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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP! Sign Ups!

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP! Sign Ups!

Post by Jain vi Bookshelvia on Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:39 pm

Well, I'm in the mood for something new and haven't tried this one yet.

So welcome to my attempt at a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay.

I suppose first we should get the rules out of the way, so onto the instructions.

First, I shall explain how this system shall work.

As OP and GM, I will be administering everything here. Using RNGs, I will determine your course in the adventure and all its twists and turns.

Of course, as players, you will also have a say in this.


HP (Hit Points): Your character's hit points. Pretty self-explanatory; this is what determines your character's current status of health. If your character's Hit Points fall below 0, your character now has the Deadly Status.

Now to explain the Deadly Status. This is when your character is knocking on Death's Door. With this Status on, the following shall occur. Your character cannot move on by themselves and will have a large negative modifier on all actions. Unless resuscitated by a Reviver Seed or a Revive Gem, at the beginning of your character's round, I shall use an RNG (Random Number Generator) to determine what happens to your character. The best outcome is that you leave your Deadly Status and continue onward with sheer willpower. The worst outcome? Well...

PP (Power Points) Every Pokémon has Moves, just like the games. However, power always has a cost. These Moves shall be dipping into this pool, taking a predetermined cost to cast. Regeneration factor is affected by Constitution.

STR (Strength) How physically powerful you are. This is often dependent on your race, but can be changed depending on the choices you take throughout the course of the game. Used for Physical Moves, attacks and actions.

DEF (Defense) Your character's Physical Defense. How you protect yourself from physical attacks.

SPI (Spirit) Your character's inner power. You channel into your inner affinities and cast Moves of a variety of effects. Used for Special and Miscellaneous Moves.

SpDEF (Special Defense) Your character's Special Defense. How you protect yourself from special attacks.

DEX (Dexterity) Your character's coordination. This stat defines your character's skill and accuracy of Move, attacks and certain actions. Also affects turn priority.

CON (Constitution): Your character's physical fortitude. Your healing, stamina recovery, immunities and such are affected by this stat.

SPD (Speed): How quick your character is physically. This stat affects your possible movements in a turn and the order of time priority.

INT (Intelligence): How knowledgeable your character is about this world. Is that berry poisonous? Is that the idol of a Legend? Your character will use this stat for Insight Checks like these.

WIS (Wisdom): How experienced your character is with others. Your character may be able to read into another's motives. This Stat is often used for social checks and such.

CHA (Charisma): The aura that your character exudes. How your character is able to affect others with your bravado and conviction. Often used in diplomatic and merchant situations.

Scale of Stats: A reference as to what your character can do. For example, a Rattata would have the STR of 10, being able to strong enough to scratch through bark and roots with its claws and fangs. A Machamp would have the STR of 17, being able to lift an Onix with relative ease. Any stat above 10 will have a positive modifier on whatever action your character is making. However, this also applies vice versa.


Like all Pokémon games, they are allowed to use multiple Moves with a plethora of effects. Will consume PP upon use.

Physical: A Move that involves your character to attack the opponent directly or your character physically causing some sort of phenomenon. (Slash and Earthquake respectively.)

Special: A Move that channels an affinity, causing an attack of some sort that does not involve your character directly. (Surf, Earth Power, etc.)

Status: A Move that does not directly attack your opponent. May be used a buff or debuff, any moves that does not involve the two above. (Attract, Roar, Swords Dance, etc.)


Here's how the combat system will work. Depending on your Speed and Dexterity, I will determine the order of turns in combat. For example, I know that the monsters before have a higher net total than your characters except for a select three. The turn order would go; the faster monsters, you, and the slower monsters.

This can also be determined by outside factors, such as surprise and stealth. Being caught off guard can lead to higher priorities and stronger attacks.

During a turn, a player is allowed to use 1 Move, use a smaller action (item use or checks) and move their character, or vice versa of the former. You cannot use a Move and do something else at the same time. However, you can use a lesser attack and do another action.

After everyone has made their turn, that completes the end of a round. The next round begins anew from the first person who went last turn. They are exceptions to this rule, but that's for later.

In this Role Play, you are going to be providing me with a variety of details about your character.

Details include:


Species (Be reasonable.)

Characteristics (Personality and Quirks)

Background (If any)


Whether or not your character was a former human.

I think this covers just about most of it. If you'd like for me to begin soon, please sign up and post your information here or PM me. I shall reply to you via PM about your character's information.

That being said, let the sign ups begin!

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Jain vi Bookshelvia
Jain vi Bookshelvia
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Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP! Sign Ups!

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:54 pm

Im in



Characteristics:friendly,tenacious and daring

Background:As a kid he always dreamed on becoming friends with pokemons ever since a dragon pokemon saved him from drowning in a lake.One night while he was stargazing he chanced upon a shooting star and made a wish to get closer to pokemons.His wish came true as he is now a pokemon!! His adventure begins.

Zaio Volnutt
Zaio Volnutt
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Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP! Sign Ups!

Post by Decade on Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:15 pm

Name: Kitome

Species: Eevee

Characteristics: Quiet, Cautious, Watchful, Curious, Helpful and caring to those in need, Protective of the innocent, the hurt, and to own beliefs

Background: Has no memory. Awakening to a dark and empty cave with nothing but pain and an aching skull to greet him, he remembers nothing. Not of where he was, how he ended up there, and most importantly, who he is. The only clue to any of these answers laid in a pendant found around his neck with the name "Kitome" embedded in it. Confused, lost, and filled with questions, Kitome set out to find answers to what happened, and to who he is.

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Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP! Sign Ups!

Post by Kirua Kiragaia on Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:58 am

Name: Gaki

Species: totodile

Characteristics: Shy, somewhat playful, lonely

Background: This pokemon was once a kid but when this kid saw a rare pokemon totodile He followed the totodile into shining lights when he went into the lights he looked at himself and found out that he was then a totodile. but he was beaten up by a jolteon and a luxray ever since then he decided to go places on his own but wishes he had a friend who had his back.

Gender:Male Used to be a human
Kirua Kiragaia
Kirua Kiragaia
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Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP! Sign Ups!

Post by Sponsored content

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