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Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 4)

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Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 4) Empty Terminal City: Age of Void (Part 4)

Post by Decade on Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:12 pm

Terminal City - Age 4

This summary is a description of the events and actions that take place after the Indus City incident within the first Terminal City RP as told through me, TrueHeartKnight, aka Decade. These events are how I continued to write and play the story out when the RP ended, and are my own creation and ideas put on from the rp, as well as from the information and events that played out. I still give credit to those who made this world and their characters, and do not claim any hold on them. This is part 4 of the story, and I will attempt to put up the other parts as soon as possible.

Terminal City - Age of Void. (Part 4)

The Star begins his assault on Nyx, who simply smiles while dodging every attack the Arcana member unleashes with his light created weapons and shadow based illusions. Nyx simply mocks the member, recognizing his symbol and commenting on how in the tarots The Star is supposed to be about hope, peace and balance in the universe, and yet here he was helping an organization built upon a foundation of chaos and destruction. The Star seems to grow agitated at the words and strikes harder but Nyx continues to weave past every strike. Eventually growing bored she decides to get serious and begins to unleash her control of void on her opponent, overwhelming him with a variety of powers and abilities produced from the void, much to his shock. After pinning him down Nyx prepares to finish off her opponent only for a bright flash of light to blind her long enough for her opponent to flee, frustrating the void user.

A short time later Martha begins healing The Star from the assault, commenting on how even with their observations they had clearly underestimated just how much power Nyx had recovered and how terrifying it was to see the true void user in action. The Star however communicates through sign language that despite Nyx’s display of power and strength she was nowhere near the level of power she had long ago, saying that her revival had taken much of her strength and time, and as such she was only a fragment of herself. But not only that, but there was something off about the void user, as if she was missing something in her that caused the balance within her to constantly waver and tip. Martha questions if this means that they could try and capture the void user, but The Star replies that just because something was off did not mean she was helpless, and that they should continue to watch and wait for the right moment.

Meanwhile at Terminal, a complete shift in whatever progress was made with Lucina seems to have completely vanished. Despite having recovered from her break down (not apologizing mind you) and acting like nothing happened to the point of continuing work on the virus and interacting with others, her attitude and tone towards Tsukiko has taken a much colder and emotionless route. Even though he tries to speak to her and treat things like normal, her personality and tone shift quickly stops him and keeps him back despite his wanting to help.

Also Stephanie, much to her own dismay, ask Tsukiko to give Lucina some space and time, and to let her handle her friend. Despite how he wanted to help she explains how right now Lucina was in a really bad state and that Tsukiko’s presence was making it worse. Stephanie believes Lucina be back  to normal in time, but that for now it’d be best of Tsukiko to simply let her be until she was ready. Despite him wanting to aid her just as he told Stephanie too Tsukiko realizes just how affected Lucina was by the event and reluctantly keeps his distance and avoids directly talking to Lucina unless addressed, in order to give her the time she needs. The others soon begin to notice the change between the trio though and ask of it, but the boy simply smiles and tells them it was just a minor issue they had and that things would be normal soon enough.

However nearly two weeks later and Lucina continues to act the same way towards Tsukiko. The rare times she does show some emotion towards him it is filled with complete spite and repulsiveness combined with a chilling cold voice. This continued response and interaction continues to bring down the boy’s spirits and attitude but he keeps denying the feelings and tries to act normal, believing that what he is doing is going to help in the end and make things right. Yet everyone can see the pain on his face and forced smiles he puts on, especially when around the two society members.

Stephanie is also affected and worried over her two friends as even though they still work on the strain together, the partnership and relation that had oddly formed between them had completely faded and was replaced with a distance she herself felt uneasy over, as well as causing whatever pain she had before to grow worse.

Surprisingly enough though Nyx was also not taking the situation well. While at first the distance between Lucina and Tsukiko seemed wonderful and allowed her to spend more time around her love, the drastic change in attitude made his interactions with her annoying and frustrating since he always seemed down and upset by what was happening and wouldn’t act as he normally would with her, which both saddened her and pissed her off.

Needless to say she was not pleased, and after having enough one day she, in front of the entire school, forcibly drags Tsukiko by his collar off campus, answering his confusion with the phrase “I’m kidnapping you”.

This event would be known to bring up many future problems and rumors.

Nyx then brings him to the same area by the sea they had spoken to on the first day, and uses her powers to threaten off everybody else there saying that they "need their privacy”. Before Tsukiko can question what she was doing Nyx kicks him to the ground hard and ask if he was going to make it easy for her. Confused by her words, Tsukiko hears her ask if he was really so easy to make fall into the darkness to which he denies, though she scoffs at his answer kicks him down again, calling him a liar since his current attitude has shown otherwise. Tsukiko grows frustrated and continues to denies it saying he’s fine, but that just gets him earns him harder kicks, along with the statement that Nyx hates liars. She then questions where the “real knight” was since the one in front of her clearly was an impostor that was lying to himself, to which he questions what she was talking about and denies the idea.

Upon hearing this however Nyx smacks him down hard once more, stating again that she hates liars, and that if he was going to try and lie to her, then she was going to teach him a lesson, and charges at Tsukiko.

Surprised and angered Tsukiko fights back but finds himself completely overwhelmed by Nyx’s skill, as she counters his every movement and blow flawlessly and continuously kicks him to the ground each time, all the while without using a single one of her powers. During the fight Nyx continuously questions where “her knight” had gone, as the boy in front of her was nothing like the person she had come to love. That the person she knew would not be so weak as to just turn away and ignore someone he cared for who was troubled and needed help, and instead lie to himself that what he was doing was right when it wasn’t what he wanted. Tsukiko responds that he was helping by keeping his distance and giving Lucina the time she needed, and Nyx kicks his face in yelling at him to stop fucking lying. Frustrated and furious at the constant words and beating Tsukiko tries to use his powers on her but she phases right through them and continues to strike him, saying how the “real Tsukiko” would have known how pointless that move was.

Continued to be pestered by her comments, insults, questions and constant beating of him Tsukiko snaps at her that it wasn’t her concern and that he was doing what he believed was right. She calls bullshit however, saying that while she hated liars and being lied too, the one thing she hated more was when people lied to themselves. He yells that he wasn’t lying to himself and she states again that he’s lying again because she knows the heart of "her knight” and knows that the words he is saying are forced and that he is trying to lie to himself because he doesn’t want to feel hurt, which makes her angrier since she knows he’s stronger than that. This makes him furious however as he shouts how someone like her could ever understand his heart when she knew nothing about him.

That’s when she suddenly mentions the names Anastasia and Evangeline.

Shocked by this Tsukiko finds himself pinned to the ground as Nyx sits on his waist, pins his shoulders and looks him dead in the eye. She begins listing down names, events, and places that Tsukiko knows, paralyzing him in horror and making him question how she could possibly know all these things. Her answer surprises him further when she reveals that she knows his heart because she saw it through him when he carried her prison. That the moment he made contact with the orb she was able to connect to his void essence, and through it saw everything about him. His life, his experiences, his memories, likes, dislike, habits, desires, and even what his interest are in females (much to his embarrassment and her annoyance).

As she continues to talk the pieces finally connect asTsukiko realizes why Nyx was so obsessed with him. The fact that she knew every single detail about him, every secret, every person and face he had met, and action he had done, brings terror into his heart as he begins to worry about what she’d do with the information or even who she would go after. However he is surprised when Nyx’s questions his fear of her with a face filled with complete concern and care. She tells him that he should be afraid in this moment, because he needed to understand once more what true fear was like, just as he had long ago. Just like SHE had so long ago when she had died. That feeling of powerlessness, helplessness, loneliness  that she had gone through in that moment. The idea that her life was in jeopardy and had made her question if she was being punished. She mentions all these emotions and goes on to say that it is the same feelings he has now and that she understands how he feels completely, much to his surprise.

And that it was her understanding of him and his feelings which was why she KNOWS how much Tsukiko is hurting now. How it eats at him to look away and act like things are normal when they’re not. That no matter how much he lies and puts on a facade to himself and others, that he wants to do something, anything to turn Lucina back to herself, (even if Nyx would just prefer removing Lucina entirely). But also that he was afraid. Afraid that he would only make things worse and hurt Lucina further. That he would bring her more pain, which is why he kept up these stupid actions that go against who he was.

Nyx then states that she refuses to watch him lie to himself out of his own idiocy and fear, and tells him to stop being a fool. To get over his fear because everything he does, no matter what, would have a price to pay and would turn out however it did regardless of what he wishes, but that if he did nothing because he was trying to pretend and lie to who he was, then what was the point in him even trying. She would not see that happen because she will not accept the boy she loves betraying who he is out of idiotic and childish fear. That the man she wanted was not a liar or fool, but an honest and true “knight” that she knows he is.

After letting the information sink into his head, she questions him once more if he was truly that easy to fall into the darkness and lose himself, or if he will wake the fuck up before she has to beat him out of it again.

After a moment of silence Tsukiko sighs and tells Nyx that he can’t answer if she’s sitting on him. This however only makes her smirk and comment on how she likes the position, causing him to turn red and shove her off. After she laughs at his shyness and a brief banter over her beating his ass, Tsukiko states how she was right, which she sarcastically agrees. He goes on though that he had been more fearful and unsure of himself ever since Indus and the amount of failures he had seen. He was scared that anything he did could lead to causing more pain to himself and others, which was why he kept his distance from Lucina and allowed himself to be pushed away because he didn’t want to do fail again and screw up. However Nyx was right about how all he was doing was betraying himself and his beliefs out of fear, and that it was stupid because he hadn’t let that stop him before with Kana Island or Tetsuko, yet had let the pressure get to him this time like it had Lucina. Realizing this he decides to, as she puts it, wake the fuck up and not let his fear stop him from doing everything he could to try and help others again, starting with Lucina.

Despite her thoughts on how simply removing Lucina would be better Nyx smirks at his words and welcomes back “her knight”, commenting that he had been gone far too long for her liking.

Her words though bring concern once more to Tsukiko as he remembers the fact that she knows everything about him and could use that knowledge to her advantage. Unsure of how to react though Nyx does it for him by telling him that while she knows he fears her, he doesn’t have to because she will not hurt him. When he questions how he could trust her, she answers that  it was because she would wants to see him happy, much to his surprise. She had never planned to use what she knew against him, and would never do anything to bring him pain or harm because she wants him to understand how much he meant to her. That everything she has done and will do, no matter how twisted, cruel, or even evil it may appear in his eyes, was to show him how much she has come to love him, and of her desire to remove any fear and threats from his heart just as he had done for her when she was trapped. To hold him close to her heart as he had done for her, so that she could pay him back for allowing her the chance to learn about him and fall in love, so that one day he would stand beside her in the dark where they belong, and never let anyone hurt or bring fear to either of them again.

Tsukiko actually finds himself quiet by her honest words, as for the first time since she had been in Terminal he finds the happiness and smile on her face completely genuine.

And beautiful.

Recovering quickly from the thought Tsukiko says that he doesn’t know if he can stop fearing Nyx or trust her, especially with what he has learned much to her understanding and slight sadness. However despite it he tells her he can at least do this much, and thanks her for snapping him out of his stupidity. Briefly surprised Nyx smirks and states that if he did it again she’d be sure to beat him harder next time (much to his fear) and that he now owes her twice, and that she’ll have big plans for when she cashes them in. She then waves him off, asking if he should be here now when there’s something else he should be doing. Realizing what she means he smiles and thanks her once more before running off. Nyx sighs to herself, knowing that she would have to try VERY HARD not to kill Lucina for what was going to happen, but was happy that her Tsukiko was himself again, and even giggles to herself in joy at the fact that he thanked her, seeing it as one step closer to her goal.

She then ask if Labrys enjoyed the show, as the android comes out from hiding.

Nyx realized she had been there since beginning, knowing that she had followed the moment the young ruby-eyed girl had detected them leave the campus, but was surprised Labrys never stepped in when she was beating down Tsukiko. Labrys herself questions this as she had hidden herself to strike at Nyx and protect Tsukiko if anything happened, but when the two had begun fighting, she had not interfered or stepped in despite her instructions. Nyx however laughs and says that it was because Labrys herself wanted to help Tsukiko. That the young android was worried just like all the other “succubi” at the school and wanted to understand why Tsukiko had been as he had. Labrys finds herself surprised by this and questions how Nyx could know such a thing when she herself didn’t.

Nyx simply grins and points to Labrys chest, stating once more that it was because she could see Labrys’s “heart”, and like with Tsukiko, could read and understand it fully. That it was why she saw Labrys as the only other person she could tolerate and even enjoy being around because of their “connection”. That it was because of her innocence and potential to grow, that she wishes to see if Labrys could also become someone she could come to love, maybe even become a daughter to her and “her knight”. Labrys rejects this though stating she has a mother and will not see anything happen to her, which causes Nyx grin and say “In that case you’ll be our imouto. I’ll be your Onee-chan, and Tsuki-kun will be your Onii-chan!”

Labrys is confused by this but Nyx waves it off before turning serious, telling the young android not to reveal a single word of what she heard, as she really doesn’t want to break her promise to Tsukiko or break the youngling before her in two. Realizing the danger Labrys agrees which makes Nyx happy and leave shortly after. Yet Labrys remains there, as for some reason she comes to a startling conclusion that even if Nyx hadn’t ask, she still wouldn’t have told anyone of what she had heard. Not even her mother. And she doesn’t know why.

Later at the University lab Tsukiko ask to speak to Lucina, to which the leader flat out rejects and brings worry to Stephanie, yet both are surprised when Tsukiko states he wasn’t giving her an option. Frustrated Lucina questions what he wants, but both girls are shocked once more when he ask Lucina to hit him. Confused by this Tsukiko explains how he had been stupid and had unintentionally hurt Lucina, and how he should have done better to try and help her with everything rather than just making it worse on her. He knows words won’t be enough, so he wants to show it by letting Lucina take out whatever frustrations she had on him and showing that no matter what happens, he will accept all of it if it meant making things right.

Stephanie is stunned and scared at his sudden declaration, telling him he to quit joking and convince him not to do this but he rejects her worries as Lucina simply stands there unmoving with her face hidden. And then, as Tsukiko tries to explain to Stephanie why he choose this, he is nearly sent to the ground by a heavy fist to his face.

Lucina calls his actions stupid and punches him again, questioning just how idiotic and foolish he was thinking something like this could possibly make up for everything. How he thought he could suddenly waltz and talk to her when he was ordered to stay away from her. How he suddenly thought he could try and make things right. How he could think that letting her beat him would make up for everything. How he thought that he could take away all her problems she had and appeal to her. How he was a stupid, moronic, idiotic, lying, deceitful MALE who she HATED EVERYTHING ABOUT.

She continues raving and lashing out at Tsukiko, with each punch getting harder and harder as her cold facade shatters into pure frustration and anger. Stephanie stares in horror as she yells at Lucina to stop, but the leader doesn’t and puts everything she has into the blows, drawing blood from the void user.

After several heavy beatings and minutes however one first halts before Tsukiko’s face, as Lucina glares at him with a heavy breath and angrily confused expression. Despite the abuse Tsukiko continued to remain in place and on his feet, his face bloodied and beaten but still staring at her with eyes she can’t understand. This only makes her angrier though as she demands to know why he was doing all this. What was the point in allowing himself to be beaten so badly and not even fight back? To be humiliated and abused yet keep coming back? Didn’t he hate her? Didn’t he want nothing to do with her? Was it the blackmail? The threats? His idiotic beliefs?

She grabs him by his collar despite Stephanie trying to stop her, and yells demandingly over why he won’t just give up. Why he won’t leave her alone when he clearly isn’t wanted. Why even when she hates him, despises him, and wishes nothing more than to watch him suffer and die, does he keep coming back. Why in his selfish stupid mind he thinks he can help or save her when she doesn’t want to be. And why he won’t stop looking at her with those damn eyes of his.

Tsukiko response however, takes Lucina completely aback and leaves her stunned.

That it’s because he’s her friend. And that he cares for her.

Both girls are shocked by these words, with Stephanie feeling her heart hurt even worse for reasons she doesn’t understand. Lucina however, unable to comprehend or accept what he said, simply lets go of Tsukiko and walks away, telling Stephanie that they were leaving. Stephanie looks unsure as she sees Tsukiko trying to recover from the assault and wanting to help, but upon Lucina ordering her she reluctantly leaves, though her heart hurts even worse for it, and for the first time ever, feels complete anger and hate for Lucina.

Lucina however walks as fast and as hard as she to get away from the boy she had just beaten to near death. Out frustration, anger, and fear. But not at him, but at herself, as she begs and pleads to herself to remove that moment. That weakness that had suddenly appeared in her. To not allow herself to feel anything and believe it was possible. Because she was scared.

Scared that somehow, someway, Tsukiko had cracked her shell, and she was actually starting to care.

As this happens, The Hermit watches from a secret location through one of the Society’s security cameras, his face completely expressionless, but his eyes filled with curiosity as a plan comes together in his mind, with the sole goal of completely shattering Lucina Longefellow.
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