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Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 3)

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Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 3) Empty Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 3)

Post by Decade on Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:53 pm

This summary is a description of the events and actions that take place after the Indus City incident within the first Terminal City RP as told through me, TrueHeartKnight, aka Decade. These events are how I continued to write and play the story out when the RP ended, and are my own creation and ideas put on from the rp, as well as from the information and events that played out. I still give credit to those who made this world and their characters, and do not claim any hold on them. This is part 3 of the story, and I will attempt to put up the other parts as soon as possible.

Terminal City - Age of Void. (Part 3)

There were many feelings that occurred though those who heard learned of Nyx’s integration into Terminal Academy.

For Arcana it was surprise and curiosity. After discussing over the fact that the ruler of Void had openly exposed herself like this, The Hermit decided that their group now had two goals to complete while they were in the city. The first being to eliminate the threat that Lucina possessed to them, and the other to determine Nyx’s purpose for this unexpected move, and if possible, subdue her. He also reminds them of their individual assignments and objectives, and what should happen should they fail. He then assigns Martha and The Star to handle Nyx while he and The Temperance handle Lucina, as he begins to calculate and plan for this “rather interesting development".

While Arcana was handling the news rather calmly, the same couldn’t be said for others. Stephanie had immediately informed Lucina about the situation, who was completely taken aback by the news and was now in a panicked state. She had helped release Nyx for her own purposes but had always known of the danger the void wielder possessed and the consequences of what would happen should things go wrong with her. She had been planning for such an event in which Nyx would appear, which had only become further complicated when she discovered Nyx’s newfound obsession over Tsukiko. Even still she had prepared herself and the Society for handling the woman of the void should she ever appear as an enemy.

Appearing as a student of the school however was not something she had ever considered and had now put a majority of her plans in immediate danger. Add to that the looming threat of Arcana hanging over her shoulder, Lucina felt herself becoming very anxious and frustrated over the new situation and questioning what this meant for the future.

She wasn’t the only one in a frenzy though as word soon spread to Tori, Lyn, To Kei and the others curtsy of Sarah, who had been informed immediately by Labrys. While terrified over the outcome and even recommending going to strike the woman while she was still in the open, Tori and Sarah manage to calm everyone else down and agree to not try anything as of yet without knowing Nyx’s purpose or reasons for this action. Labrys is also instructed to keep a careful watch on the void wielder, especially around Tsukiko, and report anything she does to Sarah.

As for Tsukiko, he too was in a state of panic and worry. If the fact that the woman who was obsessed with him and wanting him at her side was now part of Terminal wasn’t bad enough, he knew that this sort of situation could lead to a lot of problems and bring about more danger to his friends and allies than even he didn’t want to imagine. It didn’t help either that Nyx was somehow assigned to sit beside him in every single class he had, or that he was assigned to be the one to show her around the school, AND was to tutor her privately so she could catch up with their current lessons (all of this most likely because Nyx had asked out of personal preference).

Thus Tsukiko was forced to spend the day with “Naomi" and teach her of the school and its’ lessons, to which she happily listened to his every word and affectionatly thanked for his kindness, which only made him more nervous. To those who looked at the two without such knowledge however, it looked as if the two were a cute couple, what with the amount of affection and familiarity Nanami was showing Tsukiko. This instantly made a lot of the male population, as well as a small precent of the females, jealous of the two.

As the day ended though with the two are standing alone by the docks, Tsukiko drops the charade and questions what Nyx was doing there and what she wanted. Nyx explains that she simply wanted to be closer to him and that this was the best way for her without constantly having to hide herself. That while she wished to continue watching Tsukiko, she didn’t want to be so lonely by being away from him. When asked if she even realized the situation she put herself in by coming into the open, Nyx simply replies that she had nothing to fear from the “insects” of the city, and that while there was always the threat of Arcana as well as those who held a personal grudge against her, that she would be fine because she trust Tsukiko to protect her, which surprises him. She also states that even if he wasn’t around that she was far from helpless, and would not have exposed herself if she wasn’t fully assured she could handle herself, and that she would remove anybody who interfered with her or got in her way, like she did with Cara and Iris.

This angers Tsukiko as he snaps over what she did to the two. She plays it off calmly and says that it was inevitable with how things were going, but that only makes him angrier as he questions how she could do such a thing to someone so easily, especially when it was someone who didn’t deserve it. Curious as to his reaction she ask why he even cared? While he had befriended Cara she was a mere shadow Nyx had created to save herself, while Iris had tortured and tried to break the void user, to which Nyx states very gleefully how much extra fun she had dealing with Iris for that (as well as for the kiss).

She is surprised though when Tsukiko answers that it was because they didn’t deserve it and could have been saved. Asking what he means, Tsukiko says that taking a life was never an answer, and would only lead to a result of more bloodshed and pain for others. She counters by saying he had taken lives himself, which he counters that he never enjoyed it or saw it as the only option. Sometimes there was no choice, like with Wallachia, but that didn’t mean people should die or not be given a chance. Even Cara, who was nothing more then a shard of Nyx, had a life of her own. Fears, hopes, dreams, memories, all that and more, and with it meant she was alive and didn’t deserve her fate. He goes on further saying how all lives were precious, and that while there were those who had twisted themselves, like Iris, there were others who could be saved from the darkness and pain. To be given a chance to become something more and find something precious to live for. To not have to be alone and deserve such a fate placed upon them because of the cruelty of the world.

His words spark an emotion in Nyx as she quietly questions where HER hope was years ago. Confused Tsukiko questions what she meant, but she brushes it off and smiles again. She goes on saying that while she admires his naieve commitment and belief to such an ideal, she too has her own beliefs and thoughts on the world and how cruel reality was, and that if he wanted to prove her wrong he’d have to show it through his actions and belief. To this she challenges him by pressing her body up against him and leans in inches to his face, asking if he believes he can “save” her as well.

Before he can reply though she smiles and kisses his cheek before releasing him. She then says that as a show of good faith, and because she doesn’t want him to be angrier with her than he already was, that she wouldn’t harm anybody in the academy or city unless they tried something first. She says she will defend herself in that case but will TRY to avoid killing them. She then leaves with a wide smile while stating how much she looks forward to their time together.

Shortly after Tsukiko discusses with everybody else individually over Nyx and what to do about her. The main impact comes from Lucina, who doesn’t take it well and even snaps at Tsukiko saying it's his fault that things just went from bad to worse since they now had Arcana AND Nyx to deal with. Stephanie manages to calm her though and after gathering their thoughts, the trio agree to keep working on the virus, but that Tsukiko would keep watch over and stay near Nyx in order to prevent her from going somewhere or do something she shouldn’t.

To say the next two weeks are tense is an understatement. Even Labrys feels for the first time a sense of anxiousness as she constantly observes Nyx and Tsukiko interacting in order to protect him. Much to everyone’s surprise though Nyx simply continues to act as a normal student and begins to pass and ace the classes with exceptional level and skill, quickly becoming well known throughout the school due to both her incredible talents, as well as her closeness to Tsukiko. But this is only to the public, as when in private with those who know her, her personality becomes very different. While on some occasions it remains friendly, her tone shifts continuously and dangerously between a very mature, seductive, alluring, and teasing woman, to a cold and terrifying voice filled with anger, intellect, and warning.

She especially reveals these sides of her when she confronts those who know her, the first of whom being Lucina. The A.S.S. leader immediately brought up her guard when Nyx revealed that she knew about Lucina’s blackmail of Tsukiko, and how she has treated him ever since he first arrived in the school. She even calmly speaks about how she has seen every event and trial Lucina has placed before Tsukiko to test him, and how he has passed every single one of them, which confuses Lucina as to what she means by test. Nyx doesn’t answer but warns Lucina that while she made a promise to Tsukiko and will uphold it, that she will not let Lucina harm him anymore, and that if she does ANYTHING to the void user that would take him from her, she will “show Lucina what a TRUE abyss is like.”

She does similar to Stephanie, but in a more superior tone towards her “mentor" as Nyx comments about how much of a coward Stephanie is. How the redhead continues to follow someone she trust and try to ignore all the sins she’s committed while still trying to hold onto this belief that she “loves” Tsukiko. When Stephanie tries to defend herself though Nyx warns that while she can not control who Tsukiko wishes to be around, that Stephanie has caused much pain to Tsukiko through her actions and defense of Lucina, and that she should learn to understand her own feelings before daring to lie in front of her again. She also warns her that if Stephanie ever say she "loves" Tsukiko again without first answering her own feelings and sins, that Nyx will personally make her suffer for it, as she won’t allow anyone to give the boy a false sense of light. Especially when he belongs to the dark.

Others get to experience and deal with the true Nyx as well with every meeting they have. Nyx strikes at Ariana’s noble pride and treatment of Tsukiko like a servant, saying that her knight is NOBODY’S servant. Nyx confronts Vanessa on how despite her kindness to the boy that she has betrayed and hurt him once before, and should make sure to never do it again less their be consequences. Nyx also appears before Tori, who she warns of being careful with future actions and alliances, and even Martha, warning The Emperess that Arcana to stay out of her way and that if a single hand was put on Tsukiko, that she would feed them to the same shadow stalkers she found on Kana Island.

The only ones Nyx doesn’t seem to show any anger or hate towards are Mizuho and Plutia, who had been nothing but kind to Tsukiko and had been helping him constantly, and Labrys. When Labrys questions this Nyx states it’s because she knows about Labrys’s “heart”, which shocks Labrys, and sees her as a youngling that has the potential to become something greater than she was made for, as well as someone to protect Tsukiko should Nyx not be there for whatever reason. Nyx also appears before Sarah, and while thanks her for bringing Tsukiko to Terminal in the first place and keeping her alive in the orb as long as she did, warns the scientist that she should stop her dive into the knowledge of Void, less she wish to fall down the same path as those in the past.

Outside of her interactions with them though Nyx mostly continues to spend as much time as possible with Tsukiko, much to the chagrin of everyone else.

During this time the first prototype of Tsukiko’s suit is completed, to which an excited Mizuho suggest a field wide testing. The test of course being a spar with Labrys, with neither fighter using their abilities. The fight proves to be surprising, as Tsukiko is not only able to keep up with Labrys’s movements and attacks, but is even able surpass and counter her several times. Labrys herself is shocked by this, as despite his growth and constant training sessions with her Tsukiko was still unable to keep up with Labrys’s fast movements and thinking process when their sparring turned serious. Yet now he was able to fight her on even par, showing just how much of a genius Mizuho was with her building and how quickly Tsukiko could grow. Before she could get serious though Tsukiko is suddenly brought down in pain as the suit sparks with feedback and energy. Terrified for his safety Labrys and Mizuho shut down the suit before any permanent damage is done.

After recovering from the surprising result, Mizuho reveals that the suits’ energy core was breached because of Tsukiko’s power. IS’s were specially designed to channel the powers and meta gene of each pilot using a specialized computer system and energy core that was integrated into the suits. The core was designed to connect to the specific meta gene of the user though their blood, and then integrate the meta gene and powers of the pilot into the suits systems, enhancing its’ performance and functions, as well as improving its’ combat systems. This allowed the pilot not only faster reaction times and better control over the suit, but even an enhancement of their abilities through the energy core and systems.

The problem was that this new prototype was not only designed differently than the other suits in order to accommodate Tsukiko, but that his void powers were so strong and wild that the core was unable to successfully integrate and control the powers into the systems, causing the energy to build up and overload the entire system and suit. While frustrated by the result Mizuho reassures them that it simply means they will have to make a stronger core and suit for the next build, to which Labrys suggest her mother help in building, since Sarah had used a similar system design when creating Labrys.

Time continues to pass as Tsukiko and the others continue on with their lives, though the added stress of Arcana and Nyx continue to circle them. Eventually the limit is hit with Lucina, who after having no other results over the strain virus and with the constant pressure around, found her stress and anger grow dangerously. And after one unfortunately bad day with the addition Tsukiko’s questioning of if she was alright, she finally snaps and uses her powers on the void user in a state of fury. Stephanie tries to help Tsukiko but Lucina holds her in place as well. Filled with frustration and anger, the leader of the society blames Tsukiko for what was happening. For Arcana, for Nyx, for everyone who died and got hurt, for everything.

However much to her surprise instead of denial, Tsukiko acknowledges her words, stating how he realized that a lot of the problems and events that had occurred were because of him. She questions if he thinks that by doing so will make things right, but he replies that he knows it won’t, but that he won’t deny the pain he has caused others. That despite the mistakes and pain he has brought, that he would do everything possible to make up for it and make things right. This however makes Lucina furious as she shouts at him, accusing him of lying, saying that he can never keep his word. He can never protect anyone or keep them safe, or bring them happiness or joy, and will just continue to hurt people and break their hearts just like he did her sister.

Before Lucina can go further however Nyx appears behind her warning her to let Tsukiko go before things got bloody, causing the A.S.S. leader to actually be afraid of the power and look Nyx was emitting. It is brought to a halt though when Tsukiko tells Nyx to let Lucina go and not hurt her. This surprises everyone, but Nyx quickly puts the pieces together and mockingly ask if he is still holding onto his view of saving people and is including Lucina in that belief, much to Lucina and Stephanie’s surprise. When Tsukiko responds that he doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt Nyx angrily responds that while he may wish something stupid like that, that she herself doesn’t want to see him hurt in place, and that someone like Lucina would only continue to cause Tsukiko more pain and suffering if allowed to live. Yet Tsukiko continues to defend Lucina much to the leader’s confusion and anger.

Eventually Nyx reluctantly releases Lucina as the A.S.S leader’s powers also fade. Nyx sighs and comments on how that naivety of Tsukiko’s would only bring more trouble, but it was also his unbreaking belief and kindness that was part of what she loves about him. Nyx then leaves, but not before telling Tsukiko that he now owed her for this, and warning Lucina about being grateful to Tsukiko and not waste this chance.

When Stephanie and Tsukiko go to help Lucina up the leader smacks their hands aside, shouting at the void user about how much she hates him and will never forgive him or his kind for what they did before running off much.

Stephanie wants to give chase but doesn’t, and when Tsukiko ask if she’s alright she admits that she is afraid, saying that it was the first time Lucina had ever used her powers on her and that she was actually scared of her friend. She hates the feeling because she wants to help, but feels like she would only make it worse now and isn’t sure what to do. Tsukiko however tells her that she should still do what she could help Lucina by still being there for her and supporting her through this. That despite her fear what was important was the fact that her friend was troubled and needed someone, rather than being alone. This brings even more confusion to Stephanie though as she ask why he still does this. That even after everything that happened to him, all the things Lucina had done, that SHE had done, all the betrayals and loss, how he acts like he doesn’t hate them and still tries to support them.

To this Tsukiko responds with the same line he told Labrys. That he wants to be Lucina’s friend.

Shocked by his answer Stephanie listens he continues on that while he still wasn't sure of everything he did to cause Lucina's hatred of him or what brought her to this state, that he had wanted to understand her. That he wanted to know who she was and what she was like. To know about her, to hear her words, to see what she sees. So that he can find a way to bring her out of this suffering and pain and give her a chance to find happiness. And that in the end, if he could find a way to open her heart once more, that he would gladly take whatever punishment or suffering she placed upon him.

The words make Stephanie realize just how much Tsukiko truly cared for people and wanted to help Lucina despite everything that happened to him, just because he wanted to make her happy and save her. This causes her to smile as she once more admires just how special Tsukiko is. Yet as Stephanie runs off to find her friend, Nyx’s words about understanding her own heart and sins fills her mind, as for some reason a strange pain fills her chest over how much care and concern Tsukiko spoke with over Lucina.

While this happens, Lucina returns to her office and pulls out a picture frame from her desk, breaking down as she holds it to her chest.

Meanwhile Nyx stops in the middle of a dark alley and mockingly ask what took so long, as the helmeted face of The Star charges at her from behind.
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