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Tales of Yggdra: Chapter 1

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Tales of Yggdra: Chapter 1

Post by Weiss Schnee on Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:31 pm

Chapter 1: Heimdall, Village of the Elves

“EXCUSE ME?!” Rita’s disappointment was adamant.

Daeris seemed unphased. “Is there something wrong?”

“Hell yeah there’s something wrong! Doon can’t even cast a fireball properly. How is he better than me?!”

Thanks for the vote of confidence… “As much as I don’t want to agree...she’s right. I’m no mage.”

Daeris sighed and shook her head. “You are all aware of a Elf’s ability to sense Mana, correct? I am certain Doon here has more Mana than you do, Ms. Mordio.”

Rita still seemed to not appreciate it. “Are you saying I’m weak? Cause I can prove to you right here, right now, that I’m better than he is!”

Before Doon could say anything, Daeris smirked and began to speak. “Is that a challenge, Ms. Mordio?”

Rita stomped her foot. “You bet it is! Daeris Lithron, I, Rita Mordio, challenge you to a Magical Duel!” Almost everyone in the room gasped at her sudden proclamation. Flynn was the most adamant at his refusal to host this duel, but through a combination of Rita’s intimidation and Daeris’ talking, he agreed.

A small area had been set up in the courtyard of the castle. It was small, but the flowers and trees around gave a certain outdoor feel to the place. 2 balconies were set up above the courtyard, Doon occupying one and Flynn the other. Rita and Daeris were currently getting searched by the court mages to make sure they only had their magic to use.

As Doon sat there, he couldn’t help but fidget around with his weapons. His weapons consisted of two pistols he had hand made to be able to fire concentrated shots of elementally charged Mana. He stared at Rita and sighed. Of course she'd do this….

“This should be a good fight.” The sudden new voice caught Doon off guard and he jumped. He turned and saw a new man standing there. He was a tall, middle aged man with blond hair and purple eyes. He wore a slick grey overcoat and purple shirt. His pants were blue and he wore large boots. He turned and looked at Doon. “Sorry if I startled you, kid.”

“’s fine.” Doon attempted to slow his breathing. “Who are you? And what do you mean “Good fight”? Is Daeris really that good?”

The man laughed. “Name’s Malik. As for the fight….yes. Daeris Lithron is a rather renown mage.”

Doon turned back and looked to the fight. It was certainly not going to be easy for Rita. Though, she seemed determined, and Doon had seen that face one too many times to argue.

Flynn cleared his throat. “Alright. By rite of the duel, you are each prohibited to use any weapons aside from the Magic you have at your disposal, understand? This duel will not end until one side admits defeat or….dies. Are you both alright with this?” They both agreed. “Then let the duel commence!”

Rita pulled out her scroll and it began to fly around her are magic symbols began to appear all around her. Daeris seemed to not even be attempting to cast anything. Rita finished casting, and began to use the spell. “Burn to ashes, Eruption!” A huge circle of fire appeared beneath Daeris as a huge lava plume began to spurt from it.

The attacked seemed to hit it’s mark, but didn’t do any identifiable damage. Doon could see a faint shimmer from her body as she landed and shook her head at Rita. “You should look up your opponent before charging.”

Rita seemed disheartened. “What the?! It hit you full force!”

Doon turned to Malik as if expecting him to explain, which he promptly did. “Daeris is a mage known for her ability to form her Mana into barriers that can stop her from taking the full brunt of an attack. A rather nice ability if you ask me.”

Doon turned immediately back towards the fight. “So...she doesn't stand a chance.”

Meanwhile, Daeris had begun casting a spell and sighed. “I told you that you weren't the mage I was looking for. But if you don’t believe me...I will just have to teach you to learn your place. Slumber in this horrid sepulcher of merciful ice. Frigid Coffin!” An icy mist seemed to form on the battlefield. Rita seemed to actually be sweating.

A huge icicle raised from beneath Rita before she could react, and a coffin like shape formed. As the ice harden, it suddenly shattered, causing Rita to hit the ground hard. Doon’s eyes widened fearing the worst, and Daeris seemed to have the same idea as she began to walk away.

However, what no one noticed was Rita raising her hand. “Wielder of flame...reduce these souls to ashes….Explosion!!” Daeris gasped as a streak of fire hit the ground near her and exploded. The entire field was covered in smoke, and both mages were on the ground.

It wasn’t too long however, before they both stood up. Rita smiled. “I’ll admit Daeris. You were tougher than I thought...but I’m gonna end this.”

Daeris smiled. “I could say the same to you, Rita. Don’t count me out yet…” They both began casting a spell at the same time.

Doon lost track of how long the fight had been going on. Since that initial display, both sides had thrown spell after spell at each other.  While Daeris seemed to be slowly down partially to not stress her injuries...Doon could tell Rita’s body was a walking time bomb, waiting to quit on her. Even Daeris seemed to be concerned. “ really shouldn't push yourself. It is not weak to admit defeat to a stronger opponent.”

Rita chuckled. “Oh I know that. But the thing’re not stronger. And I'm gonna prove it.” Rita began to cast another spell, and Doon immediately recognized it. No...she can't cast that...her body can’t handle it!

Daeris seemed to understand as she quickly shot an Icicle spell at her. Rita dodged the maneuver however, and continued. Despite Daeris’s repeated attempts, she seemed determined. “Rita! If you fire all that mana off now, your body will die!”

Rita smiled. “You scared to see my most powerful spell? You should be. O power that lies at the root of all creation, O memory inscribed in ages past, hear my call and arise before me…”

Doon didn't think, he just acted. He drew one of his guns and aimed it right at Rita’s chest. “Flare Shot!” Doon expected to see a small fireball shoot out and hit Rita in the chest, canceling her spell. What he didn't expect though, was a huge beam like wave of fire to shoot out and slam Rita halfway across the courtyard and into the wall. “RITA!”

Daeris and a few guard immediately ran over to her. Flynn jumped from the balcony and ran as well. Doon could just sit there and watch them carry her off...knowing he was the one that did it. It seemed as if the next while moved quicker than Doon could react. Rita was admitted to the medical wing of the castle. Flynn had assured him he did nothing wrong. And Daeris was waiting to talk to him in the room they first met.

Doon walked into the room and saw Daeris sitting at the table. “You came…” Doon simply nodded. He walked over to the table and sat down. Daeris seemed to still be calm, but he felt he could tell she was nervous. Whether it was concern over Rita or the fact that he was supposedly so powerful, he couldn’t tell. He was offered a drink but he turned it down.

“What is it you want? Aren't the Elves usually happy to just stay in the Yimir Forest?”

Daeris nodded. She seemed to relax more now. “Yes, that is correct. My People are very secretive and prefer isolation. But the fact is, we have a problem that requires outside assistance.”

Doon nodded. “Alright. That’s simple enough. What is it you need me for?”

Daeris took a breath, trying to find the words she wanted to use. “Mana levels lately have been….fluctuating.” Doon remembered Rita mentioning that at some point as well. “We have tried to investigate its source, but have found no leads.”

Doon seemed confused. “And you think I can?”

Daeris nodded. “We heard that there was an extremely powerful mage in the Empire who also doubled as a genius over Magical Formulas and the like. So I was dispatched to find them.”

Doon chuckled slightly. “Then you are mistaken. Rita is the one who knows formulas. Not me.”

Daeris seemed confused. “Really? But you….nevermind then. I suppose you both will have to do then.”

Suddenly another voice piped in. “Make that three.” Doon turned to see Malik walk into the room. “I know you won’t appreciate this...but Flynn wants me to go with you.”

Daeris frowned. “Captain Caesar. Can you please explain to Captain Scifo I do not require an imperial escort?” Doon almost did a double take. This guy was one of the Four Fangs?

Malik nodded. “I understand that. But you must understand that this is our only chance to get to actually see Heimdall and observe it. It is merely a show of power. Besides...I’m not going to be representing the Empire unless asked. You do of course notice I am not wearing my uniform, right?”

Daeris’ eyes narrowed, but she sighed and shook her head. “I suppose I have no choice then. The Elder will not like this. Not one bit at all.”

Malik smiled. “Looks that way.” He turned to Doon. “Looks like you're stuck with me after all kid.”

Doon nodded. “I guess all we need to do is wait for Rita to be better.”

“I’m right here.” Rita came walking in, looking a lot better than one would expect. She walked straight over towards Doon and held out her hand. “Gun. now.”

“ I allowed to be a little concerned that you should still be in bed?”

She seemed adamant. “No. It was just a little Mana exhaustion. Now...your guns please.” Doon handed them over and Rita walked over to another table and began intricately studying them. Doon simply sighed and began to discuss how they would go about traveling to Heimdall. Within an hour, they were on a carriage heading southwest, to the Yimir forest. Along the way, Rita was still looking over Doon’s weapons. As much as he didn't want to ask, he did. “Why are you examining my guns?”

Rita sighed and shoved them back into his hand. “There is no way you fired the shot that took me down.”


“No! I don’t mean like that. I mean the fact the formula in your gun is physically not strong enough to hold that level of Mana that fired at me.”

Doon frowned. “Well it’s true. Ask Captain Caesar. He was there with me.”

Malik was sitting across the carriage with Daeris. “He’s right Rita. He is the one who fired the shot. And what a shot that was too. Makes some of the knights back at the Academy look like chumps.”

Doon chuckles and rubbed the back of his head. “Thanks..I guess.”

Suddenly, the carriage stopped. The driver turned back to them. “We've arrived at the edge of the forest.”

Daeris nodded. “Good. Let’s go.” They left the carriage and walked towards the forest. Yimir Forest was no different from any other forest. Still, it was the biggest forest in all of Yggdra, and it always seemed to have a mystical quality to it due to the Elves that inhabited it being very big isolationists. As the approached the forest, immediately two elves brandishing spears emerged from the bushes.

Even as Daeris walked at the head of the group, they did not falter. “ were only supposed to bring one Human back.”

Daeris nodded. “I understand and I will accept whatever punishment necessary. But this is the only way I could acquire the help we need.”

The Elves nodded. “Understood. You may enter.” The group walked past the Elves, who seemed to stare down at them with indignance.

Rita smiled. “We must be getting the good ol’ proper human treatment aren’t we?”

Daeris didn’t look back as she continued walking. “We are simply cautious.”

“Or just assholes.”

Doon turned to Rita almost immediately. “Rita!”

Daeris frowned. “It’s quite alright Doon. I have heard worse things than that. Now, if you follow me we will arrive in no time at all.

The group went deeper and deeper into the forest until they eventually arrived at their proper destination. Heimdall was a village as close to nature as you could get. The homes were all made of wood, and some even had trees growing in them. The homes themselves were nothing too fancy, and there were even multiple levels to the village, as some buildings were built using a tree as their foundation.  It was a large community, mostly due to the fact it was the only Elven village in all of Yggdra.

As they walked through, Doon could see the eyes of Elven children who probably had never even seen a human before scanning them with delight before their parents would force them away. It was a strange feeling, to feel unwelcome yet welcome at the same time...but Heimdall seems to convey the feeling perfectly to Doon.

They kept walking until they eventually arrived at a larger house in the back of the village that seemed to function as an Inn. As they walked up some small steps to reach the door, Doon swore he could feel every Elf they passed was now looking straight at him. They entered and were immediately assaulted with the smell of herbs and foliage. Daeris walked in and immediately bowed to an older Elf who was standing there waiting for them.

“Daeris.” His voice held a lot of wisdom, but seemed to also hold a fierceness Doon couldn’t quite describe. “I see you have returned...but this is more company than I expected.”

“Forgive me Elder, but I had to agree to certain terms.”

The elder faced Malik almost immediately. “You are Captain Caesar, are you not? I suppose the Empire views us as a potential enemy?”

Malik had a straight face that showed little emotion. “I cannot speak on those matters. Whether Heimdall and the Empire continue to have good relations is up to the Senate. Not me.”

The Elder nodded. “Yes, of course. But do remember your place.” He turned to Doon and Rita. “So these mages are the Empire’s best? I suppose they are better than I expected of humans.”

Rita frowned. “Yeah, not like you’d be much better ya old geezer.”

The Elder laughed. “Such disrespect. I allow you into my village, which has a strict no human policy and you treat me like this?”

Rita seemed to get angry now. “Tch! It’s not like you assholes don't deserve it.”

Doon sighed and turned to the elder. “I apologize for my master. We heard you needed help?”

The Elder nodded. “Yes. There are some ruins near the village that have been concerning us as of late. We would like your company to go and investigate.”

Rita seemed to light up for a second. “Would this have anything to do with Origin’s Shrine?”

The Elder and even Daeris seemed caught off guard by that question. It was the Elder to speak though. “I do not know where you heard such tall tales, but I will speak no more regarding that question. Now, you may sleep in this village tonight, but expect to leave first thing in the morning. You are also not allowed to leave this village until we say so, understand?” The group nodded. “Good. Daeris, come outside with me.” The Elder and Daeris left.

Outside, the Elder seemed rather distraught. Daeris looked to him. “She knows about Origin.”

He nodded. “Yes, and I see that same face we have seen many times before. She may not be allowed to study Origin’s Shrine. Watch her constantly while she’s here...understand?”

Daeris nodded. “Understood Elder.”

Later that night, Doon awoke to the noise of someone moving. When he went to investigate, he found Rita attempting to leave the Inn. “Rita?”

Rita jumped, but calmed down when she saw Doon. “Ah, Doon. Good, you can help me.”

Doon frowned. “And just what are we doing.”

Rita smiled. “The way those Elves reacted showed me that Origin is definitely sealed in their little forest. And I’m going to investigate.”

Doon gasped. “Wait! But, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like that. Come on...let’s just get back to bed.”

“And miss this opportunity? No thanks. If you wanna stay behind, fine.” She left. After a moment, Doon ran after her. As much as he’d hate to admit it, he had grown accustomed to Rita’s antics. They joined together and headed off deeper into the forest.

As they went along, the paths seemed to blend together and Doon almost feared they were lost before Rita suddenly lit up. “Bingo.” They came across an old gravestone in the ground at the end of a path.

Doon seemed unimpressed. “ Origin’s Shrine?”

Rita frowned. “It has to be...all the signs point to this being the case. Hmmmm..” She walked forward and put a hand on the stone. After a moment she frowned. “It’s no use..only a summoner would be able to awaken him anyway. It makes me sad, I thought I was so close…”

Doon started to walk forward to go comfort her, but suddenly the area began to emit an eerie glow. Doon was so caught off guard he fell back and heard Rita gasp. Suddenly, the gravestone began to glow. Doon heard hurried footsteps as he saw Daeris suddenly emerge from the brush.

“What did you do?!” Daeris seemed about ready to kill them. Doon stood back up and backed up towards the shrine. “I..I don’t know.”

A fierce light shot out and as it died down something was appearing above the shrine. It appeared to be a man with four arms and a cloud like formation as legs. He seemed confused as he turned towards Doon, his long blond hair wisping around until it rested along his back. “You...who possess the rite of the pact..why have you summoned me?”

Doon blinked and looked up at him. “M-me?”

The man nodded. “I am Origin. King of the Summon Spirits. And you are?”

Doon started shaking. “I...I am Doon…”

“Doon. I see.”

Doon couldn’t believe it. He had somehow summoned Origin. He saw Rita was surprised as well, and Daeris was kneeling to him. Origin seemed to take notice of the Elf. “I see an Elf of Heimdall has come with you.” Doon nodded, and he heard some more footsteps.

He turned and saw the Elder standing nearby along with a small battalion of Elven soldiers. The Elder did not seem happy. “What is the meaning of this!? Step away from that stone, boy!”

Origin seemed to stare straight at the Elder. “This boy has summoned me. He has the right to make a pact.”

The Elder stared at Doon in disbelief. “You...a summoner?”

Origin turned back to Doon. “Are you ready to be tested?”

Doon almost dropped. “Wait...are you serious?!”

Origin nodded. “Let me see your power, summoner Doon.” Without warning, lances appeared in each of Origin’s hands. With that, Doon, Rita, and Daeris were caught in a battle with Origin. It did not take long for them to realize they were outmatched, but it did not stop them from giving a good fight.

As Origin battled Daeris’s sword, Doon was shooting him from afar while Rita tried to cast her more powerful spells. Unfortunately, it did not take long for Daeris to be flung into a tree and knocked unconscious. Doon cringed, however noticed Origin heading for Rita next. She was in the middle of casting a spell, and was completely helpless. Once again...Doon didn’t think. He shot.

“Slicer Shot!” The shot rang out and exploded into three more shots that slammed into Origin. He staggered backward, and Doon ran for Rita. Thankfully, she finished casting her spell.

She smirked as Origin began to stand back up. “I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee, who opens the gates of hell. Come forth, divine lightning! Indignation!” A circle of magic appeared above Origin as a huge bolt of lightning slammed down onto him.

Once again, he staggered backward, but this time he recovered quickly. “I will admit...I am impressed….but this ends now!” Doon and Rita both braced themselves for an attack.

His lower body finally formed legs, though they appeared to be clad in purple armor. Wings began to form around his back, and his weapons began to spin around him. “Collapse!”

Three points of light formed around Doon and Rita, and as they formed...huge beams of Mana shot out between them bathing the area in light. After the attack finished, they found themselves collapsing to the ground.

As Doon lay there..battling the feeling to pass out, he heard Origin speak once more. “Go Doon. Form a pact with Maxwell. Become stronger and face me again. You hold much promise….”

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