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Requiem of Insanity - Chapter 1

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Requiem of Insanity - Chapter 1

Post by Gathnix on Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:46 pm

Hey guys, this is the first time I've ever decided to show off anything that I've written or thought about writing. Tell me what you like and don;t like, because I'm really looking to improve. Feel free to go grammar Nazi if you'd like. Now, what you all came here for...

              Writen By James(Gathnix)Chamberlain
Chapter 1  
Jason Barends,

“It’s almost that time of year again,” I moan to myself as I prop myself up in my bed for the morning. “10:27. I’m late.” This begins yet another diurnal course that, at the end of the day, leaves my head spinning from brutal intoxication. I throw on an old battered coat and swiftly leave my run down New York apartment. It’s all I can afford these days due to the economic downturn and my horrible drinking addiction. I live paycheck to paycheck by working the day shift as a bartender in the Bronx. As I walk down the sidewalk full of half-assed construction jobs and homeless beggars looking for a good light, I see it. “Snow,” I groan, “Why does it have to be snow.” Some children, clearly off for Winter break run outside at the sight of the flurry. Nobody watches them as they run into the barren streets alone, and I don’t blame them. Nobody wants to take care of someone in this town full of rejects.

“Jason,” I hear my boss call from the front of the pub, “How many times do I have to tell you to not be late.”

“Yeah...Sorry.” I grumble in reply.

“Whatever, just get your ass in here and shine the glasses. Who knows when a customer might show up.”

I nod as a simple reply and follow the man into the bar. His name is Tony Marcano. I’ve known him for almost three years by christmas where I stumbled into his bar only looking for cheap liquor and he’s since employed me as a daily barkeep. I like him and the pay is enough to get by on, which is a large surprise seeing how this bar rarely gets any visits during my shift.

“Jason I’m heading out to go gather things for my daughter. Don’t do anything stupid.”

I nod in agreement and watch my boss walk out the door. “what a waste, his daughter won’t do anything for him.” I think out loud while preparing myself a generous glass of rum. I look up at the T.V. when I hear the afternoon news come on.

“Three found dead in an old Alabama home. Reasons are still unclear but stay tu-” I change the channel. What a waste of time the news is, taking things too far out of hand. People die, it’s a natural part of life that I’ve come to accept. The other station appears to be airing reruns of old football plays so I decide to leave it on that. Not long after a girl timidly walks through the doorway.

“Yeah,” I call out to her, “Welcome to the Golden Glass bar.”

“H-hi…” She stammers looking around as if she’s never been outside before. “D-do you think you could tell me how to get to the square?”
By square I can only think she means times square, which isn’t close to here at all. “You do realize that Times is quite a ways from here. So good luck getting there before dark in this weather.”

“Am I really that far? Oh no…” she said with wide eyes and looking around frantically. “Then tell me, where are we.”

I give an exasperated sigh, “A run down pub in the slums of the Bronx. It might be hard for you more fortunate to understand.”

“I-i’ts not like that at all… I didn’t come here by choice”

“Nobody does.”

She turns away from me slightly after my last comment. Maybe I’m being too harsh. I decide against it and keep my stone cold expression. “Look, do you want a drink or not.”

“I’ll take a beer.”

“Fine. I didn’t happen to get your name.”

“It’s Melanie. Melanie Neeg.”

“Well that’s an odd name,” I say and get her a fresh mug from the back. As I’m picking out the one with the most frost from the freezer I hear a crash. Knowing the amount of construction in this area and how it tends to knock over the glasses in the store I don’t think twice about it. Until the scream. This wasn’t your ordinary shriek. No. Something happened.

“What the…” I mutter and hurry back behind the bar fast enough only to see my glass of rum shattered and one large shard of glass sticking out of the young girl’s throat. I drop the mug I’m holding and stare blankly at the scene at which I’m a witness to. The girl, with only a bit of life left in her, looks me dead in the eyes and says one word. “Run.” Her body then stops in place and her now dead, lifeless eyes stare at the ceiling rather than me. Blood is now pooling under the stool in which she is sitting and you can hear a faint dripping sound from her neck to the tile. My body wants to move, to leave the store and go back to my apartment, but nothing works like it should. I only feel nausea rush over me as I stumble out of the bar and throw up the second I make it outside only to look like a drunk to everyone on the streets. I wipe the bile from my face and turn to see my boss walking towards me.

“Jason.” He says, “What are you doing. Don’t tell me you’re drinking our liquor again.”

“Tony.” I grumble while staring wide eyed into his confused face. “Run.”

With that I make a mad dash as far as I can from that address. There’s no way that I’m ever going back. I drag my boss at least 4 blocks away before he stops.

“what’s got you spooked kid. I’m going back. I’ll let you off but you better get your act together or I’m going to dock your pay.”

I slowly shake my head and stare into his eyes. “Whatever you do. Do not go back. Please.”

“Go home Jason, you’re drunk.” With that he leaves my grip as well as my stare and walks briskly back to his establishment. I follow him timidly, and with each block closer to returning I become more nervous.

When we arrive back I almost beg him with tears in my eyes not to go inside, but he ignores me and opens up the door regardless of anything that I have to tell him. I peek inside to see that the girl, and all signs of her, as well as my glass are gone. Nothing is there that wasn’t there this morning. I shake my head and run full speed down the street in the now pouring snow screaming. There’s no way something like that could happen and not still be there. No way in hell.


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