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RWBY: Path of the Decade (Prologue)

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RWBY: Path of the Decade (Prologue)

Post by Decade on Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:02 pm


"How does one survive in a world that wishes to destroy you?

Must one face the challenges and struggles in solidarity?

Or does one accept a gentle hand, and find strength in unity?"




"Do you ever wonder why we're here?"

A sigh could be heard as a man wearing silver metallic and military looking armor turned his face covered helm towards his similarly dressed friend, "It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it? Why are we here? I mean, are we a byproduct of some cosmic coincidence? Or is there really a God out there, watching everything we do? I don't know man, but it keeps me up at night."

The other soldier stared at his friend for a moment, silence emitting between the two as the question hung in the air.

"Dude what the heck? I was only asking why we're here in front of this door?"

"O-Oh," The first soldier stuttered surprised, "I see."

"What was that stuff about God man?"

"Nothing, forget it."

"If you say so," the friend said as he turned back and looked around the empty hallway the duo were standing in, "But seriously, why are we here? I mean I get General Ironwood ordered us here to guard this door, but isn't this just a regular old storage room? Why the heck does it need two military trained Atlas guards to stand watch over it?"

"Don't ask me man, I just follow orders and serve my home. Besides, it's not our place to question the General."

"I suppose. Just feels too quiet is all. I don't like it."

"Then maybe you should take a nap."

The soldier let out a scoff, "Yeah thanks, if only it were that simple."

"If what was that simple?" the other solider suddenly asked confused causing his friend to look at him.

"What do you mean what? You just said to take a nap remember?"

"I didn't say that."

"Then who did genius?"

"That would be me."

That caused the two guards to pause briefly as a third and unknown voice popped into the conversation. The duo spun towards the voice quickly only for a hard blow to swing across their helms and send them tumbling to the floor, their consciousness leaving as they did.

"Oh, and to answer your question from earlier," the voice spoke up as the light within the hall suddenly seemed to bend and take shape, as a man with messy black hair and matching eyes suddenly stood between the two fallen guards, with a strange multi colored gun with twin barrels held in his right hand, "You're here to guard this world's treasure. But don't worry your little heads about that, cause I'll be taking it off your hands for you."

The man calmly stepped over the two bodies as he stood before a large metallic door. The door had a symbol embedded into it that resembled a large gear like circle with an ax pointing upwards from the center. It was the symbol of the country Atlas, and it was currently blocking the way for the mysterious figure.

The man looked over to the left as he took in the security console that was beside the door frame. Walking over the computer screen suddenly lit up with data, as well as asking for a series of passwords and code identity. The man simply smiled as he reached into the pocket of his coat and pulled out a strange looking device. Raising the device up the man began tapping upon the buttons of the device, as the computer screen suddenly lit up with strange blue coding and letters. After a few seconds a beeping sound echoed through the screen as the words "Access Granted" appeared.

A large hiss emitted from the metallic doors as the symbol of Atlas glowed briefly, before the steal doors slowly pealed apart to reveal a long narrow hallway lit up by ceiling lights. The man smiled at the sight as he pocketed the device away and walked down the hall, gun at the ready.

Making his way down the hall the man soon found himself in front of another series of doors, this one noticeably smaller than the one he passed through before.

"Here it is," the man spoke excitedly as he stepped towards the door. Noticing another console like before, he pulled out the device from before and began typing as the codes and symbols began to appear over the screen.


The man looked up surprised as the screen flared with the red words, "What?"

Turning back to the device he retyped his fingers onto it once more as the codes and words appeared again upon the computer.


The man frowned as realization took over. Sighing he put the device away and cocked the gun in his hands.

"Alright, we do this loud then."

The sounds of gunfire and explosions echoed through the long hallway as the computer screen shattered into several pieces. Sparks and debris flew from the former security device as the doors popped wide open. Not wasting a moment sooner the man hurried past the doors and into the next room.

Not five steps after entering the man paused in step and let out a sharp whistle, "Very nice."

The room was a pure white in color and large enough to fit a small house inside of it. Computer screens, devices, large wires and plugs all scattered across the room, each one though pointed towards the center. Within the center of the room itself was a large metallic and circular base teaming with computer screens and scanning devices all filled with endless coding. The base was clad from all sides in thick electric wires and cords that stretched to every computer and electronic device in the room, and was surrounded by large metal braces and plates that reached upwards and into the ceiling, as if anchoring the base in place to prevent movement.

And within the center of all these strange devices and equipment, lay a large glass tube. Filled with a glowing green liquid and attached right in the middle of the electronic base and metal braces, the glass seemed to hum with life and energy as the liquid continuously lit up every few seconds.

It was a sight that brought a grin to the mysterious mans face, "I found it. The treasure of this world."

Knowing time was of the essence now the man moved forward to the console closest to the glass tube and began typing rapidly. His eyes fixed themselves upon the screen as information graphs and reports about the treasure before him continuously popped up. However he ignored them and continued to hack and break through the security walls of the computers in search of his goal.

After several moments of typing and hacking, a new box opened up before the man with a simple question.



The man smiled as he lifted his finger towards the command button.

Only to pause at the sound of several clicks from behind.

"If you're smart, you'll back away with your hands in the air slowly."

The man blinked and slowly turned his head towards the voice, as standing at the door way was several armored Atlas soldiers, each one wielding a large battle rifle aimed directly at the man's back. Standing in the middle of the group of soldiers was a large and intimidating man wearing a white and gray military uniform. The man had short onyx colored hair with gray highlights on the sides, as well as a pair of matching onyx colored eyes. And as if the mans stature and size wasn't intimidating enough, what seemed to be a small plate of metal was seen etched into the eyebrow above his right eye.

Despite the fact he was being held at gunpoint, the figure at the console didn't seem phased at all by the display of military might.

"Well well, the great General Ironwood himself has come to greet me," the man at the console spoke calmly as he stood upright from the controls, the guns of the soldiers following his every movement, "This is quite the honor I must say."

"If you know who I am, then you are aware I am not one to take lightly, nor is my patience," Ironwood replied sternly, his eyes hardened on the young man before him, "Drop the weapon and put your hands in the air, or else there will be dire consequences."

"Hmmm," the the man in question seemed to be debating the topic before smiling calmly, "No I don't think I will."

This caused the general's gaze to harden further, "Do you think this to be some sort of game boy?"

"But of course," the reply came almost instantaneously, "It's a simple game after all to see if you'll actually shoot me. What with all the rather expensive and sensitive equipment around, I'm rather curious to see if you're willing to take the risk of damage to your little toy here."

Ironwood's face stayed firm but could still gave off the feeling of frustration at the truth of the man's words. While the criminal before him was trapped in the room, it was clear to the general that he couldn't risk a firefight within this room without the chance of damaging the equipment being taken in. Especially with 'her' being in the state that she was.

Still, it didn't mean he was going to allow some petty criminal to just walk away.

"Assuming what you say is even remotely true, do you really think you can just leave?" Ironwood questioned.

"Why wouldn't I?" the man asked calmly. He was slightly surprised though when Ironwood let out a small chuckle.

"I don't think you realize the position you're currently in boy," the general spoke as his laughter died and his eyes turned cold, "So let me spell it out clearly for you. You're currently outnumbered, outgunned, and cornered inside of very tightly spaced and limited room with only one exit. That exit being through several highly trained Atlas soldiers, as well as myself."

The man in question looked at the general's men and their guns, before turning his gaze towards his own double-barreled weapon.

"Not only that, but you have been caught on security cameras throughout the facility and have committed several criminal activities. Including but not limited to breaking into a highly sealed military base. Disabling several Atlas security personnel. Hacking through and destroying several pieces of military grade equipment, and now, refusal to listen to military command," Ironwood stated as the guns of the soldiers clicked and aimed towards the man, causing the man's gaze to harden and his body to tense up.

"With all that said, you have only one option. Drop your weapon and surrender quietly. Refuse, and I can guarantee your stay in the Atlas prison will not be pleasant."

A tense silence seemed to fill the room as the general and the criminal stared each other down, with the only sounds being from the device behind the gun wielding figure and the clicks of the military's armor and rifles.

The silence though was swiftly broken though by the man's own chuckle.

"My my, so the General really is as cold hearted as they say," the man spoke calmly as his grip on his weapon tightened, "I heard the rumors, but to see it for myself is quite the treat. I wonder if you treat all your criminals like this?"

Ironwood's teeth grit firmly as the man continued to act nonchalantly at the situation.

"Unfortunately I must decline your offer. Prisons have never really suited me you see. They're far too stiff and confined for someone of my taste. And besides, this treasure of yours is far to valuable for me to just walk away from. Especially after I came so far to find it."

"You...," Ironwood growled out as the soldiers fingered their rifles and prepared to move, "Just who in the world do you think you are?"

At that phrase the man smiled, as with a flick of his left hand a object suddenly dropped between his fingers causing Ironwood and his soldiers to nearly jump into action. Only to pause in confusion at the sight of the object.

It was a pink and white card with a strange looking symbol in the center.

"I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider."

Before the general or his men could blink, the man slid the card into the side of his gun and pulled the front of the gun forward, causing it to extend suddenly as a flash of red lights and a strange beeping noise suddenly began to emit from the weapon.


Ironwood's eyes narrowed as he pointed towards the man, "FIRE!!"








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