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Terminal Age of Void: Noir Knights

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Terminal Age of Void: Noir Knights

Post by Decade on Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:15 am

(This information is gathered from the events that occurred in Terminal: Age of Void. It is still currently in construction and is subject to change. Note much of this information can be spoilers for events in Terminal:Rebirth. As such while the GM is allowed to look and read through it to his pleasure, it is of fair warning to you to read at your own risk of being spoiled for future events and plans made by me. If you do read however I would not mind hearing your opinions privately, so if you wish to share contact me in a PM on Skype. As I said, read at your own risk.)

The Story:
During the battle with Arcana, Tsukiko realized that Arcana's organization was much larger and more powerful than he originally thought, and that despite the efforts of many individuals, the organization could not be bested alone, even by the efforts of Tori and SNAKES. After a discussion with Naomi, Sarah, and the imprisoned Lucina, Tsukiko decided to create a specialized group of individuals whose purpose would be protect the city and innocent, and to investigate, find, and defeat Arcana. The leaders consist of a united council of Sarah, Lucina, Naomi, and Tsukiko.

The name "Noir Knights" came from Ariana, who said that since the "Arcana Knights" were once a order of justice and protection that turned twisted and corrupt, that it would be fitting for a group of "Black Knights", who were usually depicted as evil or dangerous in legends, to fight against such evil and instead fight to protect others.

The Knights:

The Knights:

The members are listed in the order that they officially and effectively joined:

Tsukiko Lancaster (Founder, Co-Leader, Field Leader)

Naomi (Co-Leader, Combat Instructor, Field Leader, Void Expert, Meta-Human Expert)

Sarah Lancaster (Co-Leader, Head Scientist, Scientist Contact, Materials and Supply Contact, Research and Development, Technology Expert, Meta-Human Expert)

Lucina Longefellow (Co-Leader, Intelligence Gathering, Communications, Meta-Human Expert, Spy Network, Society Contact, Arcana Expert, Field Leader)

Labrys Lancaster (Intelligence Gathering, Meta-Human Expert, Hacker, Computer Data and Files Expert, Communications, Scout)

Lyn Alseif (Communication, Scout, Royalty Contact, SNAKES Contact, Hacker, Media Control, Field Leader)

Ariana De la' Gallian (Royalty Contact, Materials and Supply Contact, Transportation, Meeting Arrangements)

Vanessa Lake (Weapons/Armor Expert and Craftsman, Society Contact, Research and Development, Civilian Safety)

Mizuho Higarashi (Weapons/Armor Expert and Craftsman, Materials and Supply Contact, Society Contact, Research and Development)

Plutia (Clairvoyant, Communications, Scout)

Richmond Lake (Weapons/Armor Expert and Craftsman, Materials and Supply Contact, Research and Development, Civilian Safety)

Tara Rykowski (Intelligence Gathering, Hacker, Materials and Supply Contact, Underworld Contact, Spy Network, Assini Contact, Royalty Contact, Field Leader)

Chijinda Furrow (Intelligence Gathering, Hacker, Underworld Contact, Spy Network, Civilian Safety)

Nisa (Mascot, Civilian Safety)

Yuki (Interrogation, Intelligence Gathering, Communications, Materials and Supply Contact, Technology Expert)


Mari: (Void Expert, Arcana Expert, Intelligence Gathering, Communications, Combat Instructor)

To Kei *Deceased* (Arcana Expert, Underworld Contact, Intelligence Gathering, Communications, Combat Instructor)

Tori Young (Terminal City Magistrate, Arcana Expert, SNAKES Contact, City Leader Contact, Materials and Supply Contact)

Sharron Rykowski (Royalty Contact, Indus City Contact, Materials and Supply Contact)

Layfon Alseif (Royalty Contact, Indus City Contact, Materials and Supply Contact, Fighter)

Hibiki Katama *Deceased* (Fighter, Scout, Civilian Safety)

The Chants:

Shadows hide the unknown...But does the unknown really need to be feared? We try to never challenge or change ourselves because we are content and afraid to make the difficult choices, but does that mean we simply remain in fear and refuse to evolve? It is not about being satisfied and content with who you are and what you have, but to accept what is unknown and fearful, so that it can be accepted for what it is and be allowed to create its own future. Let our hearts be opened and hide like fools no longer, so that we can experience a new journey together. I am the Knight of Noir...La Chance!! (Labrys)

Shadow hide the fear of creation and ideas...But why hide that which can help make an influence? We acknowledge and admire the ideas and growths of others, but why then do we fear expressing our own ideals and never open them to the world? It is not about just watching and listening to the dreams of others, but to be able to express your own dreams forward and try to make an impact upon the world that is your own. Let our hearts be opened so that our dreams and ideas can be turned into reality like a magician that performs magic. I am the Knight of Noir...Le Savetier!! (Richmond)

Shadows hide the fear of responsibility and care for others ...But why must we fear helping others to grow? We desire to be taught and shown the paths we believe to be right, yet what does it matter if we do not take those lessons to help teach and guide others? It is not just about learning and accepting what you have been told and shown, but to take that experience and share those teachings, so you too can help nurture and watch over those who have nobody to teach them. Let our hearts be opened so that everybody can have someone to help guide and protect them, like an empress does for her people. I am the Knight of Noir...Eve!! (Sarah)

Shadows hide our desire to control what we care for...But why try to control when we don't understand? We seek to keep things as they are out of comfort and safety, yet what does it matter when what wish for isn't the same as what is wanted? It is not just about ensuring that everything around you is as you want it to be, but to recognize that things change, and with that change must come understanding and acceptance, less you lose what you hold dear forever. Let our hearts be opened so that we do not keep everything under the iron grip of an emperor, and instead look to understand and work together. I am the Knight of Noir...Adam!! (Chijinda)

Shadows hide the fear of being alone and unloved...But does that mean we should not give love to others? We seek others out because we wish not to be alone, but why then do we ignore those who share the same loneliness and not seek to help them? It is not just about finding a happy ending for yourself, but to also help others find a happy ending for themselves, in order to make the future brighter for all who feel unloved. Let our hearts be opened so that friends, family, and even strangers can all be lovers together in a brighter and more beautiful world. I am the Knight of Noir...L'Artiste!! (Vanessa)

Shadows hide our actions to protect others...but why must we condemn ourselves to do so? We do whatever we must to keep those we love safe, but does that cost require us to give them up? It is not just about doing what must be done for those you care for, but to never forget that you will always have a place to call home and people to return too. Let our hearts be opened so that one day we no longer have to isolate ourselves, and ride on chariots of hope to return to those whom we love. I am the Knight of Noir...Le' Centurion!! (Tara)

Shadows hide our desires and interest...But why should what we like be hidden? We hide what we enjoy to protect ourselves from being rejected and ridiculed, but what does it matter what other people think? It is not about letting the words of those who are uncaring affect you and what you like, but the words of those who understand and accept your strangeness be what drives you to open up. Let our hearts be opened so nobody need hide their secrets from each other like hermits, and can come to openly express and understand one another. I am the Knight of Noir...Le Moine!! (Mizuho)

Shadows hide evil in the world...but they can not hide from a hero! We like to think the world is always full of good and light, but how can it be when there are those who would hurt the innocent and bring suffering to others? It isn't about just thinking there is good in the world, but acting to make sure that evil never wins, and to help and protect the innocent who live in the light! So let our hearts be opened and work together to bring justice to the world and smiles to everybody! I am the Knight of Noir...Le Juge!! (Nisa)

Shadows hide the weakness we carry in ourselves...But is it wrong for one to have a weakness? We hide behind a shell of pride and arrogance to protect ourselves from being hurt, but what does it matter when all we do is isolate ourselves from everybody? It is not about putting up a shield of strength to hide our own insecurities, but to allow others to see our true selves, and find those who can accept us for all our faults and weaknesses. Let our hearts be opened to all so that we can find the strength to express our truths and fears to the world, and forge an unbreakable bond with others. I am the Knight of Noir...Le Laboureur!! (Ariana)

Shadows hide the fear of death...But why should we fear that which makes life precious? Everything dies, everything fades, and we allow ourselves to be consumed by the fear that one day we shall fade away and cease to exist. But because we know we will end, should we not then live our lives to the fullest? Should we not spend time with the people we love? Should we not see the things we wish to see? Should we not experience what we wish to experience? It is not about fearing when or how we will die, but to accept death as part of life, and realize how we shall live for ourselves and for others. So that even when we pass on, we will leave in happiness and know that we made the world brighter for ourselves and others. Let our hearts be opened to life and death and ensure that neither is wasted! I am the Knight of Noir...La Mort!! (Naomi)

Shadows hide the past we try to conceal from ourselves...But does the past truly control who you are? We try to forget our origins and history out of fear of being ruled by them, but does our own past truly decide what is meant for your future? It is not about running away and rejecting who you are or where you come from, but to accept it as a whole of yourself and your life, and to decide for yourself what road you choose to follow. Let our hearts be opened so that the temperance of our futures may be paved not by the hands of our past or others, but by our own. I am the Knight of Noir...Le M├ędecin!! (Lyn)

Shadows hide truth and reality...But why must the truth be hidden? We let ourselves be fooled by illusions and false promises because we think that everything will be fine, but is following a false future and hope really such a good thing? It is not about accepting what we are told and living without a care, but to realize the truth as truth, no matter how cruel it may be, and live our lives without being controlled by an illusion. Let our hearts be opened to the truth for ourselves and each other, and illuminate the path like the moon in the night. I am the Knight of Noir...La Lune Noire!! (Plutia)

Shadows hide the anger we feel...But what good is anger when it leads to suffering? We condemn others and lash at the world for what we have endured, but what does it matter when all we do is bring more suffering? It is not about unleashing our anger or hatred to make others suffer, but to help those who have held such anger and pain in their hearts, and replace it with kindness and hope. Let our hearts be opened once more so that the judgement and hatred we carry no longer harms ourselves or others, and instead forge a new future of protection and love. I am the Knight of Noir...L'Archange!! (Lucina)

Shadows hide from the light...yet it is light that gives birth to shadows. Light is kind, innocent, caring, and because of this light is naive. To protect what is pure a shadow is needed, and so we embrace what others fear and will become their shadows. We shall watch, observe, and guide those who live in bliss and ignorance. We shall guard, protect, and heal those who are vulnerable and alone. We shall find, strike, and destroy those who would harm what is precious. And we shall hide in the darkness and conceal the truths and fears of the world, so that others may live in the light. For we are the knights of shadows! The shadows of protection! The shadows of all lives! The shadows of all worlds! WE ARE NOIR, THE KNIGHTS OF THE VOID!! (Tsukiko/Everyone)

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