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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 4)

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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 4) Empty Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Part 4)

Post by Decade on Wed Dec 31, 2014 4:26 am

"We wish you a Merry Christmas.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
And a Happy Ne-"

"God dammit turn that thing off would you?"

"Awww. But I was enjoying that."

A click was heard as the song stopped. Sitting in her office chair Lucina sighed and rubbed her head in annoyance, "Honestly. Bad enough Mizuho nearly froze the city again."

"I would have loved seeing the snow!"

"No you wouldn't," Lucina replied back as she looked over to Plutia, who was sitting across from her in a cute elf costume as she swung her legs happily. The young girl had decided to barge in uninvited and wait for Lucina to finish her work so they could head out together towards the party that was set for the night, though she herself wasn't exactly too comfortable with the idea. But she knew Plutia wouldn't be swayed, and couldn't once the child had made up her damn mind, and so simply let her stay in the office so long as she didn't bother her.

It was all fine until the music started playing.

"Look, I'm just not in the mood for listening to that ridiculous song, or any holiday tune for that matter so I'd very much like to appreciate the peace and quiet right now thank you," Lucina finished as she looked down at her papers.

"Don't you like Christmas music though?" Plutia asked curiously.

Lucina shrugged in her reply, "Not really. It's too cheery and peaceful for someone like me."

"Why though?"

"Because I'm not exactly a cheery or peaceful kind of person."

"Why though?"

"Because of the things I do."

"Why though?"

"Because that's the kind of person I am."


"How is your sister doing?" Lucina interrupted before she did something she'd regret to the innocent girl.

Plutia blinked and smiled, "She's doing better. Her therapy is going well and the support braces you made for her are working wonders. She still needs months to fully heal and sadly won't be able to come, but she is happy you're doing well and hopes you'll enjoy tonights party."

Lucina's expression filled with concern and doubt once more at the mention of the party, "Yeah..."

Plutia blinked again and tilted her head as she stared at the blue-haired woman. A silence grew between the two, though it felt more awkward for Lucina, as Plutia simply continued to move her legs back and forth.

"You don't want to go do you?"

Lucina looked up surprised at the words as Plutia stared back calmly. Knowing the young girl wouldn't let the issue go unless given an answer Lucina let out a sigh and turned her seat to the large panel windows of her office, "It's more along the lines of I don't deserve to go."


"Don't start," Lucina interrupted annoyed. After a moment of more silence Lucina looked out her windows and towards the entire society, "You and I both know the things I've done. The lives I've ruined, the people I've hurt, and the pain I've caused. I've done so much to this city and the people in it that it won't ever be forgotten or forgive no matter how much time passes."

"Of course."

Lucina twitched slightly at the innocent bluntness but continued, "And yet here I am on a Christmas Eve, sitting in my office with a child, no offense."

"None taken."

"On the same night that a Christmas party is being held that I was INVITED too. Me. The same woman who tried to turn this city inside out several times over in a mad quest to put closure on my life."

Lucina paused at the painful memories, and then looked down sadly, "And yet...they invited me. Invited me to spend time with them on a holiday evening party. To eat, celebrate, and have fun with them after all I've done. To those who I have used and hurt in the past and yet insist they want me there. With faces I've watched filled with pain, betrayal, sadness, and hate, and yet now look at me with smiles and love. With the same person who I have lashed out and tried to destroy out of my own self-destruction, yet accepted me and forgave me despite EVERYTHING I've done to him! To them! To this city!!"

Lucina's expression shifted from conflict to sadness as she looked down to a pendant hanging from her neck in the shape of a small princess crown. She fiddled with it gently as her eyes filled with grief, "I shouldn't be forgiven. Not for all I did. Not for what I sacrificed and took."

Tears began to fill her eyes.

"Not for her life."

Even Plutias' mood lessened at the memory as the two girls stayed silent. After a moment though Plutia pouted and stood up.

"But she wouldn't want you to be lonely either!" Plutia shouted much to Lucina's surprise, "She wouldn't want you all sad and depressed like this, especially during this time of the year! She'd want you to go celebrate and have fun while you could and forget everything else!"

"How can I though!?" Lucina shouted as she clenched the necklace, "How can I...when it isn't the same..."

Lucina looked over the society and towards a specific desk. One that had remained vacant for some time.

Because it was too hard to replace.

Lucina: "Years almost over.
The end of December.
The holiday cheer is all around."

Lucina touched the glass over where the desk seemed to be.

Lucina: "I haven't spent a single Christmas moment this month.
Cause all I feel is my heart weighing me down."

Plutia watched silently as Lucina smiled in memory of a previous Christmas, as a young red-head pulled her around the city, by force, happily and with a bright smile.

Lucina: "It makes me remember our last December.
When the city looked so beautiful and bright.
As we walked the streets your smile helped keep me safe and warm.
And forget about my pain or need to fight."

The memory fades as Lucina clenches her fist on the window and tightens her grip on the necklace.

Lucina: "Now its' Christmas, and you're so far away.
How come this Christmas, you just couldn't have stayed?
And I wonder, what do you think of me today?
I just don't know what to do, this Christmas day without you."

Lucina felt her eyes water as she clenched her teeth and tightened the grip on her necklace with both hands, "Stephanie..."

To her surprise a smaller pair of hands grasped hers, causing her head to snap up and look at Plutia, who held her hands and smiled gently.

"She'd want you to not cry."

Lucina simply looked down again, "How can I wh-"

"Wasn't she smiling?" The question caught Lucina off guard but Plutia smiled, "Tsukiko told me. She was smiling wasn't she? Even at that moment she still smiled to you both and wanted you both to be happy right?"

Lucina's eyes widened slightly at the words, knowing the truth in them. It was as she said, yet even now she still pushed down the thoughts that her friend had wanted her to be happy and smiled even when her life faded. She didn't want to believe that she could still be loved even after what she caused, and yet she knew it was true regardless.

"But I...I still..."

Lucina felt the hands gently grasp her firmer as Plutia smiled.

Plutia: "There's a sound in the distance.
But you don't want to listen.
Because you feel you're still alone cause she's not here."

Lucina glared slightly but it swiftly faded upon Plutia's smile.

Plutia: "If you let your pain aside, I'm sure you can find.
That you're not as alone as you appear."

Plutia's body glowed suddenly as Lucina felt a light surround her. Her vision suddenly changed as she found herself in a sea of light, as many faces and people began appearing around her.

Vanessa. Labrys. Mizuho. Ariana. Plutia. Chijinda. Sarah.

And even Tsukiko and Nyx.

Plutia: "Because its' Christmas, and we'll help you to see.
On this Christmas, you're as loved as can be.
And I know for sure, what she'd be thinking today."

Lucina looked up in shock as Stephanie appeared before her, smiling the same smile she did in that same Christmas memory.

Plutia: "Open your heart on this Christmas, and allow love to be with you."

The illusions faded as Lucina's tears fell freely from her eyes. Much to her surprise Plutia was also crying but still held the smile on her face. Realizing what had happened Lucina wiped her tears, "That was...a dirty trick.."

"But it worked right?"

Lucina chuckled slightly, "Worked isn't the right word," she looked at her necklace and fingered it gently, "But I....can understand what you're saying."

Plutia nodded, "We all miss her Lucina-chan. And we'll never forget her or her memory as long as we live. But she would want us to move on and keep pushing forward, so that we could all find our happiness and futures wherever they may lead too. And we have all come to see you as our friend and someone we love. That's why we invited you and why we don't want to see you alone anymore."

Plutia gently grasped her hands once more, "So please. Please don't lock yourself away again. Come with us and have fun. Enjoy yourself. And allow yourself to feel our love for you. Please?"

Lucina stared at the beginning and innocent face of Plutia. There was not one shred of deception or ulterior motive anywhere to be found. Not that you would expect it from the young girl, but it still reminded Lucina just how much had changed since that day, and since she herself had changed because of it.

Closing her eyes she nodded as Plutia grinned and cheered and hugged her, "Yay!!"

"O-Oy! Stop that!" Lucina put out annoyed, though she did nothing to really stop it. Plutia let go and giggled happily.

"Sorry sorry, I'm just really happy. And I know everybody else will be! Especially Tsukiko!"

Lucina looked at her confused, "What do you mean?"

"Well he was the one who wanted you to come the most. Oh not that the others weren't as passionate! They all were! He just really really REALLY wanted you to come!"

"He....did?" Lucina wasn't sure what to feel on that. Though much had changed between them since that day, the concept that they were actually...friends...was something she admittedly hadn't fully understood or accepted yet, most likely out of fear and old habits. Yet the very thought that the boy she had hated wanted her to be at the party so badly brought a slight warmth to her cheeks.

Plutia nodded unnoticing as she smiled, "Anyways let's not wait any longer! Let's get going!"

"Not so fast," Lucina said stopping the girl's happy thoughts, "I still have work to do. Until it's done I can't go anywhere yet. It may be the holidays but it's no excuse for slacking off."

"Awwwww," Plutia pouted rather cutely. The mere sight warmed Lucina's heart a bit as she found her resistance melting and sighed.

"Though I suppose if you help me out, we can leave sooner."

At that Plutia's expression did a 180 as she grinned and raised her arms happily, "HAI!!"

She then rushed passed Lucina and began working on the papers and notes at inhumane speeds, though to Lucina it was rather tame. Lucina simply shook her head but smiled at the sight, as she touched the necklace once more.

Lucina: "I'm too old and too cruel to believe in Santa Clause.
Yet why do I see these gifts given to me?"

She closes her eyes at all the pleasent memories of the past few years in Terminal. With everybody she knew. Everybody who cared for and called her a friend.

Lucina: "I thought I lost it once. That maybe it's all a dream.
"Yet I feel myself not feeling so lonely."

The memories continue, especially with her, Stephanie, and Tsukiko.

Lucina: "It's Christmas, and what I'm seeing right here.
On this Christmas, is that you'll always be near.
And I hope you'll keep watching, cause I want you to see and hear."

Lucina felt one more tear drop from her cheeks as she opens the necklace up, revealing a picture of Stephanie holding Tsukiko and Lucina in a chokehold with both arms and smiling happily, while Lucina blushes and glares while Tsukiko looks embarrassed and surprised.

Lucina: "That I won't walk away, and will find my own way.
To feel love and be true, on this Christmas without you."

Lucina closes he necklace and smiles as she walks over to help Plutia, this time with the eagerness to get the work done and go to the party.

So she could see everyone.


On a rooftop watching the city, a silent figure in a white cloak watches as the sun starts to set.

"Soon...This city will understand my cold heart."
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