'll be so overwhelmed by his little imouto's cuteness that he'll just die!!"

Labrys blinked, "You're saying this outfit is lethal to onii-chan?"

Vanessa simply winked, "Oh no Labrys-chan, you got that part covered. Trust me."

"And what does that make you then?" Mizuho questioned as she looked over Vanessa's own....clothes.

Vanessa simply grinned and posed, "Why sexy Mrs. Clause of course!

It was true, as Vanessa wore what looked like a body tight Santa suit to her, with the top slightly cut off to show off her bust, while the skirt as slightly up to reveal her thighs and black leg stockings. She also had what appeared to be a mistletoe hanging from the top of her Santa hat.

Mizuho simply stared and rubbed her brow, "You know it's times like this many questions come to mind. The top of which being, why?

"Oh please, you're just jealous of how hot I look. Just wait. When Tsuki-kun gets a load of me he'll turn so red he'll put this outfit to shame," Vanessa laughed happily.

"And it's also times like this I doubt you very much when you say you only look at him as a 'brother'. Cause if so then this borderlines to brocon levels of weirdness."

"Brocon?" Labrys asked innocently.

Vanessa blushed slightly and glared, "I-It's not like that! I just want to tease him is all! He's so cute not to tease and is such a great and kindhearted onii-chan. I just want to enjoy every moment of the holiday that I can with him!"

"Still don't get why you call him 'onii-chan' when he's younger than you."

"It's the principal of things! Though I wouldn't mind if he became my outouto instead!"

"And the mistletoe?"

"Bonus points if he goes through with it."

Mizuho just shook her head, "Why do I bother? In any case just keep the Mrs. Clause thing to a minimum here while I try to work on a new formula."

Vanessa blinked surprised at the sudden switch, "Man, you really want snow that bad huh?"

"Of course!" Mizuho shouted as she jumped on her desk and faced the two, who watched surprised.

Mizuho: "The weather outside is frightful!
But no fires are here to be delightful!
And if nature wont make a show!
I'll make it snow, make it snow, make it snow!"

Vanessa rolled her eyes as Labrys blinked.

Vanessa: "In this city what's it you expected?"

Labrys: "It's .00217 percentage."

Mizuho leaped down and pouted.

Mizuho: "I don't care if the numbers are low!
I'll make it snow, make it snow, make it snow!"

She then clicks a button on the console as the city image pops up.

Mizuho: "It never shows signs of starting!
And I won't go down without fighting!
I'll make this city white and glow!
I'll make it snow, make it snow, make it snow!"

She then smiles as a hologram plays of the city in snow as it shows an image of her.

Mizuho: "When it finally is covered in white.
I'll be out in the cold!"

The image shows holo Mizuho doing activities such as snow angels, snowman building, snow ball fights, etc etc.

Mizuho: "I'll be playing all day and all night.
And my day will turn bright as gold!"

She then turned to both girls and wrapped her arms around their necks.

Mizuho: "So you get now why I want this?
It's the only thing on my wish list!"

She then let go and stood in a dramtic pose.

Mizuho: "So I'll fix this formula and go!
Play in the snow, play in the snow, play in the snow!!!"

Mizuho stood in the dramatic pose almost sparkling as Labrys clapped calmly. Vanessa simply smiled and crossed her arms, "Well that may be your wish this Christmas, but I'll take my chances with something much easier to obtain."

"Like your 'onii-chan'?"

Vanessa turned beat red again, "It's not like that! It's jus-"

"But you do want onii-chan?" Labrys questioned.

Vanessa growled, her face red in embarrassment, "W-Well yeah but I-"

"Then why the dramatic get up huh?"



"GAH!!!!" Vanessa shouted in annoyance and embarrassment, "Look okay!"

Vanessa: "I don't want a lot for Christmas.
I have all the things I need!"

She turned to the two and held her arms out.

Vanessa: "I have the best friends in the whole world.
And live in this amazing and fun city!"

She then held her hands together and closed her eyes.

Vanessa: But I just want for myself to own.
A holiday moment with us alone.
Between me and my big bro.
All I want this Christmas, is-"



Vanessa turns around and begins daydreaming.

Vanessa: "I don't want a lot for Christmas!
I just want us to have our day!
Going around this big old city!
Spend time together and getting to play!"

The day dream shows Tsukiko and Vanessa doing random events, having fun, eating out, etc etc.

Vanessa: "I don't need to hang my stockings!
Or set up a big and smelly old tree!
Santa can remove my name from his list!
Long as its' just my outoto and me!"

The daydream goes to Vanessa rejecting Santa and hugging Tsukiko tightly to her chest as she smiles happily.

Vanessa: "I just want him all to myself!
And not care or share with anyone else!
I'll give him the best day he'll know!
Cause all I want for Christmas is my big bro!"

Mizuho sweatdropped and leaned to Labrys.

Mizuho: "Are we really sure she isn't a brocon?"

Labrys: "I still don't know what that means."

Vanessa spun and her eyes sparkled as she smiled.

Vanessa: "Then at the end we'll find our way.
To the biggest and brightest Christmas tree!"

Daydream switches to the two standing in front of a large Christmas tree as they stare.

Vanessa: And then in that moment he'll confess his happiness!
Underneath my mistletoe!

He confesses as a snow arrow pierces through image Vanessa's heart as the two lean towards each other.

Vanessa: "And we'll share our special moment!
With or without the addition of snow!"

Mizuho: "HEY!!"

Vanessa: "Cause I just want to spend day and night!
With him holding me so close and tight!
I'll make this dream a real show
Cause all I want for Christmas! Is my-"


The daydream and song shattered as the three girls turned to the voice, as Mizuho and Vanessa paled at the sight of an angry Lucina.


As both girls paled and prepared to try and save their lives, Labrys stared into space in thought.

"A day with onii-chan?"

Her mind computes and imagines the scenarios Vanessa spoke of, but with her in place in her reindeer outfit. Slowly as she processed the idea and each event mentioned, a red tint of color filled her cheeks and a warm smile graced her face at the thoughts.

Though she still had no idea what the purpose of the mistletoe was.
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