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Terminal Rebirth: Mirrors of Reality

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Terminal Rebirth: Mirrors of Reality Empty Terminal Rebirth: Mirrors of Reality

Post by Decade on Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:43 pm

(This topic is subject to change based on events in the Terminal:Rebirth rp storyline. Enjoy)


Reality is limited only by our own ideals. When in truth there is no limit.

For all worlds are shaped by the limitless potential of bonds and hearts.

But it is also those bonds that can threaten worlds, and erase their existence.

You who wish to safeguard your future, however limited it may be...

Do what you must to protect your hearts and bonds.

For it has come and threatens your world.

And should you fail...

Then your reality will disappear.


She was running. She didn't know where too or from what but she could feel herself running. Her breath was ragged, her body exhausted, but she continued to run as everything around her burned in black flames.

The sounds of screams filled her ears as she watched unrecognizable bodies scattered amongst the flames. She didn't know them, but she could feel their agony, their cries. It made her run harder, as if trying to forget what she was witnessing.


Why did this happen?

Why did this have to happen?



Suddenly an explosion of ash and dust occurred in her path, knocking her down to the ground with a cry. Stunned by the shock she pushed herself from the rubble and looked up, only for her eyes to widen in shock.

Before her lay a newly formed crater, and from the black smoke formed she saw bodies. Bodies of people she recognized. The fortuneteller, the wind wielder, the fire bender, the crystal maker. They lay there in the crater, scattered and bloodied, alongside others. People she recognized as their nakama, their friends. Frozen by the sight she sat there staring, unable to form words or comprehend thought.

Her breath hitched and her body flinched though, when a deep growl was heard.

The smoke faded further to reveal a figure standing in the middle of the crater, wrapped in swirls of black energy and twisted armor. In its' hand it held another body of a girl she recognized. A girl of long silver hair in a red dress. The figure seemed to growl and hiss as it stood there in the crater, unmoving save for the slight rise and fall of its' breathing. The body in its' fingers twitched slightly but the figure did not turn towards it, and instead its' fingers squeezed tightly as the female cried out and coughed blood.

A gasp escaped her mouth.

The figure's head snapped towards her.

Revealing a demonic looking mask with two distinct glowing eye.

One a dark and twisted blue.

The other a flaming and savage red.


The figure drops the girl in hand and turns towards her fully as she panics.


The figure hisses and crouches on all fours as the darkness around it spikes.



The figure flies forward as its' mask breaks opens into a jaw of razor teeth and its' claw lunges forward.




A body fell from a bed and collided hard to the ground, breaking the image of the nightmare that feel before it. A groan of pain could be heard as the figure sat upright and rubbed its' head, revealing to be that of a beautiful young female with long raven hair and heterochromic eyes.

One blue.

And one red.

"Dammit, that hurt," The girl muttered to herself as she rubbed her head slightly before shaking it off. Looking around she recognized where she was and sighed in relief, her eyes turning towards the ground as she lifted her hand up.

It was still shaking.

"That...dream again," she spoke, her voice calm but with a hint of fear and trembling as her fist clenched, "Just what is going on? Why do I keep seeing..."

She closed her eyes to try and erase the image of the nightmare but it wouldn't fade so easily. Every night it was the same. Why would this one be no different? But it still brought no answers.

Why was she running?

What was she running from?

Why did she see THOSE people?

What was that THING?

And why-

"Hey Tetsuko! You awake yet? OYYYYYYYYYY!!"

A cheery voice brought her from her thoughts as she looked towards the door, a familiar voice echoing from behind it.


"AH! You're finally awake! About time. Everybody was really worried ya know!" the cheery and bubbly female voice spoke out, "You really shouldn't worry people so much!"

Tetsuko looked at the door, rather towards the voice of Mizuho, slightly surprised by the words, though a soft smile graced her face at the concern of her friend. That girl...

"Oh right! It's good you're awake now! The trains about to arrive! Ya know the one from Indus and everything?"

Tetsuko nodded though Mizuho couldn't see it, though that didn't stop her from continuing.

"The students from the academy will be here soon and everybody's heading over to see them! Want to come? I mean I know you're still...well ya know. But I'm sure it'll be okay if I'm with you! I mean I am still head of the Society's Weapons R x D, so I'm sure you'll be okay with me! So come on and hurry up and open the door so we can go! Pleaaaaaase? I really want you to go! I'm even trying to convince the others to let Lucina-san come! Though that may be a bit tougher to pull but I'm sure I ca-"

"Alright alright, just give me a minute," Tetsuko interuppted her friend, though Mizuho simply cheered in response. Pushing herself from the ground Mizuho moved towards the door and was about to open it before her eyes caught sight of the setting sun outside her window. The sky lit up in a red and beautiful crimson that was slowly fading away and looked as if it was being pulled into a world of darkness. Though the sight was beautiful, it reminded her once more of the nightmare, as her eyes filled with sorrow and her last question filled her head.

Why....despite what she saw....what she witnessed and felt.....

"Do I feel safe around it?"


Tetsuko snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head clear of the thoughts before opening the door, nearly being football tackled by her friend as she did. As the two girls laughed they didn't notice a black butterfly sitting by the window before flying off towards the sun.


(Music begins to play as the screen shifts and focuses on the setting sun, with a background of light and dark entertwined throughout an entire futuristic city.)


(Scene changes to show Terminal University, students all about the school chatting and having fun. The scene then focuses on Hibiki on a board as wind picks up below him, pushing the board and him into the air as he grins. Only for a small fireball to smack his head causing him to fall off as Hector stares annoyed while Zach sighs.)

Dreamless dorm -
Ticking clock,
I walk away -
from the soundless room

(Scene shifts to show Ishi walking with Hawk as the two laugh and smile. Meanwhile Tara draws a picture of the school from a distance and she smirks as she watches the duo.)

Windless night -
Moonlight melts,
My ghostly shadow -
to the lukewarm gloom

(In a lab Luke is seen sleeping infront of several large stacks of paper, not noticing a figure behind him.)

Nightly dance...
of bleeding swords...

(The figure sneaks up and then promptly kicks Luke from his chair as he cries out. Snapping up in shock he looks to see Piper standing above him, a frown on her face before it turns to a smirk as she winks at him.)

Reminds me that...
I still live...

(Flashes of the city and past events such as initiation, the ball, and the last battle with Lucina's forces appear before ending on a shot of the group smiling and huddled together.)

I will -
(Burn my dread)

(Scene suddenly shifts to a large tram on a track running across the sea, as an unknown figure sits on the top of the tram with one knee propped up and an arm resting on behind it, as the background shows Terminal in the distance with the sun setting behind it.)

I once ran away from the god of fear
And he chained me to despair

(Robin is seen typing away at several computers, a serious look on her face before she is taken by surprise by Ava leaping on her from behind with a grin and scaring the poor girl half to death, also hitting a wrong key which makes her panic even more.)

(Burn my dread)
I will break the chain and run till I see the sunlight again

(Scene shifts several more times to show several events. Lucina sitting in a dark room silently as she looks out a window towards the setting sun. Sarah Lancaster in her office looking over information on her computer as the sun reflects off her glasses. Labrys sleeping in her chambers though one would notice her screens flipping throughout the city with the main views being that of transit hub. And Naomi, who stands ontop of a tall building overlooking the transit hub, though her gaze for some reason is focused out towards the track that the tram runs on.)

I'll lift my face and run to the sunlight

(Scene shifts to that of the inside of what appears to be the tram from earlier, as a beautiful woman with purple hair sits calmly while reading a book, as across from her sits another woman in a doctor's coat, both with calm expressions. The calm is broken though as two females, one with blond hair in a pony tail and ruby eyes, and another who looks similar to the purple haired woman, seem to be arguing with one another and getting angrier. The two glare and look prepared to clash until a young girl in a strange getup with scruffy blue hair and wearing a red scarf and goggles pops between them and smiles happily as she grabs both in a hug despite their protest. Next to the trio another girl dressed in a milita like uniform watches with green eyes. She smirks and brushes her brown colored ponytail to the side before turning to the window and watching the sun set, her expression turnin more solemn and serious as she does.)

Voiceless town,
tapping feet,
I clench my fist,
In pockets tight...
Far in mist a tower waits...
Like a merciless tomb,  
devouring moonlight...

(Scene shifts to what appears to be a world of flying data and information, as if inside a large computer. Inside it floats a feminine figure of data with short hair and glowing red eyes of data. Her arms move rapidly between different screens and information. She stops momentarily though to look at what appears to be a live feed, as it shows the same figure from before ontop of the tram, as the girl of data seems to almost smile at the sight.)

(Scene then shifts to a strange and large empty and black void lit only by a single light. From the light a small girl with very long raven hair, dark skin, and golden slit eyes is seen sitting down before it, her hands gently caressing the light without touching it, as inside the light the image of the figure on the tram is seen. The girl smiles gently as she holds the light close to her chest and closes her eyes.)

I will  
(Burn my dread)
This time I'll grapple down that god of fear
And throw him into hell's fire

(Scene shifts once more to the figure on the tram who seems unphased by the speed and wind hitting it. This time a closer view reveals the figure wearing a dark heavy coat covering most of its' body with a hood covering its' head. The figure still sits in the same position as it watches the setting sun and Terminal City, which is noticebly closer now.

(Burn my dread)
I will shrug the pain and run till I see the sunlight again

(The figure then lifts up the hand on the knee, revealing it to be a metalic armored glove, as it opens its' palm towards Terminal and the sun, as if wanting to grasp both.)

Oh, I will run...  
burning all regret and dread...

(The figure then clenches the hand closed over Terminal, as the sun fully sets and darkness takes over fully, almost as if it and the city were being crushed in the figures' hand)

And I will face the sun -
with pride of the living...

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