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Fire Emblem: Light and Darkness Intro

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Fire Emblem: Light and Darkness Intro

Post by Razren on Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:10 pm

Thousands and thousands of years ago there were two worlds, one of Demons, the other of Dragons. The human race lived peacefully with the Dragons, some even formed orders around individual ones. However, eventually one of the human leaders created a gateway between the two worlds, bringing chaos to the peace that reigned. Humans migrated over to the Demon world, as fighting had broken out between the Dragons and the Demons. This war came to be known as The Great War. After 40 years of endless conflict, the dragons and humans sealed away the King of Demons in a stone known simply as the "Darkness Stone".
To thank mankind for its help in defeating the Demon King, the King of the Dragons bestowed upon 5 humans unimaginable magical power. Mankind grew greedy though, and did not wish to remain beneath the Dragons forever. The war that began came to be known as The Scouring. Humans and Dragons fought for countless years, before finally the Dragon King was also sealed, and his forces were banished back beyond the gate of their world. The stone that the Dragon King was sealed inside of was called the "Light Stone" and was used as a counter to the Darkness Stone.
Mankind grew complacent, and began to expand into the world we know of today. Several continents dot the world, each with its own unique landscapes and countries, needlessly shedding blood, each in its effort to gain as much control as possible.

The Continent of Elibe:

Of the many continents of the world, Elibe is the oldest. It houses the Dragon Gate, as the portal to the world of dragons came to be known as, and numerous other ruins. It is also said to house the ancient city of Arcadia, one of the first cities built by the Dragons when they crossed over into this world. It has seen its fair share of politically upheaval, and has had multiple large scale conflicts happen. In recent years, the country of Eturia has been no exception to this rule. A great war broke out in which Eturia took over most of the continent before it was stopped by a small band of heroes known as the "Etrurian Liberation Front". Due to several arguments over territory that broke out afterward, a council was summoned to redraw the very political landscape of the continent.

The Countries of Elibe:

Lycia: One of the few countries to retain most of its self identity after the war, Lycia is a federation of city states each ruled by a Marquess. In an effort to ease political tensions, some of the cities under its flag were given to the neighboring country of Terium. The lead city of the Lycian Alliance was relocated to the isle of Valor, where the Dragon Gate is supposedly located, as the islands location made it more easily able to secure all of Lycia's borders. The current ruler of Lycia is a man by the name of Roy, the son of the famous Eliwood of the city of Pherae. Under Roy's righteous rule, the country in recent times has been blessed with relative peace and serenity.

Formerly the Kingdom of Bern, now renamed the Terium Empire, this country is notable for its less than good-natured politicians and generals. Its predecessor country was constantly at odds with its neighbors and as such the diplomatic situation is not the greatest. Terium is well known for its high-rise mountains and legions of Wyvern Knights at its command. The current Emperor is a man named Maxwell, who is well known for his violent tendencies.

Greentres is a Queendom without a Queen. Its former Queen, Elisha, died some time ago and the council whose job was to put a new Queen on the throne grew greedy and vile, knowing that as soon as the new Queen was crowned, they would lose all political power. The country has suffered greatly due to this split between the council. Each councilman has his own fiefdom, and his own allies and friends. While some of the greatest heroes in the land have come from here, it has become a shadow of its former self.

The country of Ilia has become split in two. Ilia was a very adamant Queendom, with its female-only Pegasus Knights, and almost all female politicians. However, after the war, some wished to become a more democratic republic. These people named their "new country" Shoara. Tension between the loyalists and "rebels" have grown so much that their is actively skirmishes on the "borders". Being the northenmost country, Illia is no warm place to be. It is viciously cold, and frequent snowstorms dot the landscape. The current Queen of Illia is a woman named Lucenia

The plains of Sacae are one of the only countries without a strong government. The three tribes of the area (Lorca, Djute, and Kutohlah) actively fight for power. Each tribe has its own contested territory, with the Lorca to the south, the Djute to the north and west, and the Kutolah to the East

Formerly the Kingdom of Eturia, Caledonia has become a harbinger of peace throughout the land since its creation. The new king's first act was to demolish the labor camps that the country had on its western isles, and integrate the people there into the populace. The current king is a young man by the name of Lawrence, who has only been reigning for 3 years.
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