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RWBY RP: Intro

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RWBY RP: Intro Empty RWBY RP: Intro

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:50 pm

Beacon Academy appears to be more active than usual, as many young transfer students arrive to enroll in it. Some of them were scouted out for their skills while the others entered due to connections and influence.

Inside one of the dorms a boy with blue wavy hair was looking over by the window he knew very well what was going on and he was anticipating this moment. As he got himself ready to leave He recalled the conversation from yesterday in his room with the man in the black suit.

"i see that you are getting used to living here now"

The man spoke out in a gentle tone as he then took a sip from his cup of coffee. The boy simply nodded in response as he replied.

"Yeah,......i presume your here for the usual check up eh Darren?"

The man slightly chuckled at the question "Well it is my job afterall" He then produced a sheet of paper and passed it on to the boy. "Giro Nagiza you'll be enrolled into Beacon Academy starting by tommorrow, I hope to see you then."

Giro smiled and bowed down "Thank you Darren, I promise to do my best"

Giro reflected at the thought as he put on his headphones and left the dorm. It has been a few months since he was taken in by Darren, Giro owed him alot for everything and now he gets a chance to repay him by acomplishing his goal on becoming a hunter.

As he exited the dorm Giro felt a deep chill running down his spine he felt nervous and afraid, afterall it is Beacon Academy one of the best of the bests, so alot will be expected from him if he intends to stay there, what's worse is the thought of his true identity being discovered afterall he was to enter the academy as a human, The boy couldn't stand the thought of that from happening. Giro shook off his worries and increased the volume of his headset ignoring the sounds of his surroundings as he went towards his next destination.
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