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7 No tsumi (Devil Survivor): Prologue

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7 No tsumi (Devil Survivor): Prologue

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:59 am


Rumors has it that whoever signs in this website gets a "Death clip" showing what seems to be the death of a person usually a friend.It eventually spreaded like wildfires everyone started using it,some say its true while others dismiss it as a hoax.I didnt take the whole thing serious until that fateful day.The day when my world is no more...


An eerie sound echoed through the hall as the light starts getting dimmer and dimmer till everything was pitch black.In that empty void a boy with black hair and light blue eyes was running away from something.

Where am i?
What was that just now?

Those thoughts ran into his head as he shivered from the cold dark void, he could do nothing but run for his life as if someone or something was chasing him,his heart was beating so hard it felt like his chest would explode at any moment.

He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, how long has he been running?It felt like hours to him but he knew it would be at least a couple of minutes.The air started to get more and more cold.The sound grew louder he felt afraid and desperate as it got closer towards him.

He suddenly felt something grabbing his leg and dropped to the ground he looked back to see nothing but was getting dragged back, he struggled but to no avail as he gets dragged back deeper into the void.


The boy woke up back on his desk.He sighed in relief knowing that it was just a dream he looked up to see students remaining silent doing their work.He suddendly realised what was going on.

Shit i overslept ,crapohcrapohcrap!!!

He turned back to his paper writing as quickly as he could ,cold sweat ran across his face as he solves each and every question as he can.

Last question almost there...


"Time is up please stop writing and hand over your answer sheets"

The boy handed over his paper and headed for the exit as he did that he felt someone's arm hanging around his neck.

"Yo, Shun"

Shun turns around seeing a boy with light brown hair and yellow eyes,he smiled as he sees him and replied

"Oh hey Masato how did it go?"

He shrugs "eh i guess you can say its alright"

"Thats good to hear..."

Shun dazed for a moment recalling the nightmare he had before this was the third time in a row, he wonders if it meant something this time.

Masato looks at him confusingly "You alright there? you seem a bit off"

Shun looks back at Masato with a grin on his face.

"Of course, never felt better"saying it in a sarcastic tone.

Masato smiles at that remark as he searches his pocket

"Anyway i wanna show you something i found recently,its really...... argh dammit my phone is missing"

Shun closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, he then pats his friend's shoulder and said

"Well lets go find it i'm sure its back at your class am i right?"

Masato rubs the back of his head smiling sheepishly"heheh lets go then".
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