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Faceless Sins: Chatper one

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Faceless Sins: Chatper one

Post by powerfulprotector on Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:58 pm

When the world around you changes, what do you do? Do you run and hide and hope for the best, or do you fight to get it back to the way things should be? This is a story of how a town was turned upside down, a story of how all those who survived the first wave, began fighting to defend their lives, their home and for the way things once were.

“I am really not looking forward to this” Spoke the red headed young woman behind the wheel of the car, the male next to her looking at her with that, matter of fact, look about him. She knew that she had to return to her home town, but she really didn’t want to. It had been five years. “I don’t particularly like the idea either, but Chris has asked for you to be there so we have to go.” Spoke the ever so masculine voice of her male companion, his dark brown eyes staring at her. So much had happened in the past that neither of them wanted to think about ever again, but the past had a habit of catching up with any one that tried to escape it.

Taking in a slow and a deep breath, the red head looked around the scenery for a moment before reverting her attention to the road ahead. They weren’t too far away from the town now, she could tell because they were coming up close to the fields just outside of town. The night sky was filled with stars that were not having to fight street lights to be seen and it looked divine. Not matter the comfort of the heavens looking down on them on this clear night, they were soon thrust into trouble again as the engine began to make noises that were far from normal.

The car slowed to a stop and the female behind the wheel cursed under her breath and hit the steering wheel. “Damn it, is anything on our side today?” She questioned getting out of the car. Her male companion soon followed her example and got out of the car only to see his lover opening the hood of the car. “I told you we should have gone to the other shop to get this fixed. I never trust Larry to fix a car.” She complained and the dark haired male scoffed slightly in amusement. “We couldn’t afford Hank’s prices you know that.” Came his reply and she sighed heavily as she closed the hood of the car. “Yeah I know.” She replied with a defeated tone to her voice.

Looking around with an uneasy feeling hanging over her, Jessica got her phone out of the car and looked at it. “You have got to be kidding me? No signal.” She groaned, this meant that they couldn’t call any one to get the car fixed, nor could they call Chris to let him know. “Guess this means we’re walking to town from here then.” Andrew commented and received a less then pleased look from Jess.

“I guess so.” She retorted before getting her stuff out of the trunk of the car. Slinging it over her shoulder, she watched Andrew do the same before they closed all of the car doors and locked it.

This was going to be far from pleasant. Having to hike through those field was going to be dangerous given the fact that they had all kinds of wild animals out here. It was hard to see anything, even with a flashlight and so they would have to be very careful. “It’s strange, I distinctly remember being able to see the dull glow from the town’s streetlights from here. Is there a blackout or something?” Andrew mentioned and Jess thought for a moment as she noticed that he was right.

“I certainly hope not, I hate blackouts.” Came her only response, muttered half-heartedly with the discomfort ringing in her tone.

All fell silent as they drudged through the empty fields and even that made her stomach turn. They were supposed to at least have been sown a few weeks back. Had this town really gone downhill that much? With her head swimming with so many questions that needed to be answered, Jess unknowingly sped up her walk and her male companion looked at her with concern lacing his chiselled features.

He could see the way her eyes moved like she was surveying the place and finding things that were out of place. He guessed that being a police officer with the side job of a forensic investigator was influencing her right now. He often found it fascinating to see her like this, but this time it made her stomach knot up to the point he felt sick with worry. She had known this place better than he did, she would always explore and notice things that few ever did.

Finally getting to the road of the small town, they soon noticed that the place didn't look the same. Cars were left in the middle of the road, smashed up. Some of them even looked as though they had been set alight at some point. There were shot gun shells, blood and glass littering the ground. They seemed to have walked into a war zone. As Andrew looked at Jess, he could almost read her mind, her expression was far from impressed. It read. "I told you." easily. They had known each other for so long, a simple glance spoke more words than a news reader.

Carefully stepping around the shrapnel, they began to head toward their destination, questions filling their heads. Jess stopped and tugged at Andrew's arm, making him stop. Turning his head to look at her, he noticed that she was looking at something in the distance to her left. Glancing to where Jess' eyes had fixed, he noticed what looked like a young woman in a nightdress, her back turned to them. Much to the dismay of the female clinging to his arm, the male took a few steps toward the one in the nightdress. He could see mud and dirt on her legs and arms, not to mention her nightdress was caked in mud. "Hey. Are you alright?" He called out, refusing to move any closer. He'd watched enough horror movies to know not to get too close.

Slowly turning around, the blonde revealed her horrifying identity. Hollow eyes, dark and caked in new and old blood. A blood curdling, hissing growl slowly rumbled from her getting louder. Teeth as sharp as shark teeth became visible as the inhumanly wide mouth opened. "Holy...!" Andrew yelled in surprise as he swiftly backed away, toward Jess. She was frozen in pure terror, her blue eyes wide as she stared at the creature before them. "Jess, come on... Jess! We've gotta move, come on." Andrew spoke trying to get the terrified female to move. With the creature closing in for the kill, things did not look good.

Almost out of nowhere, another male figure turned up. Swinging a golf club full strength, he took the creature's head clean off. Staring in disbelief, Andrew couldn't help but feel relieved. "Chris!" The suddenly aware female shrieked. Chris had only just turned around in time as Jess threw her arms around him. "Hey squirt. You made it." He spoke putting his arms around her.

Looking to Andrew, he gave a simple nod. "Andrew." He spoke with an evident tension there. Andrew gave a brief wave and a nod of his head. "Chris." He replied, trying not to seem bothered by the other male's presence. There had been a time when the two males had been best friends. "We should get inside before more come, they'll smell the blood." Chris spoke before leading Jess to another direction.
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