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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Finale)

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Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Finale) Empty Terminal Special: A Winter's Musical (Finale)

Post by Decade on Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:17 pm

The sounds of cheering and music continued to fill the Christmas Eve party at Terminal University. The first performance done by the trio of girls had set up for a wondrous evening of music and fun for everybody to experience.

Almost everybody.

Across the party on the school grounds, a flurry of ice and explosions could be seen and heard, as two figures clashed against each other. One being covered in a cloak of pure white as the figure leaped into the air, ice shards and frost circling around the figure forming blades of the cold substance. The ice seemed to suddenly pause in the air and aim towards the opposing figure on the ground before raining down in a hail of death.

The moonlight shined over the field of battle to reveal the other figure as a young man with silver colored hair that hung over a pair of glowing golden eyes.

It was Tsukiko. And he had a calm smile on his face.

A large black vortex suddenly formed in the air as it devoured the rain of ice before vanishing. The white cloaked figure didn't pause however as it landed on the floor and punched the ground, causing icicles to shoot upwards towards the boy. The boy however suddenly vanished as an icicle impaled the spot he was in.


The white cloaked figure tensed up as Tsukiko stood behind it, hands in pocket and the smile still on his face.

"I take it you're not up for just talking this out huh?"

The response given was the cloaked figure spinning around with a blade of ice, hitting air as the boy landed several feet ahead of the figure. Not pausing the figure's blade of ice aimed to the boy as a pillar of ice shot out at high speeds towards him, only for another black vortex to form and devour the pillar before exploding, causing the ice to scatter across the field in light flakes.

The two opponents stared at each other in silence, as Tsukiko kept the smile on his face, "I guess that's a no then."

The white cloaked figure simply crouched and lunged at the opponent.


"Yahoo!! How did you like that performance everybody!?"

Nisa grinned from the stage as the crowd of people responded with cheers and applause. The songs had been going great and everybody was loving it.

Though as the songs and cheering went on, a small group of individuals were not as focused by the entertainment.

"How's he doing?" Lucina questioned, her voice firm and strong as her leadership quality took over. She and the others had been told by Labrys over the strange temperature drops and how the void user had gone and confronted whatever was causing it. They had also been told that Tsukiko had sent a message to Labrys just before the confrontation, asking her and everybody else not to come and instead stay at the party, stating that he would handle this alone and not let it ruin the event.

"At the moment Onii-chan is fine. Readings and internal body temperatures are normal given the circumstance, and he appears to be holding himself well against whatever is out there," Labrys stated, her emerald green eyes glowing.

"Can't you contact him though? Get a clearer understanding over what's going on?" Vanessa asked, worry etched into her face.

Ariana scoffed, "Why bother wasting time? Let's just go and help him already before he gets into even more trouble!"

"And ignore his words?" Lyn questioned back, "You heard what he sent to Labrys. He doesn't want us to interfere or cause a scene. It could end up making things worse for all we know."

"She's right" Richmond spoke up, arms crossed and a light frown on his face, "While us leaving wouldn't be such a big thing, it could raise a few heads around the party. And there's no telling just what sort of conflict the boy's gotten himself into. For all we know him handling this alone may be keeping the issue in a confined area in order to prevent anyone else from noticing. If we interfere though and it gets out of hand..."

"So what, you expect me to just stay here and do nothing like the rest of you?!"

"By all means, go ahead if you want," Lucina said with a glare, "Go and cause a big commotion outside. Go and risk this entire event that Tsukiko has planned weeks for just to satisfy your own selfishness. Go and destroy everybody's evening and ruining what was a wonderful Christmas Eve for them by replacing it with chaos and fear. I"m SURE that'll work out well."

Ariana's teeth grit together as she glared, "You-"

"Knock it off both of you!" Vanessa spoke out as she stepped between the two, "We shouldn't be fighting like this. Tsuki-kun asked us to stay so we should trust him and stay!"

Ariana just turned her gaze to Vanessa, "How can you possibly agree to this?"

"Because I want to make sure Tsuki-kun's wish is kept," Vanessa said, "He's worked really hard to make things great for today. He wanted to make it an evening where everybody can just forget the year and have a wonderful time, especially us. He wouldn't want to see everybody and everything crumble apart cause of something like this. He's done so much for us, so shouldn't we in kind pay him in kind by trusting in him?"

"Of course I trust him! How could I not trust him? I trust him with all of my heart! It's why I don't want anything to happen to him again! I don't-"

"You don't want to lose him again."

The calm voice of Sarah spoke out, causing each of the girls to flinch at the words as their eyes filled with grief and pain at the words. Richmond himself had a look of grimace, and Labrys herself looked saddened and even a bit scared. Sarah retained a calm expression as she looked over everyone, though her own heart filled with pain and remembrance.

As the group stayed silent the crowds cheered again as Flandere and Alice both walked onto the stage, the later of whom looked extremely nervous and scared while the former had a huge grin on her face which showed off her vampiric fangs.

"Hello everybody!" Flandere spoke into the microphone as she smiles, "I hope you're all having a great time tonight and enjoy our song! We worked on it really hard with Mari-neesama, so wish us luck!"

Alice nodded to the words, her shyness overtaking her voice as the crowd cheered and clapped. As Alice looked around worried she felt a hand take hers as she looked over to her friend, who held the reality benders fingers in hers and smiles. This caused the young blonde to smile and nod as both girls took a deep breath and looked towards the crowd, as the music slowly began to fill the air.

Alice and Flandere: "Now it's Christmas. There are smiles everywhere.
Here's a party night from me to you.
Now it's Christmas. Everyone is making their wish.
I promise you...
A Holy....



Ice shot out from the ground in the form of several razor tipped spears as a black hole swallowed each one. As that hole vanished another suddenly formed in place, as the spears flew right back at the white cloaked figure, each one now engulfed in a aura of black energy. The figure flinched at the sight and raises its' hand as the spears melted, however the auras continued to fly and struck the ground before the figure, exploding the ground and causing the figure to be flung back.

Alice and Flandere: "Let's make this year's Christmas just a bit special.
Even though it's not a white Christmas."

Tsukiko suddenly flew through the dust as the cloaked figure swung its' arm causing a wall of ice to shot from the ground. However a black portal suddenly appeared behind the figure as Tsukiko emerged through it and kicked the figure into the wall hard.

Alice and Flandere: "The illumination of the stardust. Look, it's falling and piling up."

The figure seemed to growl in anger as ice and snowdust began to kick in around it and the entire area, causing Tsukiko to bring his arms up to cover his face.

Alice: "It's glittering and shining. And everybody is happy."

The snowdust began to gather and formed into a large white wolf of swirling snow and sharpened ice as it howled loudly, the storm kicking up further.

Flandere: "Flickering, and in the blink of an eye. Everyone's having a dream!"

The wolf lunged at Tsukiko as the boy suddenly vanished from the spot in a swirl of black aura and reappeared a few yards away. However the snow of the storm suddenly shifted behind him as another wolf formed and bit at the boy, as he flipped away from the strike and vanished once more into the storm.

Alice and Flandere: "Now it's Christmas.
There are smiles everywhere.
Here's a party night from me to you."

The white cloaked figure simply raised its' arms as the storm seemed to roar with life, as wolfs began to form from every point in the storm and lunged at the boy wherever he appeared. A pair of white hard light blades formed from each wrist as Tsukiko countered each wolf with a strike or twist as he continuously disappeared and reappeared in the storm. After several brief moments of this he suddenly turned his gaze back to the figure and vanished again. The figure flinched and formed several wolves before it as they lunged forward as Tsukiko reappeared only a few feet from the figure.

Alice and Flandere: "Now it's Christmas.
Where it's time to make your wish.
I promise you..."

Tsukiko however stayed in place, as suddenly several black spiked chains shot out from the boy's back and struck each wolf in the head, piercing through them and smashing into the ground around the cloaked figure causing it to raise its' arms in protection. As it looked up from the strike it suddenly flinched in shock.

Alice and Flandere: "A Holy....Holy..."

As a dark gray edged mask appeared before the figure with a pair of glowing eye lenses. The right one being a sapphiric blue, and the left being a ruby red.

Alice and Flandere: "Night!"


The crowd continued to cheer as the girls sang, while the group that cared for Tsukiko stayed in a uncomfortable silence. Sarah looked over them, specifically the girls, each one's face filled with memories they'd rather forget. She looked over her own daughter, who had a similar look in her emerald glowing eyes. She let out a sigh as she put down her wine glass.

"What are you all doing?"

This caused the heads to look up at the head scientist as she looked at them calmly, "This is supposed to be a party remember? How you're acting is the exact opposite of what tonight's goal was isn't it? Do you really want to stay this way when it'll just make him sadder?"

Her words caused the girls to flinch as they realized the truth in them. Sarah took notice and continued, "Tonight is supposed to be about a chance of starting a new. Of new life and purpose given out, and to let go of all the sins and mistakes we've gone through. Isn't that why we all came here? Why we're spending time together and celebrating the arrival of Christmas at this event rather than by ourselves?"

"Mother is right," Labrys suddenly spoke out, her expression still calm but her eyes filled with understanding, "I used to be so unsure about everything. I used to see the world with nothing but logic and confusion and simply followed whatever I was told," she paused as a smile graced her face, "But onii-chan...Tsukiko helped me. He helped me to grow beyond my programing and body and understand what it meant to live for myself. To feel emotions such as joy, fear, love, and be able to feel alive. This is my first Christmas I can experience with such feelings, and I wish to remember it as I am now so that I can make sure that I can keep living for myself and continue to feel all these wonderful experiences."

The other girls looked at each other thought, as if trying to see if the others were feeling the same. Surprisingly Lucina was the first to speak up as she rubbed her arm nervously.

"I...I was in a dark place long ago. I wanted to destroy this city and kill so many people. I myself probably would have died because of it. But I managed to change, managed to become stronger than my pain, and even though I lost so much, this is my first Christmas in so long where I don't feel hate or anger towards anyone, and instead am sharing it with people who...who call me their friend."

Vanessa smiled and patted her shoulder, causing the leader to smile slightly. Lyn smiled at the sight and nodded, "I know that feeling. I was forced into a life of secrecy and had to be away from those I loved out of fear and protection. But now I no longer need to do so and can go and visit them whenever I wish. This is the first Christmas I can spend without having to look over my shoulder and worry about someone trying to hurt me or them!

"I'm the same," Ariana spoke up, her expression a calm smile, "I was saved from an engagement that would have ruined my life. One I had been bound to for so long and felt no freedom towards. And because of it, I was finally able to confront my mother and understand what it meant to think beyond myself. This Christmas marks the first I get to spend with people outside my family who I consider just as important. And I want to keep that feeling."

"Me too! I don't want to lose that feeling!" Vanessa spoke up with a smile, "So let's trust in Tsukiko. Let's stay and enjoy the night as much as we can, and when he finally shows up, we'll make him have just as wonderful a night as us!"

"Let us all ensure we keep tonight bright and happy, so that Onii-chan can be happy as well. Wherever he is and whatever he is facing, let us be sure he knows how happy and successful this event is." Labrys said with a smile as the others nodded.

"Goes without saying."

"Of course."


The girls all smiled to one another in understanding as Sarah and Richmond nodded to each other. With that the group turned back to the two girls on stage who were finishing their song.

Alice and Flandere: "This years Christmas is certainly special.
A lonely Christmas is boring.
The smiles are what illuminates it.
Look, I'll decorate it for you!"


The white cloaked figure winced in pain as it crashed to the surface of a building. It flipped to its' feet fast as possible only for a foot to smash into the side of the hood and send it to the ground once more.

Flandere: "It's swearing and flickering. And everyone is holding hands."

The figure pushed itself up and swung its' arm as a dragon of ice formed from the hand and lunged at the masked face of Tsukiko, only for a large black hand of energy to suddenly form from the boy's shoulder and smash the dragon to the ground shattering it as the heterochromic eyes simply stared forward at the cloak.

Alice: "Sparkling and twinkling. I'm looking up at the stars with everyone!"

The figure got to their feet shakily only for Tsukiko to suddenly appear before it, a knee in their chest causing a very feminine cough to emit from under the hood. The figure growled as ice formed along the entire body and formed an armor of spiked ice and blades as it began to try and impale and cut apart Tsukiko.

Alice and Flandere: "Now it's Christmas. There are lots of smiles around.
I sent to you a party night."

Tsukiko seemed to wave and swirl around each strike, occasionally deflecting one of the strikes before countering with a hard blow to the ice armor. Even when a strike did seem to come through, it was either absorbed into a black hole or the ice was shattered by a hand of black energy. The close combat continued as Tsukiko the ice armor began to break apart and the figure inside began to slow down and be pummeled by the constant blows.

Alice and Flandere: "Now it's Christmas. Where it's time to make your wish."


Alice and Flandere smiled to the audience as everyone. Lucina, Vanessa, Ariana, Lyn, Sarah, Richmond, Chijinda, Mari, Tori, Layfon, Sharron, Nisa, Tara, Sheila, and many others watched the girls singing, with each one feeling their spirits and hearts filled with joy and peace.

The sight caused the girls to put on the brightest expressions they could.

Alice and Flandere: "I promise you..."


The ice armor cracked and began to fall apart as the figure struggled to stay on their feet. However the masked void user simply moved forward, fist clenched and swung upwards as a crystal blue eye widened in shock.

Alice and Flandere: "A Holy....Holy..."

As the first shattered into the chin of the armor, shattering it fully as the figure was flung into the air before slamming to the ground hard.

Alice and Flandere: "Night!!"


Loud cheers and applause echoed for both girls, who were panting heavily but had bright smiles. Flandere was so happy she leaped on Alice and hugged her closely causing the blonde to blush at the contact with her vampire friend. As everyone clapped Labrys took note that the drop in temperature suddenly began to recede, and that the readings on Tsukiko were still completely normal. A warm feeling filled her core as her green eyes stopped glowing, deciding not to tell everyone else and let them find out for themselves. But it didn't stop her from smiling brightly and whispering out to herself.

"You did it, Onii-chan."


As the sounds of applause filled the school, Tsukiko looked over to the noise to see the lights and building of the party not far from the rooftop he was standing on. In a wisp of darkness the mask on his face faded to reveal his smiling face.

A groan caught his attention though as he looked back over to the cloaked enemy, whose hood had fallen to the side to reveal the face underneath.

It was a surprise to the void user though when the face he saw, while covered in dirt and a bit messy, was of a beautiful young girl with snow white colored hair that reached passed her chin. Despite the dirt the shear beauty of the girl sight would have stunned any person. Tsukiko himself was taken aback, but quickly recovered and sighed.

"Looks like you were right."

"Of course I was," a seductive and feminine voice spoke inside his head, the tone made it feel like the voice was smirking at him, "After all it is your 'curse' remember?"

"Don't remind me," Tsukiko shook his head lightly as the girl began to stir. Her eyes flickered open to reveal a beautiful aqua blue as she looked up confused, only for her eyes to snap open in fear at the sight of the one who beat her down.

"Hi." Tsukiko said as the girl shot up and crawled back in fear, ice shooting towards Tsukiko which were simply devoured by more black holes. Her fear seemed to grow at this as she continued to crawl before smacking into the end of the rooftop. Seeing her fear Tsukiko stayed in place, sighing slighting before he sat down across from her, the ice kept between the two, "So, what's your name?"

The girl looked at him in fear and confusion. As she stared though another voice suddenly spoke up, "You might as well tell him. He's the kind who wont let the matter drop so easily."

To the girl's shock a black aura had formed over Tsukiko's shoulder, it's shape taking the form of a beautiful woman with long raven hair that seemed to stretch over his back as her one of her arms were wrapped lovingly around his neck, and a pair of golden eyes looking out over the ice user. Tsukiko's eyes turned to the mass of darkness though and narrowed, "Naomi, I told you to stay inside and let me handle this."

The aura dubbed Naomi simply giggled, "Sorry love. But I felt it would be better to ensure I mark what's mine before you end up stealing yet another heart."

Tsukiko turned red and looked away annoyed and embarrassed as Naomi chuckled. Meanwhile the girl stared at both figures, the fear still there but the confusion beginning to take a larger role. Noticing this the void user simply rubbed the back of his head, "Oh uh, sorry about this. She usually stays hidden due to the level of trouble her presence would just bring, like now for example," he slightly glares as Naomi simply giggled, "Anyways you don't have to be afraid. I won't hurt you, well, at least I don't wish to hurt you. I'm kinda strange like that but I would rather this be settled peacefully if possible. Plus it is Christmas Eve, and it would kind of suck to end the day with violence rather than words."

"Says the one who just beat her into unconsciousness."


The shadow woman laughed again as Tsukiko glared. However their focus was quickly brought to the girl as she spoke.

"Why?" the girl spoke up, her voice filled with confusion and slight anger, "Why did you interfere? Why did you stop me from making them suffer? Who gave you the right?"

Tsukiko frowned slightly at the words, "I don't know about right, but I don't just stand by and watch people get hurt for no reason. Though I get the feeling you have a reason don't you?"

The girl simply glared but didn't move from her spot. The response though was met with a flare of the shadow aura as Naomi's golden eyes seemed to narrow, causing the snow haired woman to flinch back in fear, "I would suggest talking young one. It's impolite to be rude to someone who is willing to-."


The shadow looked at Tsukiko, who stared back calmly. A silence passed between the two, though on the inside the two were mentally speaking to one another. After a moment the woman sighed in defeat and crossed her arms, "Fine."

Tsukiko smiled once more and nodded, "Thank you Naomi-chan."

The woman blushed at the words before smiling and cupping Tsukiko's face in her palm gently and kissing his cheek lovingly, "Just remember not to do anything to steal her heart. You are mine after all, and I won't share you with anybody."


The woman laughed at his red face before turning back into a pure black aura and fading into Tsukiko's body. With her gone he quickly recovered from her comments and looked back at the ice user once more, "Sorry about all that. I promise it won't happen again. So...with that said, do you mind telling me why you tried to destroy a wonderful Christmas Eve party?"

The woman simply glared at him as he stared back calmly. Silence passed between the two with the only other sound being the wind and the music down below. After a moment the woman turned her gaze downwards as she held her cloak around her arms, "What's so great about Christmas?" The comment caught Tsukiko by surprise as she continued, "Lights, decorations, presents, food? What does it all matter to people like us huh?"

"Like us?"

"People who don't get such a luxury," she clenched her grip, "Those who are left out in the cold to be forgotten. Those without homes, or food, or clothes. You people only choose to look at whats in front of you and ignore everything else. You spend so much time enjoying your parties and warmth and fun, and could care less for them! You care only for yourselves! You don't bother to help those who really need it and are suffering! You do-"

"Christmas Eve. It was dark and cold outside. The wind bit at my cheeks but I didn't care. Mother's condition was worse."

The girl's eyes widened as Tsukiko's own eyes had shifted to black with golden slits and he began talking.

"What should I do? I ask and ask but nobody bothers to listen. They don't care. Why don't they care? Mother please don't leave me! Please don't go and leave me alone in this world! I don't want to be alone! I-"


A black hole intercepted a large ice spear as Tsukiko blinked, his eyes normal again as he looked up to see the girl panting heavily from the toss, her eyes filled with anger and fear, "Huh? What ju-"

"It happened again love."

Tsukiko paled slight at the realization as he looked over to the girl who as glaring, "You son of a-"

"I'M SORRY!" Tsukiko suddenly shouted as he bowed his head, taking the girl aback, "I didn't mean to say whatever I said I swear! I would never do such a thing as to invade your thoughts or memories, honest. Please forgive me!"

The girl looked at him in shock at his sudden action and words, though her anger was still there. However she didn't strike and instead clenched her fist as she glared at him, "How did you know of that? What did you do?"

Tsukiko frowned slightly as he looked up to her, "It's...a long and complicated story. Short version is that this is just one of many new "talents" I've been developing. I can sort of...'feel' another person's heart when I'm around them and learn things about them. Their experiences, their memories, their emotions, it all just talks to me and in some cases, I can almost view them like I was watching a movie. However I can't exactly control this power or stop myself sometimes when the emotions are really strong, and so I just sort of....tell what I see. But I swear I would never do that purposefully to you, or anyone, honest. That's not who I am."

The girl looked at him surprised and angry, realizing that he had indeed seen what she feared. However despite this the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice wasn't that of someone trying to apologize out of fear, but who felt truly sorry. It didn't help her emotions though as she looked down once more shakily.

The two returned to a tense silence, but was soon broke as the girl spoke.

"Have you ever lost anybody?"

The words made Tsukiko flinch at the memories as he nodded. The girl took note of this and looked up at the night sky.

"My mother and I have always been poor. We struggled for our lives and were forced to live like animals. And yet every winter, my mother always seemed to brighten up simply because of how everyone was always so happy and cheerful. I didn't see it though, as they were blessed with their petty lives and joys while we were still forced to live in poverty."

The girl's fist tightened as she closed her eyes.

"Then one particular winter, she became very ill. She was suffering and weak and I couldn't do a damn thing about it. I asked people for help, took her to places, yet nobody would do a damn thing! Just because we were poor and looked bad, we weren't worth their fucking time!"

She laughed bitterly and hugged her arms.

"And then she died. On Christmas Eve she died right in front of me. Her skin was so cold that day that nothing else could ever compare to it. I lost the only person who I ever loved and mattered to me, and it broke me. But it also gave me my powers. THEN people began to take notice of me. The girl with the special talents and abilities. The ability to manipulate and create ice and snow at a whim, it took only that for them to FUCKING NOTICE!"

"So you were going to attack because you wanted them to understand. Because you wanted them to realize your anger. How much you hated what happened." It wasn't a question as much as a statement.

"Why shouldn't I huh? It's because of them that I lost my mother! Nobody would help me because I was poor and dirty! Nobody gave a crap about us! About her! I hate them for that! I hate them all! It was only because I was suddenly special that they gave a crap about me! Before hand I was nothing to them, and I lost my mother because of it! And then only after she's gone suddenly they care? DON'T SCREW WITH ME!!"

The snowy winds began to pick up around the building as they swirled around both Tsukiko and the girl.


The girl was suddenly caught off guard when she was wrapped up in a warm pair of arms. Realizing who it was she glared angrily and prepared to push him off, "What do you-"

"You never cried."

Her eyes widened at this as he spoke, "You never allowed yourself to cry. You never allowed yourself to shed tears, not in private or public. Not in front of your mother or behind her."

"Stop it!"

"You always hid it because in the end, you never cared about your own pain and suffering."

"I said stop!"

"You acted like you hated it. You put on a mask to show your distaste and anger towards everything that had happened. Your poverty, your pain. You did hold resentment, but you always tried to make it seem worse on yourself than it truly was."

"Shut up!!"

"You lashed out because of the loss. You struck at people and tried to hurt them because you didn't know what else to do. Your mother was gone and any hope you had faded with her. You felt like it was because of everything, the pain, the suffering, the hurt and struggles, that all of it was caused by them and so you wanted to avenge her through hurting others."

"Shut up! Just shut up!

"But all the pain and suffering in the world couldn't equal what you truly felt. What you felt in your heart and what you had in the end. Because it was never about the pain or suffering.


"It was never about being wealthy or having a true home or clothes or anything."

"Stop it."

"Because that didn't matter. Because she was with you. Because no matter what you went through, no matter the hardships or struggles, your mother was always there for you."

"Just stop.."

"She was the one thing in your life that made up for everything else.The one light in the dark that let you keep going on. Because all you needed in the end was her, and would always just want her to be with you through everything. And she did too.


"Because she loved you so much. And you-"


"-loved her."

The snow and winds began to die down as the girl simply stood there in the hug.

"But in the end you never allowed yourself to cry. You never allowed yourself to let it all out because you were afraid it'd make you weak and hurt both you and your mother. Even when she was gone, you refused to cry and instead replaced it with anger and hate towards those who had something. But you still never let yourself feel anything else cause you were afraid of how much it would hurt you."

She didn't respond or move as the words came.

"And you're right, it will hurt. But it's not a bad kind of hurt, but one that will help. So don't hold it in anymore. Don't hold back."

She began to shake.

"Just let it go."

The words brought pain to her heart. Pain and heartache at the memories and loss she had experienced so long ago. But at the same time they brought out something else. Another emotion. One she hadn't even realized was there. She was struggling, but she wasn't sure if it was to fight it or let it out. But as the feeling continued to grow inside her and as his words struck at her, she made her decision and, for as long as she could remember, did something she had never done before.

She cried.


The snow and winds died instantly as the girl grabbed onto Tsukiko's chest and cried. Her screams and yells filled the air as tears poured from her face, but the void user simply stood there and held her, his eyes black and gold like earlier. But unlike before, the haze that was in his eyes was faded, as tears also fell from his face at the emotions he had felt and brought out inside of the young girl.

From inside the void user Naomi smiled gently as she watched the scene.


The hours began to pass and the time flew. The songs were all enjoyable and fun, but midnight was now fast approaching and everybody was getting excited as Christmas day was about to hit.

"Alright everybody, it's almost time! CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE!!!" Nisa shouted happily as the crowd applauded and cheered, "And for it we have one last singer for the evening, and one final song!!"

The crowd cheered louder as Nisa grinned, "And for this song, we have two very special singers! The very president of Terminal City, and queen of Indus City! Give it up for Tori and Sharron!!"

The two woman walked on stage as the crowd cheered loudly at the two women. Tori smiled as she grabbed the microphone and spoke, "Greetings again everybody. I'm so happy to see everyone having such a wonderful time this evening. This entire event has become one large success and has brought many smiles to everybody here."

"Indeed. We could never had made it possibly without all of your help," Sharron continued with a gentle smile, "Every single one of you had a hand in making things work and making this Christmas Eve one of the best Christmas Eves this city has seen. So give yourselves a nice round of applause as a thank you for coming tonight to make this party wonderful."

The crowd did as asked and clapped and cheered as both women smiled. Tori nodded to Sharron and cleared her throat, "And so with that said, let us all bring in Christmas day together with this final song."

The crowd clapped once more before quieting down, as the lights dimmed down and focused on the two rulers of their cities. The music was tranquil and serene, and everybody instantly knew what it was going to be.

Tori looked over everyone once more before taking a deep breath and letting the words come to her.

Tori: "Have yourself, a Merry little Christmas.
Let your heart be light.
From now on, let your troubles be out of sight!"

Everyone was taken in by the beautiful voice of Terminal's leader, and Sharron smiled as she made sure not to disappoint.

Sharron: "Have yourself, a Merry little Christmas.
Make the yuletide gay.
From now on, your troubles will be miles away!"

Alice and Flandere both sat next to one another as Mari held their shoulders gently.

Tori: "Here we as in olden days.
Happy golden days of yore!"

Nisa stood beside Chijinda Layfon Tara and Sheila.

Sharron: "Faithful friends, who are dear to us.
They gather near to us, once more!"

Sarah and Richmond both sat in their seats, smiles on their faces as they drank from their glasses. Mizuho and Plutia hugged each other in one arm as they smiled happily.

Tori: "Through the years, we will all be together.
If the fates allow!"

Lucina let a very gentle smile grace her face as Vanessa Arianna Lyn and Labrys all had similar smiles of their own.

Sharron: "Hang a shining star upon the highest bow!"

Both leaders smiled and sang in unison.

Tori and Sharron: "And have yourself, a Merry little Christmas now."


Tsukiko looked over to the building as the voices reached out and filled the air. He smiled gently hearing the song of the two women, happy that everything was alright.


He turned to the woman beside him, staring at the lights and listening to the music in surprise. He simply kept smiling as he nodded.

"Do you want to go down there?"

She looked up surprised, "What?"

"Do you want to go down? I'm sure you'd love it. You'd get to me a lot of amazing people and don't have to spend this year alone. I know it can't replace what you lost, but it doesn't mean you should continue to live like this. We can help you. We can give you a chance to start over and find a new light for yourself. So you can be happy once more."

The girl looked at him, shocked at the proposal. She found her voice silenced by his sincere words and look, unsure of what to take of it. After a moment though she closed her eyes and smiled sadly.

"I wish I could."

Sharron: "Faithful friends, who are dear to us.
They gather near to us, once more."

Tsukiko looked at her surprised, however his gaze suddenly took notice of a blue sparkle of light floating before him. And then another, followed by many more. It was then he realized where it was coming from, as the girl's legs were starting to fade before him into dust of blue light.


"I don't know myself," she answered as her eyes opened, sadness filled in them as tears began to grow, "I just know why I originally came here and what I felt. And that my time here was limited. I didn't know anything else, and didn't care too."

Tori: "Through the years, we all will be together.
And if the fates allow!"

"And now I wish I had more time," the tears began to fall again as she shook, "Because then I...I could have had a chance to meet such wonderful people like you."

His eyes widened in surprise.

Tori and Sharron: "But till then, we'll have to muddle through somehow!!!"

Her body began to fade further as her torso and arms disappeared. Turning to him the girl smiled as bright as she could as the tears fell. But this time out of happiness.

"Thank you, Tsukiko. I will never forget you."


He reached out only for her to fade away in a burst of light, as Tsukiko looked at the spot in shock.


Suddenly a cold object feel onto his nose. Surprised Tsukiko looked towards it, only to suddenly see something white slowly falling from the sky. His eyes widened in surprise.

As it began snowing.

A single snowflake though caught his attention, it bring a bright blue instead of white. Reaching up he let the flake fall into his palm and gently brought it down to eye level.

Sharron and Tori: "And have yourself....."

The flake glowed once, as the image of Yuna and a older woman hugging each other filled his mind before fading, as the flake scattered.

"Sharron and Tori: "A Merry Little Christmas....Now...."

The sound of loud clapping and cheers filled the building as Tori and Sharron bowed happily. As the cheers and clapping grew louder, suddenly the loud voice of Mizuho shouted out.

"EH!?!? NO WAY!!!!"

Everyone around her turned to the girl and looked to where she was pointing, and their eyes widened in surprise as well at the sight of snow falling and gathering.

"No way? It's snowing?"

"It's really snowing? In this city?"

"I can't believe it!"

"It's snowing!"

Everyone was filled with surprise and awe as they made to move outside, as they bore witness to snow in Terminal City for the first time they could ever remember.

Plutia blinked as she looked at the shaking Mizuho, "Mizuho-chan?"

"I did it..." Mizuho spoke up. Her back turned to Plutia as she suddenly jumped up arms in the air. "I DID IT! I MADE IT SNOW! It's snowing in Terminal! It''s.."

Plutia blinked and looked to her friends face and was surprised to see a teary and snot filled face of Mizuho.

"It's so....beautiful..."

Plutia smiled and hugged her crying friend as she rubbed her head, "Awww, there there."

Alice and Flandere both looked at the snow in amazement and joy, "It's snowing!!"

Mari chuckled, "I'll be dammed. If this ain't another miracle."


"Nisa calm down!" Layfon spoke as he tried to calm the excited girl, though he couldn't keep the excitement off his face as he and his friends looked around at the beautiful white scene.

"I will kill her," Lucina stated as her eye twitched, "I will kill Mizuho. I'm going to make her suffer through so much paperwork first, and then I'm gonna kill her."

"Oh don't be so hard," Lyn spoke up with a smirk, "I mean come on, look at it! It's actually snowing!"

"Hmph, it's been quite a while since I've seen snow. I had forgotten how beautiful it was," Ariana spoke up with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.

"Did Mizuho really do this?" Vanessa questioned surprised but in awe.


The girls turned to Labrys, who let off a beautiful smile and pointed, "Onii-chan did."

The girls looked to where she pointed, and their eyes all widened and their hearts leapped, as the void using boy walked forward, arms in pocket and a smile on his face. He stopped several feet from them and waved.

"Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. It's been quite a day."

The girls didn't say anything. Not at first.

Then they moved.



Tsukiko blinked only to pale, "W-Wa-!"

He didn't get time to respond as Vanessa and Ariana tackled him into the snow, hugging him happily.



Lyn and Labrys both ran over and kneeled down happily as they hugged him as well. The boy simply winched under the group hug and struggled to move.

"G-Girls come on! Let me at least get up!"

"Nope!" Vanessa said.

"Never again!" Ariana spoke up.

"Your stuck with us kid," Lyn grinned.

"Accept defeat, Onii-chan," Labrys stated.

Tsukiko just sighed, only for a shadow to interrupt the girls as the five looked up to see Lucina standing there, arms crossed and her expression completely calm.


Tsukiko was surprised when her hand leaned down before him, as Lucina looked at him with slightly reddened cheeks.

"Get up already. You look ridiculous."

Tsukiko blinked and grasped her hand as she jumped slightly at the contact, but didn't pull away.

She would regret that as Vanessa and Lyn suddenly grabbed their hands.

"Aw don't be such a stiff!"

"Join the fun 'boss!'"

"W-Wait a se-"

Lucina didn't get the chance to resist as she was pulled in and all six bodies fell into the snow, as the leader blushed madly at the contact and laughter of the others.

"Hey, don't forget me."

A black aura suddenly flew from Tsukiko's body as it formed the body of Naomi, who grabbed Tsukiko and hugged him close, "After all it may be Christmas. But Tsukiko is still MY knight."

Vanessa looked up with a grin, "Oh yeah?"

"As if I would accept that!" Ariana spoke up.

Naomi simply grinned as Labrys stood beside her, "Well then, shall we teach a lesson to them dear imouto?"

Labrys nodded, "I won't lose to anyone for onii-chan."

"So turning traitor? Sounds fun!" Lyn laughed.

Lucina just sat in the snow, briefly stunned by the event, before realizing what was about to happen, as did Tsukiko, "H-Hold on a second do-"


The sounds of laughter and smacking could be heard as snow flew everywhere from everybody. Sarah watched the sight happily as Richmond laughed.

All around other people were having fun in the snow, with Plutia and Mizuho making a snowman, Mari making snow angels with Alice and Flandere, and Nisa dumping as much snow as she could upon herself and her friends.

In another part of the world, Anastasia and Evangeline played happily in the snow as a bunch of children ran around in the snow having fun.

And from someplace even farther, a silver haired woman looked out a window, a gentle smile on her face as she looked at the snow falling.

And as Tsukiko and the others had their exciting snowball war, Yuna watched with a gentle smile on her face, as a woman stood beside her happily, before both faded into blue lights.

And all across Terminal City, the wonderful and miraculous sight of snow graced everybody as Christmas Day had finally come.

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